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3. Potential possibilities of the modernized station of discovery of aims of zenithal gun-rocket complex «Tunguska» on the discovery and measuring of co-ordinates of air aims I. Obod, I. Strashniy, A. Grigus 3-6
4. Principles of construction of the high-fidelity control system of supersonic aircraft V. Antyufeev, V. Bikov, A. Grichanyuk 7-12
5. The stability estimate of aerial system of space vehicles to cloud luminescence action of magnetosphere nuclear explosion G. Ermakov, R. Vorobyov, A. Korobka, A. Kulik 13-16
6. Method of control and management by the mobile objects N. Orlov 17-20
7. Model and methods of management by the lives cycles of standards of armament and military equipment at the decision-making planned and administrative in the conditions of vagueness of values of parameters of external environment B. Demidov, O. Hmelevscaya 21-29
8. The double differential correction of code pseudo ranges differences between navigation space vehicles. Forming technology and using effectiveness E. Homyakov, K. Vasjuta, E. Naumova, V. Medvedev 30-35
9. Features of application of the spaces systems of supervision for the early warning about the air attack D. Golkin, V. Prisyagniy, V. Varakuta, G. Hudov, I. Butko, V. Konovalov 36-40
10. Object recognition in the conditions of vagueness from data of the space monitoring O. Votyakov, O. Dremluga. G. Pisaryonok 41-43
11. The control of the tensely-deformed state of superficial layers of the loaded details of industrial production A. Gavrilov, I. Kuznetcov, B. Kuznetcov, I. Ishutin 44-50
12. Filtration of fractals radio-locations signals R. Paschenko, A. Vovk 51-54
13. Transitional processes in the halted asynchronous engine A. Panchenko 55-58
14. Methodical aspects of synthesis functionally proof ergatycal control systems by perspective battle aviation and aviation-spaces complexes A. Kononov, V. Pastushenko 59-61
15. Substantiation implementation new of technical decision on fire-extinguish of storages of explode matters N. Adamenko, T. Polulyashnaya 62-67
16. Total instrumental errors analysis of the multifunction navigations systems A. Zarubin, V. Astanin 68-71
17. Method of planning of connecting-managing knot of facilities of the field-technical providing of flights, which built on module principle V. Krasnokutskiy, A. Garkusha 72-74
18. Research of influencing of initial values of parameters on exactness of authentication by a scanning method O. Dobrov 75-78
19. Suggestions on the improvement of normative base on the metrological providing of soldieries topography-geological devices I. Bakulin, S. Gerasimov, R. Loza 79-81
20. Cascades charts of defence of information on algebra-geometry codes J. Stasev, A. Kuznetcov, V. Grabchak, S. Evseev 82-87
21. Synthesis of optimum algorithms of estimation of parameters of images of the spatially-prolonged objects and place of their location V. Volosjuk, D. Gerebyatyev, A. Kravchenko, A. Ksendzuk 88-94
22. The probabilistic estimation of surplus of procedure of bitstaffing at data communication in perspective ACGS of Air Forces A. Siskov, S. Shilo, G. Akulinin 95-97
23. Methods of the binary data encoding by the signals of the truncated parallel phase-frequency modulated ensembles N. Linnik, S. Rassomashin, I. Zliden 98-100
24. The mathematical model of phase-to-amplitude codes converter at digital syntheses of the simple and complex FM signals N.P. Kandyrin, A.M. Dzigora 101-104
25. Research of ways of diminishing of non-linearity of the frequency-adjusted descriptions of guided non-generator I. Krasnoshapka, A. Korgov, D. Maksyuta 105-109
26. Momental descriptions of types in a grate with the gas-mechanical adjusting of corner of attack V. Dihanovskiy 110-113
27. Definition of parameters of wearproofness is relatively to the abrasive wear A. Priymakov, V. Hristov 114-121
28. Analysis of principles of construction of fast-actings synthesizers of frequencies on the basis of the systems of phase synchronization O. Chekunova, S. Makarov, R. Kovalenko 122-126
29. Abstracts 127-133
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