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3. Synthesis of a neural network controller for electro-mechanical system with elastic coupling in kinematic transmissions T. Vasylets, O. Varfolomiyev, V. Ishchenko, S. Kovalchuk, O. Susla 7-17
4. The results of numerical modeling of transitional modes of the gas flowing on the pipeline section by the characteristics method I. Husarova, A. Korotenko 18-26
5. A method of extrapolation of parameters of motion of high-speed transport is on basis of multi-criteria optimization and differential transformations A. Zasjadko 27-35
6. Forecasting of urban hourly water consumption V. Zadachyn 36-42
7. Ground of expedience of improvement landing radio-locator of system RSL-10МА for providing of landing of air courts on norms І categories of meteominimum M. Rysakov, O. Kulik, I. Titov, S. Rot, O. Bilous 43-51
8. Method creation of electronic catalog equipment publishing-polygraphic manufactures based on use the softener agent Ye. Hrabovskyi 52-59
9. An approach to business process models repository development A. Kopp, D. Orlovskyi 60-68
10. Creation of the algorithm of the selection of business partners with the methods of Data Science А. Makarova, I. Ushakova 69-74
11. Method of representation of the surface structure of messages on the restricted natural language of the operators of automated air traffic сontrol system M. Litvinenko, S. Shylo, I. Borozenets, V. Mazharov 75-80
12. Determination of confidence intervals of Kritsky-Menckel distribution parameters V. Dubnitskiy, O. Petrenko, A. Khodyrev 81-87
13. Development of optical links, micropower optocouplers and their components for interfaces digital integrated schemes N. Proskurin 88-93
14. Methodology of broadcasting of relations in cholarchic models of estimation of development facilities e-learning V. Bratkevych 94-99
15. Agent type search system concept in electronic education systems I. Kyrychenko, I. Shubin 100-107
16. Mind map usage for e-learning courses information space structuring O. Pushkar, O. Zavgorodnia 108-116
17. Policy aspects in crypto protection of confidential information Y. Borsukovskii, V. Borsukovska, V. Buriachok, P. Skladannyi 117-126
18. Development of asymmetrical crypto-coded construction of Niderraiter on modified codes S. Yevseiev, O. Tsyhanenko 127-135
19. Use of cumulant analysis for recognition of radiosignals of digital telecommunication systems O. Nahorniuk 136-143
20. Approaches to the construction of multi-channel software defined radio control system for the telecommunication networks V. Pavliuk 144-151
21. Method for search of similar objects in an image under uncertainty O. Gorokhovatskyi, O. Peredrii 152-158
22. Method justification nomenclature control parameters of radio systems and purpose of their permissible deviations S. Herasimov, V. Gridina 159-164
23. Software quality evaluation indicators of the laboratory information systems V. Mokiichyk, N. Pashchenko, O. Samoilichenko 165-171
24. Index 172