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3. A speed controller synthesis for a double-loop starting system of a helicopter gas turbine engine with a brushless DC electric machine A. Denisov, A. Bursala, E. Bursala, O. Shapovalоv, K. Bashinskiy 7-14
4. Modeling of the antenna of a running wave on the basis of the Ш-waveguide A. Dudush, V. Gribov 15-22
5. Diagnostructure of radioelectronic techniques on the basis of the energy-technical method: methodology this institution is formed N. Zherdev, A. Selyukov, S. Glukhov, S. Gakhovich, N. Nikiforov 23-30
6. Military and economic aspects of mutual application of aircraft and safe little apparatus A. Kudriavtsev 31-36
7. Method of disclosure of uncertainty in counteraction tasks of two parties in the context of functioning system of illumination of a surface environment V. Mazur, O. Borovik, R. Rachok 37-44
8. Expansion of the functional possibilities of the planning radar to the determination of the speed by measuring the parameters of the spectrum of the probing signal reflected from the aircraft at the stage of the landing S. Makarov, O. Sokol, V. Povoroznyuk, V. Yandola 45-50
9. Status and directions of development of mobile digital radiorelay systems V. Pochernyaev, V. Povkhlib 51-60
10. Assessment of accuracy of definition of position of the UAV by a difference-ranging method in the moving system of a passive radar-location in air defense complexes ground forces of small range V. Kucenko, M. Chernyshev 61-66
11. Investigation of the ways of creating the system of objective control of the modern UAC and unification of the land systems for processing information N. Аndrushkо, S. Ratushny 67-76
12. Method of justifications of requirements for the robotic demining complex O. Gusliakov 77-82
13. Directions of improvement of automated control systems for artillery of Army troops of Armed Forces of Ukraine L. Demidko, P. Trofimenko, G. Sorokoumov, I. Lugovskiy 83-88
14. Optimizing the choice of a variant of constructing a system for protecting information from attacks in an antagonistic game I. Dobrynin, M. Borova 89-93
15. The systematic basis of project material-technical basis the automated military systems Yu. Kucherenko 94-98
16. Means of imitation modeling as a tool for synthesis of the structure of engineering aircraft service of aircraft units and subdivisions O. Leontiev, T. Paraschenko 99-105
17. Modern technologies that neutralize chemically hazardous substances A. Galak, N. Sakhnenko, A. Karakurkchi, A. Bryankin, I. Belousov 106-114
18. Assessment of defence planning results in Armed Forces of Ukraine M. Dieniezhkin 115-120
19. Methodical approach to substantiating the rational staff of the troops (forces) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine V. Didichenko 121-129
20. The scientific basis of the method of calculating vibration machines with a pneumohydraulic drive for manufacturing small concrete products М. Emelianenko, O. Rachkovskyi 130-135
21. Method of comparison of the degree of excessity between the fuzzy sets of type 1 and interval fuzzy sets S. Olizarenko, A. Samokish, V. Kapranov 136-141
22. Methodical recommendations for the formation of methodology military-economic substantiation (administration) of programs development of Armed Forces of Ukraine O. Semenenko, R. Boyko, O. Vodchyts, Y. Dobrovolsky, S. Maslovsky, O. Korochkin 142-150
23. Index 151-152