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3. Intensification of AME restore worn parts by electrolytic Ferrum alloys А.V. Karakurkchy, V.M. Schokin, I.Yu. Yermolenko, M.V. Ved, N.D. Sakhnenko 2-5
4. Method of operative estimation of air target detection areas by aircraft of airborne early radar warning and control which use high pulse repetition frequency V.I. Klimchenko, V.A. Tyutyunnik 6-12
5. Methodology ground of rational values parameters of technical service wares of artillery armament A.M. Litsman 13-15
6. Method of determination of fluidizers firing of a volley fire the reactive systems V.I. Makeev, A.F. Raskoshniy, V.M. Petrenko 16-19
7. Prognostication of refuses of aviation radio electronic apparatus, as systems on the whole Y.V. Sevost'yanov, S.M. Karateev, O.I. Kremeshny, A.P. Kornienko, V.M. Chernyavskii 20-24
8. Sources of infrared of armoured object О.В. Stakhovskiy 25-28
9. Rationale tactical and technical requirements vehicle to amphibious reconnaissance group T.A. Sutyushev, V.A. Pavitsky, A.I. Avilov 28-32
10. Diagnostics of model damages of aggregates of aviation technique О.М. Troshin, V.M. Stadnichenko, O.O. Andruh, A.Yu. Zolotar 33-35
11. Analysis of opportunities of space and air exploration conducted by the armed forces of the world's leading states for detection anti-aircraft systems SA-10 both in combat positions and when maneuver committing O.L. Kharytonov, А.О. Kharytonov 36-38
12. Study of damaging factors sap mine explosive devices on the human body A.V. Chernozubenko, A.N. Kuprinenko, S.P. Bisyk 39-44
13. Design of joint motion of jet-projectile and mobile starting setting A.N. Shiyko 44-60
14. Energy requirements for drugs functional damage M.N. Iasechko, K.V. Sadovyi, A.A.Kovalchuk, O.V.Teslenko 60-62
15. Method of determining the optimal periodicity metrological maintenance advanced mobile laboratory measurement technique M.V. Borisenko 63-66
16. Evaluation of stealth functioning the military radio systems transmission information using BDS-statistics K.S. Vasyta, S.V. Ozerov, A.N. Korolyk, D.S. Komin 67-69
17. Probabilistic forecasting method overloading in mletservice network O.V. Vorobiow 70-72
18. Prospects of development of pulse detonation engines. Difficulties of their realization А.V. Galak 73-76
19. Adaptive method of synthesis of optimum control the system S.V. Gerasimov 77-81
20. Prospects of development of facilities of defeat of the future L.S. Demidko, Yu.I. Pushkarev, V.V. Voron'ko 82-86
21. Systematic approach to the justification, evaluation forecasting and military capabilities and technical state samples weapons and military equipment B.A. Demidov, M.V. Naumenko 86-92
22. Methodical approach to the formation of aircraft missiles shape on preresearch stage B.A. Demidov, S.I. Khmelevskiy, O.A. Khmelevskaya 93-98
23. Own phase noise of the digital computer synthesis N.P. Kandyrin 99-102
24. A method for stabilizing the level of false alarms upon detection signals against unsteady noise through the use of wavelet decomposition A.V. Kobzev, M.V.Murzin 102-105
25. Analysis of effectiveness of diagnostic expert system design with traditional structure A.S. Kovalenko, A.A. Smirnov, A.V. Kovalenko, S.A. Smirnov 106-108
26. Application of recursive chart alternate-period automatic equalizer passive hindrances for the radioheight-indicator of PRV-13 D.O. Kril', O.V. Bazilevskiy, S.V. Yarovyi 109-112
27. Ways of optimization of self-reactance rows of powers of autonomous facilities of power supply G.I. Lagutin, V.V. Materka, Yu.M. Prikhod'ko 113
28. Numerical investigation of the location of the engine on the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft V.G. Lebed, A.L. Sushko 117-121
29. Classification attributes of fighters generations V.V. Loginov, E.A. Ukrainetc, A.V. Yelanskiy 121-130
30. Building a road to colon integral criterion dynamism M.A. Podrigalo, D.V. Abramov, S.A. Sokolovsky, A.I. Nikorchuk 130-136
31. Autofollow radar aircraft landing corner with extension coverage, total difference processing and Doppler filtering reflections N.D. Rysakov, V.V. Kutsenko, I.V. Titov, S.N. Rot, V.G. Karev 137-142
32. Suctive properties of base model of composite material with radioisotope including in the conditions of variable magnetic field R.G. Sydorenko, V.A. Lupandin, A.I. Reznichenko 143-145
33. To question of measuring of distance to littlepitch aim, which is location under sea А.K. Sheygas 146-148
34. The conception of statutes on the creation automation control system operations command J.F. Kucherenko 149-152
35. Perfection of construction method of natural environment of anthropogenic changes maps on basis of space pictures use D.P. Pashkov 153-157
36. Methodical approaches to recognition aims and intention of operation (battle actions) of enemy with using the reconnaissance data E.B. Smirnov, I.A. Taran, A.V. Tristan 158-160
37. Ontological design of single space of information and battle S.P. Yarosh 161-166
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