Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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2. Contents 137-138
3. Ways of increase the accuracy of hit point for rockets complexes of air and land basing Y.N. Agafonov, A.M. Grichanjuk, A.A. Zhuravlev, Y.A. Tkachenko 3-6
4. Stability and invariant linear systems of stabilization of military facilities T.Ye. Aleksandrova, A.A. Lazarenko 6-9
5. Validation of rational values of the technical characteristics of kinetic weapons with limited action range A.I. Bilenko 10-14
6. Methodical going near ground of permissible error of determination of coordinates of object of defeat at planning of reconnaissance-shock complex A.A. Zhuravlev, S.V. Orlov 15-17
7. The automatization of decision process for rocket launching positions selection at the unit location N.P. Izyumskiy, Yu.N. Agafonov, S.N. Zviglyanich 18-20
8. Features of justification of armament and military equipment complexes power supply systems electrotechnical means samples characteristics and indicators G.I. Lagutin 21-23
9. Method for determining the parameters of the product exiting the transporting and launching container during live flight tests В.М. Laneckiy, V.V. Kobzev, V.A. Vasil'ev, V.V. Luk’yanchuk, D.V. Fomenko 24-27
10. The aufbau principles OF adaptive algorithm principles of management by work antiaircraft missile complexes multifunction radar between its operating conditions V.V. Megelbey 28-31
11. Issues and future directions to combat small ultralight drone in internal armed conflict V.V. Soklovsky, Y.V. Samsonov 32-35
12. Classification analysis of application of different types of engines in the complexes of armament and military equipment of the ground-based S.A. Stukota, M.I. Vaskoxskiy,Y.S. Mishenko 36-39
13. Calculation of radio-location descriptions of model of tactical destroyer F-15 O.I. Sukharevsky, V.A. Vasilets, Y.A. Belevshchuk, H.Ya. Krikhoveckiy 40-43
14. Basing the total volume and improving the way of keeping the reserve of fuel and lubricating material О.V. Tarasov 44-47
15. Determination of the optimum variant of using different kinds of transport while providing the forces with material means taking into account limit of time for bringing these material means S.S. Тregubenko 48-50
16. Total impact pattern fuel consumption to change technical state auto armored vehicles I.K. Shashai, О.V. Ivanchenko, A.O. Ivanchenko, V.О. Temnikov, I.V. Tsebryuk 51-55
17. Detection method of fractal characteristics of emergency in the information space process P.F. Budanov, K.Y. Brovko 56-60
18. Analysis of jammers satellite navigation systems jamming K.V. Gerasimenko 61-63
19. Methodical approach to formalization of the admission air manager for independent work V.O. Grigoretsky 64-67
20. Summary of rational method of ground forces and Camouflage military facilities of the technical means enemy in aerial reconnaissance resource constraints conditions O.M. Zagorka, V.V. Koval 68-70
21. Methods for determination of speed limits and burning metallized condensed systems under different operating conditions P.I. Zaika, O.V. Kirichenko, О.O. Dyadyushenko 71-73
22. Use of diffraction mechanism of radio-wave propagation above sea for increase of distance of location of smallheight targets D.V. Karlov 74-76
23. Trends in the development of navigation systems, unmanned aerial vehicles I.O. Kashajev, S.I. Smyk 77-79
24. Construction of models of the non-equilibrium states of electrons in semiconductor plasma for superconducted defence of radiotechnical facilities D.B. Кucher, A.I. Fyik 80-82
25. Digital devices modeling system based on K-valued differential calculus and multi-valued alphabets S.Yu. Leonov 83-87
26. Analysis of higher harmonic constituents calculation methods Yu.S. Oliynik 88-91
27. Influence of currents of short circuit in a network with flexible explorers taking into account non-linearity of the system I.V. Panteleeva 92-95
28. Analysis methods for determining the optimal energy management settings vehicles A.N. Petrenko, B.G. Liubarskyi 96-100
29. Principles of formatіon of cuttіng tools surface optіmum qualіty takіng іnto account specіfіc condіtіons of work at composіte materіals processіng О.V. Rad'ko, A.K. Skuratovskiy, A.І. Kremeshnyy 101-104
30. Method for improvement of two-dimensional radar imaging of aircraft based on Gabor and Wigner-Ville time-frequency transform I.I. Sachuk 105-107
31. Study of risk monitoring of technical state aviation facilities S.G. Semenov, I.S. Zykov V.V. Davydov 108-110
32. Information technology for development and selection of service-oriented architectures A.A. Furmanov 111-115
33. Weapons and military equipment losses volume forecast during operations (combat operations) О.V. Pavlovsky 116-118
34. Analysis of employment of sabotage and reconnaissance forces (rangers) in local wars and armed conflicts V.Yu. Panchenko, Ye.G. Bashkatov 119-122
35. Analytical review of the ESM in the early twentieth century and combat use in world war I I.А. Cherepnev, G.V. Fesenko, G.A. Lyashenko, N.V. Polyanova, Ye.A. Makogon 123-133
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37. Index 136