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3. Development and research of the method of calculation of reliability measuring control of parameters of radio engineering systems of marine transport S. Herasimov, Yu. Shapran, V. Kirvas 5-10
4. The method for estimating the interference in radio traffic in the networks of links between groups of troops (forces) A. Iohov 11-16
5. The counter-rockets, artillery and mortar concept as perspective field of development of Air Defense of Ground forces S. Kisilyov, S. Piskunov, A. Filippenkov, A. Shevchenko 17-27
6. Use of visual polymodal signals for increase of exactness of aiming of the zenithal guided rocket on air aim V. Kitov 28-32
7. Method of forecasting orders on metrological service of military measuring measurements based on the system of interrelated equations V. Kononov, V. Burtseva 33-37
8. Analysis of possible control methods forward ZU-23-2 with the ATO experience in the eastern Ukraine V. Kudryashov, A. Prisiazhniy, S. Leushyn, V. Kondrat 38-45
9. Development methodology for electronics diagnostics based on energy-static diagnostic method using information technology S. Lenkov, N. Zherdiv, I. Tolok, S. Glukhov, G. Zhyrov 46-51
10. Analysis of possibilities of the use of individual sources of power supply of soldier A. Panchenko 52-59
11. Ground of index for evaluation of fire possibilities of subdivisions of antiaircraft missile troops in the conditions of application by enemy of facilities of radio electronic fight S. Yarosh, A. Gonchar, R. Lyfar 60-66
12. Method of effective syntactic representation of the low informative segments of aerial image V. Barannik, A. Krasnorutsky, S. Shulgin, A. Hahanova 67-72
13. Principles of the system of electronic protection units of the National guard of Ukraine during the performance of service and combat missions Yu. Belokurskiy, O. Iohov, V. Kozlov, O. Scherbina 73-80
14. ”Man-machine” system characteristics influence on the effectiveness of fire missions carried out by security forces personell О. Bіlenko, K. Pershina, D. Pavlov 81-84
15. Modeling the resulting antenna directivity diagram of the radar 5N84A in the vertical plane V. Gartovanov, M. Araslanov, V. Batyev 85-94
16. Selection method of release particulate forms for defense facilities protection from enemy air attack using fuzzy sets method O. Zagorka, V. Koval, I. Zagorka 95-101
17. Improving the method of determination of the overview overflowing parameters in automated systems of aircraft administration and protective defense N. Korolyuk, A. Ivakhnenko, I. Vapelnik, M. Dubinskiy 102-106
18. Scientific-methodical approach to determining the values of parameters of unmanned ground vehicles for Ground forces units Y. Myronchuk 107-112
19. Construction of diversed MIMO radar with fast electronic scanning by using of multi-frequency signals and space frequency modulation I. Trofymov, V. Tiutiunnyk, A. Dudush, A. Artemenko 113-122
20. Multi-radar system of survey monostatic radars with small base H. Khudov, V. Lishchenko, V. Tiutiunnyk, V. Chaliy 123-128
21. Method of hierarchical management by channel and network resources of military radio communication systems A. Shyshatskyi, E. Prokopenko, O. Zhuk, M. Dolyna 129-136
22. Model of self-adaptive software based on knowledge from corporate memory I. Bibichkov, V. Sokol, O. Shevchenko 137-144
23. Application of measures of opportunity and necessity for constructing a generalized model of description of fuzzy processes and events O. Bychkov 145-150
24. Methodology of the work of the managerial personnel of the regional directorate on management and organization for the effective functioning of the system of surface picture display in different conditions of the situation V. Mazur 151-157
25. Index 158

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