Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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3. The comparative analysis of a noise stability of existing systems of radar-tracking recognition J. Stasev, V. Karpenko, I. Obod 3-6
4. Technique of a substantiation and choice of structure of the automated information system of support of the decisions accepted at management by life cycles of samples of arms and military technical equipment B. Demidov, O. Hmelevskaja 7-13
5. Comparative estimation of potential opportunities of subsystems of autosupport on radial speed and angular coordinate multichannel RS with the phased aerial a lattice A. Kovalchuk, А. Sosunov, V. Hismatulin 14-16
6. Josephson the synchronous detector on the basis of high-temperature of supercondacter ceramics N. Ivanov, T. Kurskaya, I. Mishchenko 17-19
7. Development and research of mathematical model of reliability of system of processing of the information in a class of deductions N. Derenko, В. Krasnobayev 20-21
8. To a question of an estimation of quality of a control system of the army case during decision-making and planning of defensive operation K. Fedorenko, S. Goncharuk, А. Butenko, I. Shchogolev 22-26
9. Method of system engineering of a supply with information of processes of an estimation of a condition of objects of management of the operator J. Pjatkov, M. Pavlenko, P. Berdnik, V. Rudenko, O. Bodjak 27-32
10. Method of an estimation of parameters of diagrams of an orientation phased antenna lattices U. Liepin, S. Poroshin, G. Golovin 33-36
11. Ensuring of rocket complex launch installation reticence in position region G. Cherepennikov, I. Piskachova, A. Balabukha 37-41
12. Method of increase of a noise stability of radiometer on the basis of accumulation of a signal A. Sotnikov, R. Sidorenko 42-43
13. Increase of information opportunities RS with use fractical echo-signals R. Pashchenko, N. Petrushenko, A. Vovk 44-48
14. Increase of fast-acting of synthesizers of frequencies of facilities of radio contact S. Makarov, O. Chekunova 49-51
15. Technique of synthesis of structure of system of antiaircraft rocket covering of military units M. Yermoshin 52-54
16. Substantiation of model of a choice of a structure of flight of pilotless flying devices S. Zvigljanich, N. Izjumsky, V. Fedchenko 55-57
17. Mathematical model of complex system of electromaintenance A. Panchenko 58-61
18. Estimation of bearing ability and rational maintenance service of aviation technical equipment A. Prijmakov, J. Gradisky, S. Smyk 62-68
19. The project-parametrical analysis of a cable as compound rip cord systems of special purpose A. Markin, Fam Zuy K’en 69-73
20. The Evaluation of Small Arms Effectiveness А. Bilenko, V. Afanas’ev 74-77
21. Estimation of efficiency of procedures steady nonlinear evaluation process of data processing in systems of arms V. Kalacheva, D. Sumtsov, A. Nosik 78-82
22. The procedure to select of software aids to estimate of the technical state of the digital systems A. Zenovich, I. Klyushnikov, O. Podgorbunsky 83-85
23. Automation of management by systems of metrological maintenance: structure, models and algorithm of decision-making А. Morozov, V. Harchenko 86-91
24. Economics analysis of number of Military-AIR forces of workers'-and-peasants' Red Army in 1930–1938 years V. Dubnitsky, A. Khodyrev 92-95
25. Fast algorithm of formation transform discrete transformation Хартли I. Ruban, M. Kolmykov, S. Dudenko 96-98
26. Algorithms of restoration defocused images А. Makovejchuk, V. Podlipaev 99-103
27. Abstracts 104-110
28. Authors 111-113