Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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2. Contents 5-6
3. Automation of the management of functioningand structural dynamics of complex systemsof military appointment with dynamic change of operating operations О. Turinskyi, D. Grib, B. Demidov, Yu. Kucherenko, O. Khmelevska 7-16
4. Application of methodology of transdisciplinarity ontology in information-analytical system for support processes with equipping of armament and military equipment O. Holovin 17-24
5. Methodology for assessment of effectiveness of military transportation by a motor convoy O. Borovyk, V. Kupelskiy 25-35
6. Selection of indicators of efficiency of application of aviation grouping sensitive to changes of its organizational structure V. Maliuha, I. Kryzhanivskyi 36-42
7. Models and methods of formation of rational structure of radiation, chemical, biological protection of Air Command S. Lazebnik, S. Poplavets 43-47
8. Application of bds-statistics for recognition of air targets by the range profiles F. Zots 48-54
9. Development of fuzzy controller for the three-mass electromechanical system with Matlab application G. Kaniuk, T. Vasilets, O. Varfolomiyev, O. Blyznychenko, O. Tolstorebrov 55-63
10. Usage of the fractal dimension field for vectorization of intelligence objects D. Karlov, S. Berezina, U. Reznikov, O. Korobets'kyі 64-71
11. Radio-electronic suppression of bistatic location complexes “to transillumination” V. Klimchenko, V. Tutunnyk, I. Trofymov, D. Donchak 72-78
12. Development of the method of selection and detection of small, small-speed lateral objects on the background of the sea O. Lukovsky, I. Dzeverin, V. Karlov, I. Ryapolov, M. Dudko, Yu. Trofimenko 79-86
13. The method for taking into account the correlation moment of smoothed estimates for extended Kalman filter using in cognitive radar S. Piskunov, A. Shevchenko, O. Yasinskiy, S. Dribnitsya 87-92
14. To the issue of mine hazard level assessment V. Kotsiuruba, I. Chernykh, V. Maliuha, O. Misyura 93-98
15. Methodical approach to determining the required number of human resources reserves, the frequency and duration of training sessions with reservists (military) О. Pavlovsky, V. Klepikov 99-104
16. “Мikhtiм” or nonpareil Kalashnikov, is 100 years old V. Semenyuk, D. Zhuikov, R. Frunt 105-116
17. Technique for determining the rational structure of search teams V. Chuprun 117-125
18. Index 126