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3. Development of the specialized hardware software complex of radiotelegraphic link for Air Forces of Armed forces of Ukraine M.R. Araslanov, V.D. Batyev 6-12
4. The improving of quality and reliability of the military telecommunications networks operation at the expense of the use of the program for monitoring their status D.I. Bichenko, O.O. Lavrut 13-16
5. Procedure determination of optimal values overhaul the working life and duration of planned repair of weapons and military equipment P.S. Zakusilo 17-19
6. Model for evaluating the effectiveness of homing ammunitions S.N. Zviglyanich, N.P. Izyumskiy, O.S. Balabuha 20-25
7. Improving fuel economy for the internal combustion engine of armored equipment and automobile vehicles A.V. Karakurkchi, N.D. Sakhnenko, M.V. Ved’, A.S. Gorokhivskiy, V.M. Shchokin 26-31
8. Methods of evaluating the effectiveness of planning metrological service of armament and military equipment by visiting metrological groups V.B. Kononov, Yu.I. Shevyakov, Yu.I. Kushneruk 32-34
9. Comparative analysis of tactical and technical characteristics of main nomadic mortars B.A. Lisogorskiy, А.V. Irkha, G.V. Khudov 35-38
10. Assessment technique of surface-to-air missile systems division’s staff fighting efficiency by their accelerated training M.F. Pichugin, A.D. Florov, O.A. Onistrat, P.O. Marunkevich 39-41
11. Method of synthesis of rational structure of air defense grouping intelligence system with using genetic algorithm I.A. Taran 42-45
12. Areas of improvement of home designs self-propelled artillery L.S. Demidko, P.E. Trofimenko 46-50
13. Mathematical model of movement of system the rocket & container in case of mortar start A.N. Shiyko, I.V. Koplyk, O.P. Ostapova, E.N. Avdeeva 51-61
14. Algorithm of selection operating frequency for facilities of military radio communication in conditions of influence intentionally obstacle A.V. Shishatskiy, V.V. Olshansky, R.M. Zhivotovsky 62-66
15. An analysis of influence of reliability of the product on the resource indexes. [Mutual dependence N.V. Аndrushkо 67-69
16. Evaluation of the potential possibility of organizing multi-channel in a chaotic information transmission systems K.S. Vasyuta, І.V. Zakharchenko 70-73
17. Methods of optimal choice and placement of measurement in stock mobile information and measurement system B.О. Demidov, М.V. Borisenco, S.V. Gerasimov 74-78
18. Real-Time event processing and machine learning methods G.М. Zholtkevych, V.V. Dorozhinsky, A.V. Khadikov 79-83
19. Digital synthesizers of signals in phased array N.P. Kandyrin 84-88
20. The system of decision making support for center net control reacting is on railway extraordinary situations М.D. Kacman, V.K. Mironenko, V.I. Macyuk 89-93
21. Ergonomics bases of constructing pendants soldiery arm helmets Yu.V. Kvitkovskiy, Ye.V. Doronin, K.Yu. Vasil'kova, O.M. Ivanov 94-102
22. Improvement in the method of maintenance facilities integrated information system A.S. Kovalenko, A.A. Smirnov, A.V. Kovalenko, A.P. Dorensky 103-107
23. Synthesis and study of the aiming and stabilizing system of the light-armored machines with neuro controller based on reference model B.I. Kuznetsov, T.E. Vasilets, A.A. Varfolomeyev 108-112
24. Adaptive electro-optical system with dynamic spectral filtering in the presence of optical signals variability L.F. Kupchenko, O.A. Goorin, A.S. Rybiak, R.S. Kochmarchyk 113-116
25. The main factors determining the need for development (modernization) of the automated systems of military Y.F. Kucherenko, A.M. Nosyk 117-120
26. Selective adaptive algorithms for processing digital image based search and selection of objects that interest us V.V. Larin, D.S. Gavrilov, T.I. Havrylets 121-123
27. Simulation of data transmission on the random access channel M.I. Litvinenko, Yu.S. Dolgiy, S.I. Hmelevskij, Yu.V. Daniuk, A.V. Petrov 124-128
28. Analysis of information provision and workload channel receiving information by operators of the automatization controlling systems A.I. Nesmiian, M.A. Pavlenko 129-133
29. Research of dynamic radial seals of engines of flight vehicles A.А. Panchenko, M.А. Katrenko, А.Т. Kudrevatykh 134-137
30. Research of aerodynamic descriptions of type taking into account a hard interphase environments S.M. Poroshin, О.V. Solovyov, P.N. Solyanik 138-140
31. Antielectronic fight as component part of radio electronic fight is in Military Powers of Ukraine О.М. Semenenko, R.V. Smartly, Yu.B. Dobrovol'skiy, V.L. Ivanov, О.I. Kremeshny 141-145
32. Prospects of creation of modern mobile motor-car repair shop of domestic production V.V. Startsev, I.V. Rohozin, D.M. Litovchenko 150-154
33. Model representation surface boresighting specification without influence distortions for cross-correlation extreme navigation systems V.A. Tarshyn, A.M. Sotnikov, R.G. Sydorenko 155-157
34. The expansion of the range of operation of ramjet engines by water injection at the inlet to the engine Yu.A. Ulitenko, A.V. Yelansky, I.F. Kravchenko 158-163
35. Process analysis of speech information exchange between persons of the management group of flight and aircraft crews V.G. Chernov 164-166
36. Evaluation of the accuracy capabilities of the track little dimensional purposes for a functional destruction M.M. Iasechko, A.O. Kovalchuk, D.V. Maksuta 167-170
37. The evolution of an isolating means for protection of respiratory organs and its application in the First World War of 1914-1918 V.L. Topchiy 171-184
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