Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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2. Contents 270-272
3. Device engineering obstacles in special circumstances M.Р. Bambulyak , Y.А. Ftemov , R.L. Kolos 2-4
4. Determination of parameters of sound of shot, having influence on implementation specific fire tasks by forces of safety and subject regulation А.I. Bilenko 5-11
5. Integrated logistic support of armament and military equipment V.V. Voinov, M.B. Brovko, D.M. Zapara 12-15
6. Decision of the problem distribution integer when fire governing in many-server anti-aircraft missile complex V.V. Voronin, R.V. Solovey, N.T. Gricyna 16-19
7. Grounding for the requirements to the accuracy of artillery range tables compilation V.I. Hrabchak, S.V. Bondarenko 20-24
8. Methodological basis of the concept justification of the development and shape of the perspective aircraft armament system of the state armed forces and its structural components B.A. Demidov, S.I. Khmelevskiy, O.A. Khmelevskaya 25-33
9. Increase of the informational ability of radio-beam protection means which are currently used for border protection A.B. Dobrovolskyi 34-37
10. The method of estimation of the required exactness of aiming of mean of distant defeat on condition of a twostage successive aiming on purpose A.A. Zhuravlev, S.V. Orlov 38-41
11. State, problems, and prospects of development of tanks in leading countries of the world, specializing in tank production O.М. Kalinin, Yu.V. Varvanets, P.O. Rusilo, V.V. Kostiuk 42-47
12. Development structurally of layout chart of pilotless supersonic airplane of secret service agent M.V. Kuprienko, S.V. Vikhrickiy, S.A. Kuprienko 48-51
13. Order of grounding the operational & tactical requirements to the system of surface-to-air missile armaments and its structural components is proposed B.М. Laneckiy, V.V. Luk'yanchuk, I.G. Kirillov, I.M. Nikolaev 51-55
14. Method of determination of limits of area proof radio traffic subsections of internal troops in the conditions of radiosuppression V.G. Malyuk, A.Y. Iohov, I.V. Kuzminich 56-61
15. Perfection of soldiery standards of phase changes of military powers of Ukraine V.V. Mosharenkov 62-64
16. Process management policy fighter automated control system М.А. Pavlenko, К.А. Sheyhas, M.V. Petrushenko 65-67
17. Prediction technology will become part of aviation missiles defined groups D.S. Pechura, V.G. Bеrеsаnskiy, O.G. Bеrеsаnskiy, D.О. Vаsilchеnkо 68-71
18. Means of ISTAR implementation in intelligence system of Ukrainian armed forces Y.Р. Salnyk, Y.М. Pashchuk 72-75
19. Ground of ways of increase of vitality of system of zenithal rocket protection at reflection of blow of facilities of air attack of opponent О.Б. Titarenko, O.М. Misyura, A.V. Tristan 76-80
20. Ground of complex of tasks of perspective system of support of decision-making for commander zenithal rocket brigade (shelf) of operative command I.M. Tikhonov 80-83
21. Method of synthesis of measurings signals for control of the technical state of standards of armament at integral limitation V.M. Chinkov, S.V. Gerasimov 84-87
22. Positioning of evacuation (repair and recovery) bodies of military formation on the ground N.V. Chorny, R.V. Dolgov 88-92
23. The electromagnetic weapon classification E.A. Avchinnikov 93-101
24. Increased stealth airborne radar altimeter, using chaotic process generated by nonlinear dynamical system of Ikeda А.N. Barsukov, S.S. Sergeev, V.V. Tkachuk, A.S. Boldirev 102-104
25. Analysis of technical capabilites of information conjugation PEC with a standard complex an automation equipment sample arms of military equipment anti-missile armies and development of the appropriate device of information conjugation S.A. Bortnovsky, M.V. Chebotarev, A.D. Marchenko 105-107
26. The method of hidden transmission of binary information based on using linear transduced stochastic process of moving average K.S. Vasyuta, S.A. Shcherbinin 108-111
27. Method for calculation of secondary emission characteristics of ground radar objects of resonant sizes G.S. Zalevsky, O.I. Sukharevsky 112-121
28. Structural analysis - layout scheme combat helicopter S.A. Zinkіv , O.R. Нolоd, A.A. Klimov, S.О. Turitsky 122-125
29. Subsystem technical diagnostics for automation of processes control in Integrated information systems A.S. Kovalenko, О.A. Smirnov, О.V. Kovalenko 126-129
