Information Processing Systems

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3. The method of constructing of a company development trajectory for the strategic goals achievement V. Moskalenko, N. Fonta, S. Ershova, O. Afanasyev 7-12
4. Forming of a model for assessing the indicators of the development of the IT sector in the regions of Ukraine N. Brynza, A. Gavrilova 13-21
5. Application of Benford’s law (first-digit law, anomalous numbers law) in financial audit S. Gadetska, V. Dubnitskiy, V. Lukin, A. Khodyrev 22-32
6. Using the Broyden method in computer modeling of transients I. Husarova, O. Solovj’ev 33-39
7. Using Bezier curves for improving CSS animations I. Iegorova, K. Antipenko 40-44
8. Symbolic models of physical processes described the Fredholm integral equation of the first kind A. Zasjadko 45-56
9. Method for borders estimation of compression on basis of binary binomial numbers I. Kulyk, A. Novhorodtsev, M. Shevchenko 57-62
10. Comparison of models of life cycle of software with the purpose of identifying the most effective V. Golian, O. Kravchenko 63-70
11. Load distribution of big data request and reports A. Savenko, A. Gavrilenko 71-75
12. Approaches to creating intelligent chatbots I. Ushakova 76-83
13. Method of automating the process determining the ship route when planning the transition I. Gannoshina, O. Daki 84-89
14. The system for irrigation of soil on the Arduino platform Yu. Lytvyn, O. Strokan 90-95
15. Formalization of rules of receipt of estimations of activity of air traffic controller in the process of trainer preparation V. Storchak 96-102
16. Information transmission and display system with protection of numerical data O. Borisenko, O. Berezhna, A. Novgorodtsev, V. Serdiuk, M. Yakovlev 103-108
17. Development of identification templates of anomal computer systems status based on control charts S. Gavrilenko 109-113
18. Wireless sensor networks Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in cyber-physical systems: the conception “object – threat – defence” on the basis of OSI model V. Dudykevych, G. Mykytyn, A. Rebets, M. Melnyk 114-120
19. Analysis of variability and attack on state information resources processed in information and telecommunication systems S. Salnyk, A. Storchak, A. Kramskyi 121-128
20. Managing user data of the web application for computer-based testing academic performance of the students Y. Parfonov 129-133
21. Estimation of the efficiency of the use of information technology of automated forecasting of adverse aviation events in a flight Е. Gryshmanov, І. Khizhnyak, Р. Berdnik 134-139
22. Synthesis of the method of evaluation of danger of situations at the time of the driver's movement O. Yeliazarov, I. Masik 140-145
23. Optimization of methods of the theory of mass service for the decision of applied tasks of development of regional life safety systems O. Prydatko, O. Smotr, Ye. Martyn, V. Prydatko, I. Solotvinskyi 146-153
24. Method of formalization of knowledge about assessment of vessels in the case of the dangerous situation of appearance (conclusion) O. Tymoschuk 154-160
25. Index 161-162

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