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3. Method of determination of necessary duration of multifrequency signals for their analysis by the methods of linear algebra А.А. Belokurov, O.I. Votyakov, V.S. Kuznichenko, G.G. Pisarenok 6-9
4. Influence of information space fractal properties on the formation of a random signal with signs accident P.F. Budanov, K.Yu. Brovko 10-14
5. Automatic control algorithm is for the correction of the rolling mode of ship engines D.M. Gudkov, I.V. Tikhonov 15-17
6. Modeling phase noise of table type signals digital synthesizers N.P. Kandyrin 17-21
7. Evaluation of symmetric digital recursive filter prediction Yu.N. Korzh, S.V. Somov, V.N. Kurchanov 22-25
8. Means video analytic moving targets based on the image V.V. Larin, V.V. Tkachuk, Ye.M. Lisenko 26-28
9. Modeling of spatial distributions of electromagnetic fields of overhead power lines L.A. Levchenko 29-37
10. Gathering information systems information network observations of airspace I.V. Svyd, A.I. Obоd, I.A. Shtyh 38-40
11. The model of the system connection in terms of counter measures Yu.V. Stasev, S.S. Serov, I.A. Tkachenko, O.O. Meleshenko 41-43
12. Local information model air monitoring systems space A.A. Strelnickiy, G.E. Zavolodko, V.A. Andrysevich 44-46
13. Development of the tensor-geometrical model of spatial rigidity of the machine tool spindle unit V.B. Strutinsky, V.M. Chupryna 47-52
14. Analysis of radar detection of small air targets V.A. Chepurnyi, V.I. Albert, A.V. Serdyuk, G.V. Khudov 53-57
15. Neural network model of evaluation correctness and timeliness оf decision making during air traffic controller training T.F. Shmelovа, Yu.V. Sikirda, A.V. Zemlyanskiy 58-65
16. Information support of the management of large organizations under the conditions of instability of the environment N.O. Brynza, I.V. Grebennik, V.V. Komyak, V.P. Pisklakova, O.O. Pisklakova 66-75
17. Long-term and medium-term forecasting of water consumption of large cities K.A. Horielova, V.M. Zadachyn 76-80
18. Fuzzy modelling in designing the intellectual control structure A.A. Zamula 81-85
19. Formalization of knowledge about the process of distribution Combat Aviation as a hierarchical the fuzzy production models V.A. Kapranov 86-88
20. Procedure for destruction formation of the next enemy air attacks to the control tactical level N.O. Korolyuk, B.V. Tymoshhuk, V.A. Shvec, O.A. Korshets 89-93
21. Analysis of the current state cadastral valuation of land plots E.I. Kucherenko, T.V. Anoprienko 94-99
22. Methods of identification of events of negative information influence based on the analysis of open sources O.V. Levchenko, O.M. Kosogov 100-102
23. TOPSIS-kernel method and its using to make a multiple criteria alternatives comparison I.S. Romanchenko, M.М. Potyemkin 103-106
24. Financial analytical calculator for currency calculations under stochastically indeterminate ambient economic environment V.Yu. Dubnitskiy, A.M. Kobylin, I.V. Shkodina 107-112
25. Fuzzy - E network for modeling of discrete systems Ye.I. Kucherenko, M.V. Khodak 113-117
26. Building the linear space structure for metric predicate model L.V. Shabanova-Kushnarenko 118-121
27. A universal method of web application protection I.V. Vasilenko 122-124
28. Methodology of audit intrusions in mobile radio networks class MANET S.V. Salnyk, V.V. Salnyk, Е.N. Bovda 125-130
29. Nondegeneracy condition nonlinear operation of expanded matrix cryptographic transformations, which contain incomplete functions EMCT T.A. Stabetskaya 131-133
30. Analysis of modern methods of finding out intruding in computer systems T.N. Shipova, V.V. Bos'ko, I.A. Berezyuk, Yu.M. Parkhomenko 133-137
31. The method of IMECA-based security assessment: case study for building automation system Al-Sudani Mustafa Qahtan Abdulmunem, Ahmed Waleed Al-Khafaji, V.S. Kharchenko 138-144
32. Creating composite applications based on distributed services S.S. Bulba, Н.А. Кuchuk, D.O. Lysytsia 144-147
33. Enhancement scalability and performance of fault-tolerant routing solutions in telecommunication networks O.V. Lemeshko, O.S. Yeremenko, N. Tariki, K.M. Arous 152-156
34. Determination the threat of premature birth in the early stages of pregnancy S.V. Korovay, A.I. Pecherska, A.P. Porvan, P.І. Stetsenko, S.V. Makayda 157-160
35. Application of Data Mining technologies for automation of business processes in the industry A.А. Bekkauer 161-164
36. Controlling of expenses and evaluation of potency and efficiency of the integrated management system L.M. Vitkin, O.R. Rolko 164-168
37. Modeling method of the audit problems of primary accounting in information technology automated information processing and management T.V. Neskorodeva 169-175
38. The structure of environmental monitoring system based on atmosphere local pollution probabilistic model I.K. Vasilyeva, A.S. Nechausov 176-182
39. Use of power approach for the assessment efficiency of functioning of the complex the automated system of monitoring, preventions and eliminations of emergency situations in the local territory V.V. Tiutiunik, L.F. Chernogor, V.D. Kalugin 183-194
40. Study variations components componentwise contribution of functional critical factor integral system monitoring of natural and man-made disasters R.I. Shevchenko 195-201
41. Mathematical design of person’s hierarchy of goals for task of personal schedule creating O.S. Leontieva, О.O. Мazurova 202-204
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