Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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3. Device for controlling autonomous voltage inverter with sinusoidal law of pulse-width modulation, invariant to system engine start error V. Bashinskyi, A. Denisov, A. Bursala, O. Bursala, O. Shapovalоv 7-14
4. Evaluation of the justification of decis ion-making at automated determination of the ship transfer route I. Gannoshina, Yu. Kovalov, M. Dolyna 15-19
5. Method of eliminating unnecessary and erroneous information in control algorithms at air defense command posts of Ground forces S. Kovalenko, V. Kutsenko, S. Kravchenko 20-26
6. Proposals on the peculiarities of complete disassembly and maintenance of the latest samples of small arms of the units of the National guard of Ukraine P. Pistryak, V. Afanasyev, O. Arabadzhi 27-33
7. A fuzzy conclusion model of adaptive air situation to level of the air traffic controllers preparation K. Surkov, V. Kalachova, A. Lutsenko, M. Kasatkin 34-41
8. The method of detecting resonances in aircraft auxiliary unit operation using three-dimensional spectral analysis Yu. Chepurniy, B. Martinets 42-47
9. Results of evaluating the significance of separate performance of training-combat airplanes by the expert evaluation method A. Alimpiev, V. Yeroshenko, O. Leontyev, I. Kovtonyuk, M. Naumenko 48-55
10. Methodological approaches to selection of automotive vehicles for movement of remotely piloted aircraft A. Babich, E. Lyzenko 56-61
11. Mathematical model definition the functional dependence of the force of air drag on the movement of the projectile L. Velychko, M. Voytovych, M. Sorokatiy 62-68
12. Design of the time calculation algorithm for the technical state forecasting of radio-electronics digital devices’ when using physical diagnosis methods S. Glukhov 69-76
13. Method for evaluating the reference coverage area value of cassette high-explosive submunition of the multiple launch rocket system missile V. Grekov, A. Zhuravlov, Yu. Tkachenko 77-84
14. Methodological approach to the quantitative evaluation of the sufficiency of the possibilities of the organizational unit (totality of forces and means) of troops (forces) composite V. Didichenko 85-89
15. Some aspects on the establishment of automated system of control of contingency defense of Ukraine Yu. Kucherenko, B. Demidov, E. Shubin 90-97
16. Development of model and method of identification of navigation situations to increase efficiency of management in herogatic systems I. Masik 98-106
17. Concept of forming design-technological solutions for creating a perspective complex of fire problem solution Yu. Оvcharenko, O. Zalivan 107-115
18. Mathematical modeling of the diagrams of reverse secondary radiation of anti-radiation rockets in a centimeter wave range S. Oriekhov, A. Volkov, S. Korsunov, O. Lezik 116-120
19. Analysis of purposes and tasks of a light helicopter for initial training V. Tavrin, A. Petrenko, A. Yevpack 121-127
20. Analysis of existing scientific and methodological approaches for the justification of technical parameters of wheeled vehicles special operations forces Armed Forces of Ukraine O. Sliusarenko 128-134
21. Method for evaluating the effectiveness of the use of automotive units National guard of Ukraine when patrolling in martial law V. Tabunenko, O. Martseniak 135-139
22. Index 148-150