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3. Problems of creation by multifunction laser checking and management systems by aircraft G.V. Aleshin, O.V. Kolomiitsev, V.V. Posokhov 6-11
4. Fibonacci–octal codes in information processing system O.A. Borisenko, V. B. Cherednichenko, S.M. Malchenkov, V.V. Bezginskiі 12-16
5. Complicated dynamical systems based on bundle knowledge V.P. Burdaev 17-23
6. The results of numerous regimes simulation of gas flowing through pipeline section by characteristics I.H. Husarova, A.M. Korotenko 24-28
7. Numerical simulation of transient flow regimes gas using different finite-difference grids I.G. Husarova, D.V. Melinevskyi 29-33
8. Experimental research of the harware expenses optimization methods for the Moore fsm implemetation on CPLD I. Zeleneva, S. Hrushko, D. Arapin 34-41
9. Fuzzy set analysis of surface water quality in the Kharkiv region M.Y. Losev 42-46
10. Quantitative evaluation of the quality of regulatory impact analysis of normative-legal acts M.Y. Losev, Y.M. Malishko 47-52
11. Information technologies for processing jobs in distributed computing environments S.V. Minukhin 53-56
12. The particularity of application development for MongoDB Y.E. Parfonov 57-60
13. Modeling of tif processes in the ternary symmetric numeral system M. Petrishin 61-65
14. Improvement of the generative reflection model non-homogeneous surface with use of two epicosterists T.I. Suleymanov, Kh.N. Rzaev, K.D. Alieva, H.S. Dzhabrailov 66-68
15. On a rational selection data in business analysis V.V. Fedko 69-72
16. Queue manager play in the lounge from the database V.V. Fedko, R.T. Heorhadze 73-76
17. A diagnostical model of honeypot for IEEE 802.11 wireless network R.I. Banakh, A.Z. Piskozub 77-83
18. The complex security system of the cyber-physical system “iPhone – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth - sensors” V.B. Dudykevych, G.V. Mykytyn, A.I. Rebets 84-87
19. Assessment of investments efficiency in security of banking sector organizations based on synergetic mode S. Yevseiev 88-94
20. Efficiency of non-recursive filters of prediction for non-stationary casual processes Y.N. Korzh, A.I. Tyrtyshnikov, S.V. Somov, P.N. Groza, O.V. Teslenko 95-99
21. Evaluation of the quality of service to a global network based on Ethernet technology through a comprehensive index O. Korol 100-110
22. Analysis of biometric authentication techniques G. Liashenko, A. Astrakhantsev 111-114
23. Research methods reversal of digital marks for verification of medical images I. Maracova, L. Kuznecova, M. Tasheva 115-117
24. Protecting sites created by platform WordPress with plugins iThemes Security M. Melnyk, R. Dudko, А. Polishcyk 118-121
25. Organization of protection of internet resources from unauthorized access and program protection of copyrights M. Melnyk, N. Konstantynova, O. Beskupskiy 122-125
26. Analysis construction of the model policy information security of the companies M. Melnyk, G. Nikitin, K. Mezenceva 126-128
27. Theory of modern penetration testing expert system Y.Y.Stefinko, A.Z.Piskuzub 129-133
28. Estimation of security of communication systems V. Khoroshko, Y. Khokhlacheva, N. Timchenko 134-137
29. Investigation of stability of algorithms of copyright protection in video production N.V. Shostak, A.A. Astrahancev, S.V. Romanko 138-143
30. Analysis of the demand for it professionals on the labor market in Ukraine N.O. Brynza, A. А. Gavrilova 144-154
31. Adaptive learning as one of the promising directions in the modern informational educational system Y.V. Bunturi, O.V. Kanishcheva, M.A. Vovk, I.V. Lyutenko 155-162
32. Letter images recognition based on projections and multilayer perceptron O.V. Gorokhovatskyi, O.V. Teslenko 163-167
33. Modelling the profit maximization using the Cobb-Douglas' production function A.A. Zasjad`ko, S.S. Korolyuk 168-173
34. Features implementation of the economic analysis of intellectual system building on enterprises of the region bazeilles Azure Machine Learning S.V. Znahur, L.V. Znahur 174-179
35. Using web-based management system for successful managing of the international projects Serhii Znakhur, Olena Plokha 180-186
36. Тhe creation of a mobile application for the optimization of weight and human nutrition G.V. Makarova 187-191
37. Use alternate method of doing internet business as one of the components the small business development of Ukraine M. Melnyk, А. Safronov, А. Rura 192-194
38. The information technology of cascading from strategic performance indicators to the figures of budgets for the company V.V. Moskalenko, N.G. Fonta, I. A. Mironyuk 195-199
39. Ecological risk description based on basic model of process knowledge V.V. Tkachenko 200-205
40. Influence of computer business games in shaping the competences of future specialists I. Ushakova 206-210
41. Basic principles of forming, processing and using stereo in design О.B. Berezhna 211-215
42. Method selection of equipment for preparation flexographic printing label production Hrabovskyi Yevhen  216-223
43. Decision-making task on game location optimization O.S. Zavgorodnia 224-228
44. Architecture processes client-side Web-applications V. Molchanov 229-232
45. Сomputer support of creating impressions by means of graphic design L. Potrashkova 233-236
46. Modeling structural construction electronic journal of gaming-oriented O. Pushkar, I. Bondar 237-241
47. Models of colour semiotics for single colours Yu.A. Sysoyeva 242-245
48. Method of selection criteria for adaptation of this site for people with disabilities A.I. Horoshevskij, Y.A. Matyunina 246-252
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