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3. The analysis unstationary atmospheric conditions affecting the movement aerodynamic aircraft in flight O. Kondratenko, V. Stadnik 7-12
4. Methodology of composing the shooting Table by modeling on the EU with the use of experimental data V. Makeev, V. Petrenko, V. Zhytnyk, A. Raskoshniy 13-20
5. Method of estimation of multistructural signal error inertial navigation system D. Obidin, D. Makarchuk, О. Kostenko, N. Mishukova 21-27
6. Estimation of possibilities of objects by cosmic earth remote sensing in the interests of information support for Armed Forces space support groups M. Pichugin, D. Ishchenko, O. Klimishen, Ya. Kozhushko 28-35
7. Analysis of the features of construction and using of perspective control systems of the high-precision weapons. Active seeker А. Skoryk, М. Kamchatnyi, Ye. Morhun, I. Pomohaiev, R. Ischenko, М. Shchoholiev 36-43
8. Method of determining the optimal distribution of anti-tank weapons for the destruction of enemy armored targets in the planning of firing ambushes in a defensive battle S. Telyukov, S. Guzchenko, I. Taran, H. Zlyvka 44-50
9. The ways of improvement radio station DKM-MW waves range O. Chekunova, S. Zhenzhera, Y. Starusov, L. Hordieieva 51-55
10. Expected performance of the air-based and ground-based unified guided munition Yu. Agafonov, A. Zharyk, Yu. Osipov, Yu. Tkachenko 56-61
11. Digital adjustment system for the period of impulsive radiological station of adjustment of the purpose of perspective magnified great actionand short range O. Budur, V. Klуmenko 62-70
12. The method of complex appreciation efficiency function of the integrated automated control system Yu. Kucherenko, О. Dovbnia, E. Shubin, V. Didenko, A. Berdochnik 71-77
13. Forecasting the composition and resource of grouping of technical objects E. Lenkov, I. Tolok 78-84
14. Various nature information resources integration in a network central environment based on category of transdisciplinarity V. Podlipayev, О. Stryzhak 85-94
15. Conditions for creating a radio link for controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle under radio-electronic countermeasures Yu. Stasev, S. Serov, V. Dyadyun 95-99
16. Determination of values of criteria of perfection of aerodynamic pipe at technical preparation of aerodynamic experiment Yе. Ukrainets, P. Glushchenko, E. Spirkin 100-107
17. The influence of activated fly ash on the mechanical properties of heavy concrete I. Kazimagomedov, F. Kazimagomedov, A. Rachkovskyi 108-113
18. Recommendations for forecasting the volumes of financing the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a long-term perspective (2018–2032) O. Semenenko, O. Vodchyts, R. Boyko, Y. Dobrovolsky, V. Ptashnik 114-121
19. Index 122