Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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2. Contents 5-6
3. Selection of survival evaluation indicators оf the radio engineering troops formation S. Hohoniants, V. Kryshchtnko, О. Kolesnik 7-12
4. Ways to increase the survivability of combat aircraft in the air center with accounting the capabilities of the enemy air defense system S. Zviglyanich, N. Izumskiy 13-18
5. Determination of the inter-repair resource of aviation engines in the process of import substitution of accessories Ye. Ilenko, M. Sushak, P. Steshenko 19-26
6. Procedure of the use ground-based low power jammer transmitters for simulation of jamming environment for surveillance radars V. Klimchenko, S. Kukobko, V. Tiutiunnyk, Н. Ribalka 27-34
7. Justification of the totality of indexes and criterias of a comparative evaluation of the system of engineering aviation support of units and subdivisions of air force’s aviation O. Leontiev, R. Chygryn, T. Paraschenko 35-41
8. The analysis to possibility of application chaotic processes for increase interference immunity the tactical wireless networks S. Ozerov, O. Koval, Y. Kotik, S. Garvardt, Ye. Marchenko 42-47
9. Optimization technique route overcoming anti-air defense units tactical aviation A. Poluiko, P. Onypchenko, A. Tymoshenko, V. Koretsky 48-53
10. Analysis of analog methods of scrambling used in the military radio communication system A. Severilov, V. Vaskovskyi, V. Volosenko, I. Shuvarin 54-59
11. A method of analytical estimation of battle elements falling points dispersion area space after opening cassette warhead of large caliber rocket V. Tarasov, А. Zhuravlev, N. Izumskiy, N. Shigimaga 60-66
12. Improvement guidance system of the reactive controllable projectile for ground targets V. Tarshin, M. Derhousov 67-74
13. Filtering systems on armored vehicles of foreign countries А. Galak, N. Sakhnenko, A. Kosarev, A. Linyvtsev 75-80
14. The construction of network-centricity system for supporting the processes of equipment and development of armament and military equipment on the basе of transdisciplinary procedures for the integration of information resources O. Holovin, O. Stryzhak 81-91
15. Formalized model of assessment of information security guarantees of the integrated information security system D. Komin, O. Chechui, M. Levchenko, A. Pankhokhin, V. Pavlovskyi 92-99
16. Technique of accounting of tortional fluctuations when determining degree of unevenness of frequency of rotation of the shaft of the diesel generator B. Kononov, Yu. Musairova, A. Nechaus 100-107
17. Method for evaluating the efficiency of the military purpose automated system,based on determining the cycle of the controls of the objects and with the considering of the importance of the solving it's purpose tasks Yu. Kucherenko, O. Dovbnia, M. Naumenko 108-114
18. Evaluation of accuracy of determination of coordinate and course of marine object under conditions of uncertainty D. Obidin, D. Makarchuk, О. Mishukov 115-120
19. Study of the possibility of increasing the stealth signal-code construction in the radio communication system by implementation pseudo-random Lemer sequence S. Ozerov, A. Lytvyn, S. Zhezheria, V. Zymohliad, V. Liakhovskyi 121-127
20. Evaluation distribution of probability and correlation functions by analysis results of methods of calculating probabilistic characteristics of measurement signals V. Khizhnyak, A. Lytovchenko, A. Dmytriyev 128-132
21. Methods of work of the border guard detachment headquarters on finding and eliminating the enemy subversive groups O. Trembovetskyi, D. Hulevatyi 133-142
22. Influence of the effect of loading time indicators on optimization of programming development of ERP software V. Fedoriienko 143-151
23. Analysis of ORM-libraries for Android operating system V. Fedorchenko, О. Sievierinov, S. Rodionov 152-158
24. Index 159-160