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3. Estimation of frequency of signals with superresolution based on SSA method and structure properties of correlation matrix V. Vasylyshyn, V. Lyutov, I. Khutorna, M. Novikov 7-11
4. Synthesis of surfaces coherent images in the Fresnel region based on multichannel and multiposition signal processing V. Volosyuk, S. Zhyla, M. Kripak 12-18
5. Method of adaptive processing of navigation information in conditions of uncertainty S. Herasimov, D. Makarchuk, A. Kostenko 19-25
6. Method of the horizon detection from electro-optical sensors under maritime environment S. Yevseiev, О. Shmatko, Liang Dong, E. Babenko 26-32
7. To the question of defining the field of the system of radiators raised over the earth surface L. Kornienko 33-38
8. Features of algorithm of the automated calculation of troposphere flow line A. Kulik, N. Rysakov, A. Kovtunov, S. Blaschuk, A. Voronin 39-45
9. Decision-making support system in accordance with art.15, chapter three, Law of Ukraine “On prevention and counteraction against legalization (laundering) of criminal income or terrorism sponsorship” V. Dubnytskyi, A. Kobylin, O. Kobylin 46-56
10. Decision support system for solving logistic tasks O. Shapovalova, A. Kamardin, O. Petukhova 57-63
11. The assessment technique of advisability of manufacturing the perspective product according to the advantages of the influence of myriad of qualitative nature factors V. Bilchuk, I. Dzeverin, S. Lazebnik, O. Khmelevska 64-73
12. Fast properties change detections in multidimensional time series based on identification approach to models ensemble S. Bohucharskyi, S. Mashtalir, M. Stolbovyi 74-78
13. Digital information processing in dispersed management systems with application of the fast orthogonal transform based on symmetric ternary functions A. Izmailov, L. Petryshyn 79-89
14. Evaluation of factors affecting the success and survivability of the forced landings on the water surface using analytic hierarchy process V. Stratonov 90-99
15. Using sprite animation in web editions I. Iegorova, V. Samokish 100-104
16. Assessment of severity of radiation on the basis of accounting relations gamma-neutron component of ionizing radiation and their spectral characteristics I. Cherniavskiy 105-115
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