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3. Components of the methodology for determining the quantitative composition of the automobile fleet groups operating for the solution of the "classical" tasks of Erlang I. Tolok, S. Lenkov 7-10
4. Damage accumulation model by information system integrated elements under the impact of nanosecond width polyimpulse D. Kucher, L. Litvinenko, N. Smуrуnska 11-15
5. Statistical analysis of array field with nonuniform phase error L. Kornienko 16-19
6. Designing the combined synthesizers of shf signals on the integrated chips N. Kandyrin 20-26
7. Estimation of the quality of segmentation of the optical-electronic image, by assessing the complex indicators and Kulbak-Leibner distance V. Khudov, A. Makoveychuk, I. Khizhnyak 27-30
8. Optimization of ionly-electronic processes of devices of radio-technical support, as a guarantee of qualitative telemetry with a flighting apparatus O. Shefer 31-38
9. The methodology of formalized description of the factors influence of qualitative natural feature to pass a decision in the illegible non-stoshastic uncertainty conditions V. Bilchuk, I. Dzeverin, O. Vorobiyov, O. Khmelevska 39-44
10. Optimal approximation of density function by minimum information loss criterion V. Dubnitskiy, I. Skorikova, A. Khodyrev 45-51
11. Composition of latin square for application in planning experiments I. Tabakova 52-54
12. Selecting the optimal marker recognition algorithm for additional reality A. Bizuk, M. Mazhuga 55-59
13. Adaptation of web-interfaces for people with limited visual possibilities A. Boleyko, A. Vovk 60-64
14. Analysis and research of multimedia devices for people disabled Y. Gubnitskaya, A. Dmytrenko 65-68
15. Developing of technology for the interface design for mobile application Y. Gubnitskaya, N. Pisarevsky 69-72
16. Development of the technique of search optimization of websites I. Yegorova, R. Gorelova 73-75
17. Research for component approach in websites development I. Iegorova, A. Khudoley 76-78
18. Entropy recursive group coding for double-byte alphabets N. Kozhemiakina, N. Ponomarenko 79-82
19. Analysis of the results of experimental studies of the implementation of the routing problem by a combined method K. Kolesnikov, A. Karapetyan, K. Kulakov 83-87
20. Information model of grid technologies V. Tkachenko, I. Ogirko, O. Ogirko 88-91
21. Method of increasing the load speed of content management system sites A. Horoshevskij 92-96
22. Research of technologies for creating animations for web systems O. Chebanenko, Т. Kolesnikova 97-99
23. Procedure of implementation of arrival and departure manager systems in Ukrainian airspace O. Luppo, O. Alexeiev, K. Lohachova, H. Serhieieva 100-103
24. Critical knowledge management in the nuclear industry project D. Shteinbrekher 104-108
25. Study of convolutional neural networks models for solving the problem of image classification A. Dashkevich 109-112
26. Theoretical foundations of the establishment of the technologies of co-operation to the hidden information attacks in the modern hybrid war A. Alimpiev, V. Barannik, Т. Belikova, S. Sidchenko 113-121
27. Development and research of cryptographic hash functions on the basis of cellular automat Yu. Tanasyuk, Kh. Melnychuk, S. Ostapov 122-127
28. Communities and their leaders detection in social networks for security D. Rudchenko 128-131
29. Theoretical foundations of information and methodological support of the risk-oriented approach for determining the conditions of labor on production N. Adamenko, O. Tretyakov, О. Smirnova 132-135
30. Review of methods of image segmentation to optimize the color correction process of illustrations in children's editions V. Ashurova, Т. Kolesnikova 136-138
31. Automation of the process of modeling jewelery products A. Vovk, V. Kuznetsova, N. Nekrasova 139-143
32. Evaluation and prediction of chemical composition in the production of cast iron А. Gusiev, Yu. Rybalchenko 144-146
33. Determination of the level of competitiveness of youth days К. Moroz, I. Chebotareva 147-151
34. Virtual lab for the express-control of natural gas losses in gas supply networks N. Pindus, A. Vynnychuk, H. Senіv 152-154
35. Software for the microcontroller and computer interaction as a part of laboratory stand for the operation research of solar panels M. Slabinoha, N. Klochko, Y. Kuchirka 155-157
36. Analysis of the power of social media as a platform for the sale of goods F. Titorenko, J. Bokareva 158-162
37. Business data processing based on algebra-logical models O. Cherednichenko, Y. Gontar, A. Vasylenko, O. Matvieiev 163-169
38. Development of intellectual information system for poultry S. Sharov, D. Lubko 170-174
39. Using cavitation effects in the ultrasonic cleaning of anilox rolls M. Smakov, S. Butsko 175-180
40. Conceptual framework for assessment of readiness to implement e-Governement projects N. Manakova, N. Makogon, О. Shtelma 181-186
41. Creativity vs improvisation: psychometrics for novel tasks in web design process Tirtha Prasad Mukhopadhyay, Natalia Gurieva 187-192
42. Analysis of development features, exploitation and subsequent development of programs complex of the automated system of constructing of educational time-table «Cascade» О. Misyura, М. Pichugin, S. Alekseev,V. Kalachova, О. Trublin 193-198
43. Infographics as an effective teaching tool A. Vovk, R. Cheremskyi 199-205
44. Specifics of the integration of distributed information in the process of publishing information provision Ye. Hrabovskyi 206-209
45. Technology of the augmented reality application with optical effects development V. Grankina, N. Kulishova 210-213
46. Evaluation of interactive book content for learning to read in preschoolers Natalia Gurieva 214-218
47. Components of the tooling tools for building e-learning support systems А. Pandorin 219-222
48. Allocation of intellectual access system automated microscopy O. Berezkij, L. Dubchak, O. Pitsun 223-229
49. Decomposition of a function module in the health information system N. Manakova, О. Kostenko, T. Nazirova 230-236
50. Modeling of the process of intelligent medical treatment of medical data K. Melnyk 237-244
51. Optimization diagnoctics of preeclampsia taking into account the research of hemodynamics in the perinatal period N. Mustetsov, S. Bagan 245-249
52. Functional model of information system for determination the terminal stage of catastrophic loss the stability by biological system A. Pecherska, О. Vysotskа, I. Novikova, A. Poimenova 250-255
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