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3. Neural network control of the electro-mechanical system with elastic constraints in kinematic transmissions T. Vasylets, O. Varfolomiyev, V. Ishchenko, S. Kovalchuk, O. Susla 7-15
4. Spectral analysis of signals by Root-Min-Norm method, using modified SSA method V. Vasylyshyn 16-19
5. Analysis of IID-stealthiness of continuous chaotic signals P. Kostenko, V. Slobodyanuk, S. Volynec, M. Kryuchka 20-26
6. Model site content public authority T. Bilova, І. Pobizhenko 27-31
7. Determination of the maximum allowable delay at synthesis of inventory control system in supply networks Yu. Dorofieiev, A. Nikulchenko 32-40
8. Apparatus of knowledge formalization for a support system of decision making by operators of air traffic automated control system Yu. Polonskyi, S. Shylo, I. Borozenets, V. Mazharov 41-45
9. Improvement of the spatial network of educational establishments of the Severodonetsk city on the basis of geoinformation analysis I. Tvoroshenko, A. Shevchenko 46-52
10. Estimating the system lower confidence limit of physically realizable system using normally distributed and statistically independent load-strength models V. Dubnytskyi, A. Kobylin, O. Kobylin 53-60
11. Optimization model for deployment and delivery of alternative energy with use of spatial data S. Minukhin, M. Syzrantsev 61-67
12. Optimization of dossiers content in compositional materials by experimental and statistical modeling methods K. Plakhotnikov, O. Starkova, T. Kostyuk, D. Bondarenko 68-73
13. Application of the asynchronal cellular automata method in the heat conductivity problems investigation L. Shumilyak, V. Zhikharevich, S. Ostapov 74-79
14. The method of multicriteria clusterization of the wireless information and communication network O. Boychenko, P. Pozdniakov 80-86
15. Efficient management of resources of built-in systems for computer technology of real time N. Borisova, L. Shabanova-Kushnarenko 87-93
16. Method of intellectual identification and prediction of traffic in information telecommunication networks О. Gerasina 94-99
17. Automation of determining the direction of physical development disorders О. Vуsotska, V. Druz, H. Dobrorodnia, O. Dovnar 100-107
18. Analysis of deep neural network models based on restricted Boltzmann machines M. Pryshliak, S. Subbotin, A. Oliinyk 108-117
19. Use of the covariation analysis of biomepedance signals for information support of the procedure of ultrafiltration R. Tomashevskyi 118-126
20. Cloud technology it security threats for banks R. Baglai 127-135
21. Identification of "zero day" threats in cybersecurity using taxonometric method V. Shevchenko, M. Tkachenko, A. Shevchenko 136-141
22. Randomized modification of the method optimization based on cat swarm Ye. Bodyanskiy, А. Shafronenko 142-147
23. Measures of efficiency of dimensional control under technical state designation of radio-technical facilities S. Herasimov, Yu. Shapran, M. Stakhova 148-154
24. Analysis of existing mathematical models and computer programs for the prevention of disposal of pollutants in the atmosphere M. Adamenko, M. Katzman, Ye. Biletska 155-162
25. Index 165