30. Channel of automatic accompaniment of aircraft to direction with the use of MFTMM and laser signals with spatial modulation of polarization О.V. Kolomitsev, V.E. Kudrjachow, I.V. Melnikow, J.O. Klevannyi 130-135
31. Index of project efficiency of aviation engine and criterion of its modification for educational-battle airplane I.F. Kravchenko
32. Hardware upgrade options reproduction of voice messages of airplane MIG-29 A.A. Krasnorudsky, I.V. Romanenko, A.A. Zavada, V.V. Tokarenko 144-146
33. Inspection procedure effective functioning security enhancement techniques cargo traffic S.M. Kucheruk 147-149
34. Engineering-and-economical performance estimation methodical of a light domestic airliner - turboprop engine system V.V. Loginov, E.A. Ukrainetc, I.F. Kravchenko, A.V. Yelanskiy 150-160
35. Increasing antijammingness of surveillance radars of meter range by creating suppression devices on side-lobe responses A.A. Malyshev, V.V. Sidorov, Y.N. Bedenko 161-163
36. The statistical modelling of the system with a dynamic structure functioning R.A. Mykolajchuk 164-167
37. Ways to improve the energy performance signal from decoys when using holographic method of objects image reproduction to create a clutter for precision weapons in the optical wavelength range G.O. Moiseeva 168-171
38. Choice of functional structure hierarchical automated control the system A.A. Morozov, Y.S. Dolgiy 172-175
39. Systematic approach to feasibility study advanced weapons and military equipment M.V. Naumenko 176-179
40. Mathematical formalization of functional stability control processes aircraft D.M. Obidin 179-182
41. Methodology estimation reliability of enterprises at choice performers state defensive order І.V. Оdnоralоv, E.Y. Demchenko, A.G. Dmitriev, A.S. Hignyak 182-188
42. Analysis of algorithms of space-time processing of radio signals used for signal troops assets I.I. Opanasuk 189-193
43. Principles of complex processing of multispectral images are in space systems of supervision for operative ecological monitoring D.P. Pashkov 194-197
44. Efficiency of utilization the remote control smoke launch for aerosol aids camouflage of immovible objects S.I. Poplavets 198-200
45. Directions of board control spacecraft Y.B. Pribylev, A.O. Podorozhniak, I.V. Novikova. 201-206
46. Investigation of the efficiency of optoelectronic surveillance systems in the engineering control of the state border guard E.V. Prokopenko 207-210
47. Algorithm and conditions for optimal doppler filtering reflections in the coherent drive with any number of filters for radar autotracking landing N.D. Rysakov, V.V. Kutsenko, I.L. Kostenko, I.V. Titov, A.P. Kulik 211-216
48. Scientifically-methodical maintenance of formation of priorities of development of arms and military technology A.O. Rusevich 217-221
49. High-frequency method of calculating secondary radiation model fuselage UAV I.E. Ryapolov, V.A. Vasilets, O.I. Sukharevsky, K.I. Tkachuk 222-225
50. The adaptive model operation mobile thermovision complex V.A. Sobchenko 226-229
51. The adaptive model operation mobile thermovision complex O.I. Tymochko 230-232
52. Methodical aspects are no equilibrium of independent organization of tribosystems O.N. Troshin, V.N. Stadnіchenko, N.G. Stadnіchenko, R.A. Zhukov, S.V. Krasnitskiy 233-241
53. Express-method of measurement of the local velocity of flow in the wind tunnel small subsonic speed T-1 E.A. Ukrainets, V.V. Vasilenko, I.V. Romanenko, I.O. Kolomiec 242-247
54. Providing functional stability properties of monitoring system airspace P.V. Cshypanskyi, O.V. Barabash, V.V. Kireenko 248-251
55. Rationale for selecting cylindrical phased array flows functional damage radio-electronic equipment M.N. Iasechko, D.V. Maksyuta, A.M. Dzigora 251-253
56. Assessment of possibility of creation of zones of issue of fighting information in multiradar system two-coordinate radar of the mode on duty N.N. Deyneko, S.N. Kowalewski, G.V. Khudov 253-255
57. The analysis of the effective methods and mission which are solved by interspecies tactical groups during combat operations on the basis of the analysis of armed conflicts of the second half of XX – beginning of the XXI centuries S.V. Guzchenko, S.P. Yarosh 256-260
58. The influence quality of information and analytical ensuring competence battle acting various grouping for a efficiency management his troops J. F. Kucherenko 261-263
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