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3. Comparison of the special rifle live ammunitions indicators and their structural features S.Y. Birukov, S.I. Sichuk 2-7
4. Determination of size of resistance the submerged part of BTR-3U at his motion on water S.V. Bugaev 7-11
5. Calculation of effective surface of dispersion of model of point of command and control of automated control system of antiaircraft missile brigade “Polyana-D4” Y.A. Belevshchuk, V.A. Vasilets, D.Yu. Svistunov, A.V. Polyakov 12-15
6. Method of calculation of necessities for maintenance of the in good condition state and extension of resource indexes of radio electronic technique of system of radio-location secret service and control of air space D.A. Donchak, G.G. Kamaltunov, О.М. Kоlesnik 16-21
7. Analysis of application opportunities of armored machinery active protection complexes G.V. Yermakov, A.V. Chenykayev, S.Yu. Gogonyanc 21-25
8. Estimation potential effect of blow by a rocket with cassette battle part, equipped splinter – by high-capacity battle elements, on the position district motorized infantry platoon А.А. Zhuravlev, M.G. Ivanets 26-28
9. Determination of the number of rational armored combat vehicles for combat operations in the autonomous tactical groups A.N. Kuprinenko 29-31
10. Selection and justification of performance requirements and performance criteria of the system engineering and radio-electronic provide of military units into radar troops S.E. Popov 31-36
11. Alternative system of compensation of a reactive moment of the screw-media of military-transport helicopter S.O. Ushenko, М.S. Slabyk, V.О. Scherbak 36-39
12. Analysis of maneuverability properties of anti-aircraft missile systems mobility means and selection of their evaluation criteria K.G. Yatsenko, A.О. Boboshko 40-43
13. Creation on the basis of noise processes of stehanoconteyner for support of necessary level of firmness to stehanoattacks in the absence of encoding of the useful message A.A. Anosov 44-46
14. Energy approach for risk assessment of natural and social technogenic life system in Ukraine with the regional distribution warehouse of ammunition and enterprises for utilization of ammunition V.D. Kalugin, V.V. Tiutiunik, L.F. Chernogor, R.I. Shevchenko 47-56
15. Generalized uncertainty functions for videoimpulse radars with different configuration arrays О.V. Karpenko, V.V. Onischenko 56-62
16. Increase of stability of angular autoaccompaniment of aircraft in multifunction laser to informatively-measuring system О.V. Kolomitsev, S.I. Klivets, О.S. Petrenko, D.V. Rydenko 63-69
17. The increase of target recognition reliability in multispectral optical-electronic air intelligence systems by the use of images' elements reconstruction method R.S. Kochmarchuk 70-73
18. Method of stage-by-stage power reduction of the matroid basis in problems of topology building for the system of communication and automation of troop command and control Yu.V. Kravchenko, S.A. Mykus 74-78
19. Mathematical model of unmanned aerial vehicles homing system on a land target on the beam A.Y. Kujanova, D.G. Vasyiliev, A.T. Gordievsky, S.V. Fedoryaka 79-81
20. Model of evaluation of cost of exploitation the difficult technical systems on the technical state. Calculation correlations B.N. Lanetskiy, V.V. Lukjanchuk, N.I. Kirillova, A.A. Artemenko 82-86
21. Obtaining the radar portraits of military techniques by the ground-based noise waveform synthetic aperture radar K.A. Lukin, K.S. Vasyta, F.F. Zots, P.L. Vyplavin, V.V. Kudriashov, S.V. Ozerov, V.P. Palamarchuk, P.G. Suschenko, S.K. Lukin 87-92
22. Single-point ballistic technology for satellite orbit determination. Technology justification and orbital radiocontrol strategy I.V. Mashtak, A.D. Sheptun 92-96
23. Simulation model of fuzzy control satellite antenna position system O.V. Mnushka 97-102
24. Approximation of basic magnetization curve of the power transformerses magnetic cores with third degree power polynomials A.A. Musharov 103-106
25. The problem of calculation of heat transfer and friction resistance of supersonic axis symmetric objects under the solid propel land engines operating in the presence of parietall boundary layer laminar-turbulent transition and non-isothermal compressibili А.N. Shiyko, A.M. Pavlyuchenko
26. Measuring device of distance of low-level purpose during its radio-location within the limits of troposphere waveguide above sea М.М. Petrushenko 121-124
27. Synthesis of effectual segmentation strategy with the use of decision tree К.S. Smelyakov 125-127
28. Mathematical raising of problem of synthesis of measurings signals for determination of the technical state of standards of armament during their exploitation after the technical state V.N. Chinkov, S.V. Gerasimov 128-131
29. Optimization of matrix operations sliding encryption V.G. Babenko 132-135
30. Approaches to the allocation of limited resources during the organizing of the protection of key infrastructures by interior troops in a special period V.A. Evseev, O.V. Lisenko 136-138
31. The direction of development armed force for they application in the modern war J.F. Kucherenko 139-141
32. Evolutional changes in going near lead through of air offensive operation on example of local conflicts in Libya (1986, 2011 years) S.V. Lazebnik, V.V. Tyurin, I.M. Tikhonov, V.V. Gridina 142-145
33. Mathematical models for determining the number of internal forces for public important state objectc in case of solving problems of ensuring the functioning of regional authorities should there ethnic conflicts М.M. Orlov, V.V Halep 146-150
34. Methodical provisions by definition of indicators and criterion of efficiency of functioning of the logistic support system of Interial Troops grouping I.F. Rolin, I.E. Morozov 151-156
35. Methodical going near evaluation of strategic strength of the state on basis of estimations of levels of material well-being security by resources О.М. Semenenko, R.V. Boyko, A.G. Vodchic, O.N. Ostapec, A.I. Kremeshnyy 156-162
36. Improvement work system of military management due to automation administrative functions heads of divisions O.A. Usachova, V.K. Medvedev, V.M. Artyukh 162-166
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