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3. Technical feasibility of the system for location and tracking goods in distribution center based on RFID and UAV technologies Elżbieta Andrukiewicz, Kazimierz Waćkowski 6-10
4. Correction of errors in minimal Fibonacci codes A.A. Borisenko, S.M. Matsenko, V.B. Cherednіchenko, S.M. Malchenkov, A.N. Savostyan 11-15
5. Formation of competence and assessment tests with intelligent V.P. Burdaev 16-22
6. Numerical simulation of flow regimes gas finite difference method I.G. Husarova, D.V. Melinevskyi 23-27
7. Designing of software implementation of compression based on the bit representation of video frame units D.E. Dvukhglavov, N.N. Nikolaev, V.V. Tverdokhleb 28-31
8. Analytical review of methods of monitoring industrial objects and possibilities of their complexation D.I. Eremenko, L.M. Babakova 32-34
9. Solution of the parameters of objects of information support restoring problem of automated control systems A.А. Zasyad’ko 35-40
10. Symmetric ternary functions and their application in digital information processing A.V. Izmailov, L.B. Petryshyn 41-44
11. Software development for a management by the wheeled robot with the use of fuzzy logic D.A. Kornieiev, O.V. Shmatko
12. Binomial model of vector representation for database with columnar structure I.A. Kulyk, A.I. Novgorodsev, Ye.M. Skordina 50-55
13. Method for two-dimensional data coding based on the recursive code system M.L. Petryshyn, V.A. Rovinsky 56-58
14. Providing information safety in the control system for drilling marine oil and gas facilities H.N. Rzaev, F.G. Samedov, Z.B. İmanova, J.S. Jamalova 59-71
15. Reconstruction of linear scramblers based on automaton models V.P. Semerenko 72-76
16. Quantitative analysis of the differences between original digital image and images subjected to cloning, by saving image with a lossy format S.N. Grygorenko 77-82
17. Analysis of models of information security in information networks of state V.B. Dudykevich, I.R. Opirsky 86-89
18. The synergetic approach for bank systems' security assessment S.Р. Yevseіev 90-103
19. Compound biometric personality authentication Y.M. Zhevandrova, A.A. Syropyatov, V.D. Buryak
20. The steganographic concealment of the information in matrix (tabular) data V.A. Gasimov 108-114
21. Safety assessment parameters connection V.A. Khoroshko, М.Р. Timchenko 130-132
22. Approach to the problem of optimal allocation of resources in a fuzzy interval of uncertainty N.O. Brynza, V.A. Zathey, О.V. Vylhyvskaya 133-136
23. Development of distributed system of business-information processing based on the agent approach Yu.M. Gontar, O.Yu. Cherednichenko, O.V. Yanholenko, M.A. Vovk 137-142
24. Planning of city water supply system modernization based on water consumption forecast K.A. Horielova, V.M. Zadachyn 143-148
25. Characteristic of symbol image recognition using linear descriptions and correction of results O.V. Gorokhovatskyi 149-151
26. Mathematical tools definition for identification and estimation of technological accidents risk Yu.А. Gusak, V.V. Tkachenko 152-159
27. Evaluation ecological and social impact of the introduction of environmentally sound sanitation in the settlements of Ukraine O.O. Dmitrieva, O.O. Tertichnyi, I.V. Khorenzhaya 160-164
28. Model of use serious games and simulations in education: methodological approach I.О. Zolotaryova, O.В. Plokha 165-168
29. Analysis problems using images in a digital format in medical practice L.A. Kuznetsova, M.A. Melnyk, K.A. Katilova 169-171
30. Fuzzy set analysis of negative influence on a quality of ambient air M.Y. Losev 172-175
31. Diagnosing the state of clients and consumers as a way to increase the effectiveness of customer relationship management H.O. Masheiko, D.L. Orlovsky 176-181
32. Models of the educational process at the present stage of development of IT-technologies O.I. Pushkar, V.Ye. Klymnjuk 182-187
33. Social channels impact on the promotion of educational services I.O. Ushakova 188-191
34. Captivate-implementation test on the discipline "Organization of databases and knowledge" V.V. Fedko, O.V. Tarasov 192-196
35. Development of information retrieval system of identification and measurement of activities results O.Yu. Cherednichenko, O.V. Yanholenko 197-203
36. Development of an automated systems of dispatching services operational coordination center Ukraine emergencies central administrative board in Kharkiv region O.V Shmatko, A.Y. Kalynovsky, R.I. Kovalenko, S.S Smolyaninov 204-208
37. How to prepare professionals for telecommunications – by modeling protocols and network programs K.N. Yakovishin 209-213
38. Enterprise relationship management printing industry with customers printed products O.B. Berezhna 214-218
39. Automating the process of creating e-books in the eрub format Е.М. Hrabovskyi 223-225
40. Analysis of the implementation of new standards in the web-mass software V.P. Molchanov 226-228
41. Complex problems management decisions partnerships printing companies supplier L.V. Potrashkova, T.Yu. Andrjushchenko 229-232
42. Computer data visualization tools Yu.A. Sysoyeva 233-235
43. Chronicle and information 240
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