Information Processing Systems

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3. Permission-detection of chaotic probing signals P. Kostenko, V. Tarnapolova, D. Kakava 7-14
4. Design and development of an expert vehicle fault diagnosis system D. Lubko, O. Zinovieva, S. Sharov 15-21
5. Creation of architecture of software monitoring system information on the condition of human health V. Golian, D. Samoilenko 22-27
6. Development of basic principles for corporate planning O. Milov, S. Milevskyi, O. Korol 28-36
7. Modeling the tourist route using geoinformation technologies O. Pomortseva, M. Herasimenko 37-43
8. A generalized mathematical model of the problems of covering the area by identical circles and its major implementations O. Antoshkin, O. Pankratov 44-49
9. The parametric type decision of the direct and inverse problems of bankruptcy of the insurance company for the individual risk model V. Dubnytskyi, I. Skorikova, H. Fesenko, I. Cherepnov 50-57
10. Defining parameters of generalized associative rules by means of decomposition D. Sitnikov, P. Sitnikova, S. Titov, O. Titova 58-63
11. Principles, methods and technologies of modeling and research processes of functioning complicated systems of military purposes and management of structure dynamics D. Grib, B. Demidov, Y. Kucherenko, A. Tkachov, E. Shubin 64-73
12. Methodological approach to formation of the scenario realization information and psychological influence on the person who make a decision H. Pievtsov, S. Zalkin, S. Sidchenko, K. Khudarkovskij 74-81
13. Designing of array neuron-equivalentors with a quasi-universal activation function for creating a self-learning equivalent- convolutional neural structures V. Krasilenko, A. Lazarev, A. Sheremeta 82-91
14. Modeling of improved multi-stage 2D RSA algorithm for cryptographic transformations and blind electron digital signature V. Krasilenko, D. Nikitovich, R. Yatskovska, V. Yatskovskyi 92-100
15. Modeling a reverse two-operand four-digit operation of minimal complexity for strictly sustainable cryptographic coding I. Fedotova-Piven, N. Lada, O. Melnik, M. Pustovit 101-105
16. Calibration of precision frequency measures O. Meshcheriak, O. Velychko, S. Shevkun, M. Dobroliubova 106-111
17. Experience of use in the educational process of the university Simulink-applications for visual-imitation modeling of interference protection algorithms of radiolocation stations of radiotechnical troops I. Nevmerzhitsky, Yu. Datskiv, D. Sidorenko, O. Olenin 112-117
18. Method of adaptive information environment simulator synthesis of the air traffic controllers preparation K. Surkov, V. Kalachova, M. Kachan 118-124
19. Index 125-126