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3. Method of determination of battle-order of zenithal rockets subdivisions with the use of the geo information’s and spaces navigations systems G. Drobaha, M. Yermoshin, A. Makarov, A. Toropchin, O. Haritonov 3-6
4. Problems questions of exploitation and repair of facilities of ZSR and basic directions of their decision B. Lanetsky 7-10
5. Trainer-simulator complex for operators of radar station N. Kandyrin, S. Leshchenko, M. Araslanov 11-16
6. Complex of diagnostic apparatus for realization of method of sensory diagnostics of metallic surface I. Kuznetcov, B. Kuznetcov, O. Yaroshenko, A. Gavrilov 17-21
7. Estimation and comparison of the fields of sublight, created by the different radio engineering systems O. Kondratenko, P. Kovalenko 22-25
8. Hindrances protected queries radio engineering systems B. Bakumenko, I. Obod 26-28
9. Mathematical model of asynchronous engine A. Panchenko 29-32
10. Choice of optimum row of powers of autonomous electro-aggregates as the task of multi measuring optimization A. Kulchitsky 33-36
11. Theoretical bases of authentication of objects of aircraft for determination of potentially dangerous S. Voytovich, M. Adamenko, T. Polulyashnaya 37-44
12. About the increase of metrological reliability of facilities of measuring technique of the aviation radio engineering systems on the stage of planning M. Jakovlev, J. Semerenko, S. Adamenko 45-48
13. Estimation of antiaircraft guided missiles reliability by limited information about their exploitation G. Yermakov, G. Ivanets, K. Borisenko, S. Klivets 49-52
14. Rational distributing of facilities of exposure and fire defeat between objects on a battle-field A. Zalivan, V. Zaika, I. Taran 53-55
15. Method of estimation of efficiency of devices of Doppler’s selection of target on a background passive hindrances «angel-noise» D. Grib, S. Yarovoy, O. Lukovsky 56-59
16. Reliability and resource of the aviation ground technique A. Priymakov, R. Dgus 60-66
17. Theoretical bases of repair of aviation nickel-cadmic batteries A. Rugal 67-70
18. Method of increase of exactness of attachment of specific spaces pictures without the use of the ground controls points Y. Reznikov 71-75
19. Comparative analysis of quality of functioning of algorithms of accompaniment of aims on radial speed V. Hismatulin, O. Sosunov, A. Kovalchuk 76-78
20. Special analysis and transformation of text information software Y. Stasev, S. Sidchenko, S. Zalkin 79-83
21. Evolutional-component model of the sensor-based systems O. Gerasimenko, V. Sklyar, V. Harchenko 84-91
22. Frequency-temporal researches of traffic of telecommunications networks of the systems of the rapid reacting V. Tupkalo, G. Kuchuk, J. Staseva 92-96
23. Methodical approaches to determination of descriptions of region of power N. Orlov 97-102
24. About the necessity of perfection of normatively-legal base of international peacemaking activity of Ukraine M. Beylin, S. Nemchenko 103-106
25. Estimation of decrease of probability of straightening localization of installation a correlated-extremal system at use composite radioisotope coverings А. Sotnikov 107-111
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