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3. Possibility of guided missile 3M8 application as an rocket-target during combat training shooting N. Burkhudaryan, S. Kukobko 3-6
4. It is the task of the maneuver determination for aircraft attack on ground target in horizontal plane A. Lisovets, A. Bursala, S. Kalkamanov, I. Klushnikov 7-8
5. Analysis of quality of association of information of primary radio-locator and system of radio-location identification B. Bakumenko 10-12
6. Methods of increase of antijammingness systems of the second radio-location A. Bulay 13-16
7. Canal of the angular automatic tracking of objectives on direction for the laser data-processing system O. Kolomiycev 17-19
8. Increasing of frequency exactness of acoustic-optical facilities of spectral and radio frequency analysis (experimental researches) А. Strelkov, V. Barsov, Т. Strelkova, Е. Zhilin, V. Marchenko 20-25
9. The method of declines of maximal error of measuring of elements of polarization matrix of purpose A. Martinchuk, I. Ryapolov, S. Voluvach 26-29
10. To fire defense of property of gel-forming compound at the use them for armament and military technique protection from the used for setting fire matters O. Kireev, G. Gishko 30-32
11. The research of location methods of the sources of the penetrating nuclear radiation O. Grigoryev, L. Bedenko, O. Sakun, S. Kovalenko 33-37
12. The methods of evaluation of different capabilities of various subjects of security of communication systems used in special operations area M. Orlov 38-41
13. theoretical bases of account of continuity of management by forces and facilities of troops of air defense of the ground forces at determination of estimation of efficiency of control system V. Talavirya, D. Knish, A.Butenko, S. Orehov 42-46
14. Influence of factors of vibration and noise on activity of crew, fighting and special technics P. Motsar, I. Korchin, V. Zinchenko 47-51
15. The investigation of capability to use accelerators effects imitators in flight simulators P. Motsar, I. Korchin, V. Zinchenko 52-54
16. Mathematical model of the exploring system management structure of the infantry regiment in process of transmitting exploring data from exploring means to the defeat means А. Zalivan, I. Таrаn, I. Тikhonov 55-56
17. Round of principles of forming of mobilizational reserve of aircraft in the conditions of completing of military powers by servicemen after contract A. Babich, B. Krasnokytskiy, D. Parhomenko 57-61
18. Features of leadthrough of voice carbro at the market of armament and military technique in modern conds V. Shemaev 62-63
19. Expedience of the use of new technical decisions at creation of perspective apparatus of aerospace extraordinary situations G. Hudov, I. Butko, A. Kondratov 64-65
20. Comparison of efficiency of systems on criterion first series of successes P. Chabanenko 66-69
21. Building of the cryptographic functions with the use of the method of the gradient downtake A. Kuznecov, Y. Izbenko, I. Moskovchenko 70-73
22. Tstimation of parameters of non-Gaussian stochastic processes A. Mozhaev, A. Podorozhnyak, S. Stasev 74-76
23. Analysis of systems of many-tier equalizers of heavy hardware C. Rakovskiy, N. Rakovskiya 77-78
24. Forming of flow diagram of the multisatellite low-orbit ecological system (MLES) of the remote sensing of earth (RSE) of double-duty K. Kozelkova, T. Arabadze 79-80
25. Analysis of existent services and mechanisms of priv Yu. Stasev, A. Kuznecov, R. Korolyov 81-86
26. Formings of pseudocasual discrete sequences with using of cyclic codes A. Kovalenko 87-89
27. Prospects of use and development of energetic control method I. Kuznecov, B. Kuznecov, A. Gavrilov 90-92
28. Digital synthesizers of signals in the devices of control and communication N. Kandyrin 93-97
29. Parallel method for solving the problem of integer linear programming with boolean variables (ILP with BV) V. Tretyak, D. Shimuk, Y. Shimuk 98-103
30. The One-dimensional displaced discrete transformation is Hartly I. Ruban, S. Dudenko, M. Kolmikov 103-105
31. Application of base of credible quanta of knowledge’s for choice optimum worker of constellation of navigations companions I. Vershak, I. Sirodzha 106-110
32. Optimization of administrative decisions in difficult organizational hierarchical systems Yu. Pargin, Yu. Vasilyev, N. Lyubchenko 111-113
33. Diversification Techniques of Fault-Tolerant Systems on FPGAs Using CAD-Based and Genetic Algorithms-Based Designs N. Yakymets, V. Kharchenko 114-117
34. Bayesian regularization in the theory of STAP V. Orlenko, Y. Shirman 118-123
35. Decision-making in relation to determination of perspective standards of armament at to unclear description of their informative resource V. Bilchuk 124-129
36. Calculation of loading of a multiservice network Kuchuk G., Staseva Ja., Bolubash A. 130-134
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