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3. Robust estimation of Doppler frequency and its higher-order derivatives for a signal reflected from violently maneuvering object I. Baryshev, M. Uss, Radhwan Mohammed Jawad Kadhim 7-12
4. Estimation of angular coordinates of radiation sources by Min-Norm method using power basis V. Vasylyshyn, V. Lyutov, V. Luniaka 13-18
5. Method of nonparametric estimation of multiplicity of the signal phase-shift keying P. Kostenko, A. Barsukov, A. Shapovalov 19-28
6. Research of the radio electronic apparate heating dependence from its parameters V. Semenets, A. Sinotin, T. Kolesnikova, S. Sotnik, N. Starodubtsev 29-34
7. Determination of mechanical stresses in the fastening elements of the stator cores of turbogenerators A. Strokous 35-40
8. Electronic voting system based on the blockchain technology O. Bukraba, F. Mazepa, K. Karnyshov, O. Iakovenko, N. Kushnirenko 41-46
9. Mathematical model of digital system automatic support purpose by distance O. Budur, V. Klуmenko, V. Kudryvzev, S. Nikul, M. Petrushenko 47-56
10. Mathematical model of eutrophications influence to the structure and dynamics of relations in the lake zooplankton О. Vуsotska, А. Bykh, A. Pecherska, Yu. Bespalov, R. Matviienko, A.Tarasova 57-65
11. Traffic analysis of anonymity protocol using hidden Markov model based on the model confidence Qasim Abbood Mahdi 66-76
12. Features of the processing of results and estimation of measurement uncertainty of inter-laboratory comparison for calibration laboratories O. Velychko, T. Gordiyenko 77-83
13. Uncertainty evaluation of gas flow rate measurements by ultrasonic transducer T. Vladimirova, M. Shalabanova 84-91
14. Uncertainty estimation while proceeding multi-parameter eddy current testing B. Gorkunov, S. Lvov, Y. Borysenko 92-97
15. About establishment of intervals between calibrations of measuring instruments A. Danilov, D. Sputnova, Yu. Tyurina 98-102
16. Estimation of uncertainty measurement of parameters of the external magnetic field of technical means O. Degtiarov, O. Zaporozhets, R. Alrawashdeh 103-108
17. Оценка неопределенности измерения физико-химических показателей качества и безопасности подсолнечного масла I. Zakharov, T. Chunikhina, V. Papchenko 109-113
18. Evaluating uncertainty of unbalance measurement during calibration of measure of power quality parameters V. Isaiev, O. Melnyk 114-119
19. Measuring task calibration measurement means S. Levin 120-127
20. To the question of estimation the calibration and measurement capabilities of the accredited calibration laboratory O. Novoselov 128-133
21. Modeling in measurement science: from the prescriptive model to the descriptive model for the practical implementation of the former F. Pavese 134-139
22. The effect of an uncertainty of measurements on the interest of incorrectly rejected articles under two-factor control P. Ruzhin, S. Patsera, V. Derbaba, V. Korsun 140-149
23. Determination of amendments to the instability of measurement means (MM) D. Sputnova 150-156
24. The uncertainty of acoustic characteristics oriented polymers, estimated in a non-equal condition O. Khakimov, A. Daminov, N. Kurbanov 157-160
25. Application of the thermal-catalytic method for determining the heat-breaking ability of natural gas Kh. Shinkaruk, S. Chekhovsky 161-165
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