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3. Recognition of multifrequency signals at known number of their classes in the automatic systems of radiomonitoring А.А. Belokurov 6-9
4. Optimization of parameters of moving contact device measuring temperature with magnetic thermosensitive elements for modernization of control-meassuring systems of military-technical complex P.I. Vankevych 10-14
5. Analysis of the quality of association information in the information network surveillance airspace G.E. Zavolodko, А.I. Оbоd, V.A. Andrysevich 15-17
6. Methods and components of astromeasuring systems construction for space crafts orientation O.M. Zamіrets, Yа.O. Zamіrets 18-26
7. Influence nonstationarity hook load slipping wheels of wheeled tractor Y.I. Kalinin, M.L Shulyak, V.P. Maltsev 27-30
8. Optimization of processing data networks of airspace surveillance I.I. Obаd, Ye.P. Chernikh, G.E. Zavolodko, A. Yu. Tkachenko 35-37
9. Decision of evaluation task of flying objects trajectories parameters on basis of invariance principle М.F. Pichugin, D.V. Karlov, О.O. Klimishen, A.S. Volovodyuk 38-41
10. Fuzzy control strategies for a wheeled mobile robot S.G. Udovenko, A.R. Sorokin 42-49
11. Management knowledge’s of software firm developers on the certification of software products on the basis of ontological approach D.B. Kudelіna, І.V. Shostak, І.V. Gruzdo 50-55
12. Evaluation model of objects component synthesis of analogues for objects having a layered structure D.E. Lusenko 56-62
13. Synthesis of combination with repetitions based on Binomial valued number A.A. Borisenko, T.A. Protasova, O.V. Berezhna, B.K. Lopatchenko 63-66
14. Determining the components of Lagrange’s equation which describes the cylinder and plane interaction О.А. Vishnevskii, А.S. Davydov 67-70
15. Mathematical model of interception external offenders on the outskirts of the vital centers NPP time with poverty physical barrier band gap M.G. Golubok 71-75
16. Program-oriented mathematical model of motion vehicle A.N. Petrenko, B.G. Liubarskyi 76-79
17. Selection multicriteria decision in process of reengineering the topological structure of large-scale monitoring systems V.V. Bezkorovainyi, K.E. Podoliaka 80-86
18. The concept of creation of multi-level complex system of cyber-physical systems safety V.B. Dudykevych, G.V. Mykytyn, T.B. Kret 87-93
19. Development more complete module for information protection for the online projects based on the platform DataLife Engine M.O. Mel'nik, A.I. Chernishov, N.V. Sheykina 94-96
20. Theoretical through basics which provide the steganography аlgorithm to compression M.О. Melnyk, A.S. Golovatyuk, V.R. Chaban 97-99
21. Information management in the protection system V.A. Khoroshko, E.V. Ivanchenko, Yu.E. Khokhlacheva 99-101
22. The definition of a mathematical model of conflict threats with the complex system of information protection in the information networks of the state I.R. Opirsky 102-104
23. Method of selective treatment base frame for increasing capacity closed video channel in departmental systems V.V. Barannik, D.I. Komolov 105-113
24. The development of methods for real-time data transferring by improving the flows’ prioritization processes in routers M.I. Beshley, V.V. Chervenets, I.V. Demydov, V.I. Romanchuk, O.M. Panchenko 114-123
25. Study properties of clustering methods relative to the set of characteristic signs of images V.A. Gorokhovatsky , M.D. Dunaevskaya, V.A. Strunenko 124-127
26. Application of methods for decision space variation in multiservice networks traffic control optimization G.А. Kuchuk, А.А. Kovalenko 128-132
27. Analysis of computer mathematics systems applicatility for solving the optimization problems I.V. Lysenko, V.O. Butenko 133-136
28. Review policy concept of mashup web application construction O.A. Popkhadze 137-141
29. The methods of interaction organization between distributed computer systems based on service-oriented architecture Y.D. Svystunov 142-148
30. Algorithms form a plurality of transmission routes metadata in cloud antivirus system A.A. Smirnov, A.K. Didyk, A.N. Dreyev, S.A. Smirnov 148-152
31. Methods of qualitative analysis and quantitative risk assessment software development A.A. Smirnov, A.V. Kovalenko 153-157
32. The method of determined weight direction of communication information and telecommunications network I.Yu. Subach 158-161
33. Mathematical modeling and development of decision support systems for solving multiproducts transport tasks D.O. Bondarenko, O.V. Starkova, O.I. Bondarenko 162-166
34. Systematic approach to the choice of technologies of electronic business in the enterprise O.V. Vilhivska 167-169
35. Enterprise production activity modeling based on the value analysis method V.A. Popov, J.A. Bilokin, О.А. Emets, O.V. Reznikova 170-174
36. Optimization of multilevel component architecture software system O.Ye. Fedorovich, A.V. Babich 175-177
37. Electrical current leaks as sources of magnetic fields of non-statutory and methods of reduction V.G. Zdanovskiy, E.A. Darmofal, T.M. Perelet 178-181
38. Creation pre-conditions of decision support system on of consequences liquidation of railway emergency on the basis of network-centric control methods V.K. Mironenko, M.D. Kacman, V.I. Macyuk 182-188
39. Calculated methods for technical state assessment of South Ukrainian NPP heat equipment according to normative support for life extension N.E. Pahalovich, S.A. Kucher, Yu.P. Levutsky, S.P. Malyshko 189-192
40. Biological aspects of impulse exposure of radiation factor which has military nature I.Y. Cherniavskyi, V.V. Marushenko, V.В. Matykin, S.A. Pysarev, S.N. Menshov, V.E. Haydobuka 193-201
41. Definitions theoretical foundations of information and communication approach to the formation and analysis of monitoring emergencies R.I. Shevchenko 202-206
42. Information needs of scientific and educational activity V.A. Gasimov, S.Z. Ismailova 207-212
43. Implementation issues internet methodologies in the educational space O.I. Pushkar, V.E. Klymnjuk 213-218
44. Features of construction of the electronic textbook to study major subjects in the direction of "Computer science" O.V. Tarasov, V.V. Fedko 219-223
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