Information Processing Systems

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3. Application of logical-linguistic models in systems of information-analytical provision of processes of technical equipment Armed Forces of Ukraine O. Holovin 7-14
4. Intellectual technologies in the problems of structure management of dynamics of complex multiple structural military systems D. Grib, B. Demidov, S. Khmelevskij, О. Matiushchenko 15-26
5. Algorithm for adaptive scaling of information model of air display imaging G. Shcherbak, I. Borozenec, S. Shylo, O. Dmitriiev, S. Kukobko 27-35
6. Increasing the term of use of sensors by energy regulatory way V. Petrivskyi, V. Shevchenko, M. Brazhenenko 36-41
7. Fractal analysis of scaterogram O. Velychko, Alhalalmeh Sadam Iyad Hamed, I. Mykhailova, T. Kolesnikova 42-53
8. Discrete symmetric ternary wavelet transform and its application in computerized systems of diagnostics an monitoring of parameters of processes and environments A. Izmailov 54-64
9. An approach to quantitative assessment of inbound tourism impact on the country’s economy Y. Megel, S. Kovalenko, S. Kovalenko, O. Mikhnova 65-72
10. Application of ant colony optimization to solving multiple travelling salesman problem without depot O. Tymchuk, Y. Protsenko, A. Paramonov 73-78
11. Method for calculating the probability delivery time of messages in a hyperconvergent system N. Kuchuk 79-82
12. Providing access to static content using CDN networks as a PaaS of the Azure Cloud service O. Lavriv, O. Shpur, N. Peleh 83-91
13. Analysis on quality enhancement of voice authentication systems М. Pastushenko, K. Koriahin 92-97
14. Evaluation model of the impact of threats on the condition of the protection of the electronic communication systems A. Storchak, S. Salnyk 98-109
15. Analysis of the stability of steganographic methods of integrating data in video files to attacks N. Shostak, A. Astrakhantsev 110-116
16. The clustering dynamics of Ukraine regions on the hazard fire level and path of increase in functioning effectiveness of the uniform state system of civil defense in the conditions of information input indeterminacy V. Tiutiunyk, V. Kalugin, O. Pisklakova, V. Zatkhei, O. Teslenko 117-133
17. Index 134