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3. Basic directions of determination of necessity in supplies of material facilities during leadthrough of aviation blow V. Abrashin, B. Zhukov, I. Tihonov 3-7
4. Mathematical model of a contour of stabilization of the plane on a corner riscania in multiplanimetric system of self-prompting of fighters I. Barishev, E. Korshets, O. Visotskiy 7-9
5. Model of battle actions of three sides taking into account the index of rate of fire of sides in equalization of Lanchestera V. Berezanskiy, A. Bursala 10-12
6. Analysis of efficiency of battle application of and threaded smooth-bore in the special terms V. Borodavka, I. Boykov, A. Markin 13-17
7. Removal of angular coordinate measuring ambiguity under adaptation to active interferences V. Vasilyev, S. Bagdasaryan, V. Tarshin 18-21
8. eatures of the metrology providing of armament and military technique in the conditions of growth of probability of their refusals S. Gerasimov, G. Cherepennikov, I. Bakylin F 22-25
9. Choice of method of removal of refusalsof hydraulics of airplanes arising up because of irrigation of liquid R. Juice, M. Stadnichenko 26-29
10. Analysis of tendencies of reformation of military powers conducting and states and directionfinding development of Military Powers of Ukraine contiguous with Ukraine А. Kon’, А. Zaharov, N. Goncharova 30-33
11. Analysis of application of spaces facilities in behalf of conduct of the armed fight V. Komarov 34-36
12. Mathematical models of tasks of optimization of composition of heterogeneous battle facilities on the basis of static models taking into account the counteractive groupments V. Kononov 37-40
13. Se of systems approach at choice of indexes of efficiency of application of army aviation in operation groupment of OSSHR Yu. Kravchenko, I. Lyashenko, B. Savchenko 41-43
14. Рrospects of development of militaries robotic systems D. Kucherov, Z. Kopilova, U. Myakuhin 44-46
15. Estimation of efficiency of application of modern information technologies under time planning of battle actions of artillery subsections A. Melnik, V. Kosuhin 47-49
16. Choice of a service mode for measuring monitoring techniques for systems with increased requests to readiness A. Morozov, A Chernov 50-52
17. Tracts and methods of improvement of identification systems on battle-field I. Obod, A. Gorlov, I. Ruzyak 53-55
18. Method of determination of value of index of internalss of work of organ of management of the set structure M. Orlov 56-60
19. Classification of unmanned aerial vehicle O. Timochko, D. Golubnichy, V. Tretiyk, I. Ruban 61-67
20. features of the engineering providing of troops of air-raid defensive I. Chernyh 67-68
21. To the problem of a helicopter power plant selection during of modernization and designing process V. Shlapatsky 69-72
22. Calculation of radiation patterns of the radar 9C35M1 antenna system Y. Belevschuk, S. Kukobko, O. Sukharevsky 73-76
23. Determination of indexes and speed modeof motion of АТM P. Gashchuk, M. Dubno, V. Palyukh 77-80
24. Method of compression of tables information in the operating devices of the sensor-based real-time systems on the basis of the use of codes of modular arithmetic N. Derenko, V. Krasnobaev, O. Zefirova 81-86
25. Econometric analysis of production of airplanes in countries – basic participants of the Second World war V. Dubnitskiy, A. Hodyrev 87-90
26. Channel of measuring of radial speed of aircraft for laser informatively-measuring system A. Kolomiytsev 91-93
27. Large ensembles of discrete signals with the improved correlation properties forming А. Kuznecov, A. Kovalenko, O. Kharchenko, О. Nosick 94-97
28. Property of of long duration dependence of hierarchical model A. Mozhaev, I. Ilyina, Yu. Panteley 98-102
29. Аnalysis of variantS construction RLS with the extended bar of frequencies B. Orlenko 103-109
30. Choice of function of distributing of drops on sizes V. Rublyov, V. Loginov 110-112
31. Method of spline interpolation of traffic of multi-service networks of the systems of the rapid reacting Yu. Syasev, V. Krasnokutsky, G. Kuchuk 113-115
32. Tribology wearproof coverages O.N. Troshin 116-118
33. Procedure to evaluate errors of binary measuring signals calibrators with normalized spectrum V. Chinkov, Yu. Krykhtin 119-124
34. Model of determination of parameters of interception by fighters of air whole enemy in conditions not stochasticof uncertainty N. Коroluk 125-127
35. Аutomatic artificial by facilities of pilotless aircraft perception of objects D. Grigtv 128-130
36. Abstracts 131-136
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38. Index 140