Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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1. Title 1-4
2. Contents 5-6
3. Experimental research of parameters of bearing patency of samples of military wheeled vehicles M. Hrubel, Yu. Ftemov, V. Khoma 7-15
4. Proposals for automated calculation of communication reliability on the tropospheric radio communication line O. Kulik, M. Rysakov, I. Kostenko, O. Shcherbak, M. Dudko 16-22
5. The recognition quality effect of speed and aspect angle measurement errors using high range resolution profiles for aerial objects S. Leshchenko 23-30
6. The use of the standard digital radiocommunication system DMR IP Site Connect as part of the communication system of the National guard of Ukraine I. Mayboroda, O. Kazimirov, V. Lazarev, М. Gluschenko, V. Tolokneev 31-38
7. Analysis of the scientific and methodological application applicable for the evaluation and improvement of the activities of operators of automated control systems A. Romaniuk, I. Dzeverin 39-46
8. Methodology of dimension measurement to the purpose of rejection of the laser range finger of the MiG-29 missing fighting O. Sukhanov, А. Bekirov, I. Maksymov 47-52
9. Method for increasing hidden channel capacity in infocommunication systems for special purpose I. Tupitsya, V. Dymchuk, K. Chuyanov, M. Kodatsky 53-57
10. Control of videotraphic intensity for information technologies of processing and transmission of video information resources V. Barannik, M. Mruts, V. Zgodnіk, V. Barannik, V. Tverdokhlib 58-65
11. Autonomous electric power supply systems configuration based on solar energy for military facilities О. Kazimirov, I. Mayboroda, I. Kostenko, К. Vlasov 66-72
12. Mathematical model and methods used for prognosis of amount of orders for metrological service of military measurement means of samples of weapons and military equipment V. Kononov, V. Burtseva 73-80
13. Methodology of agreement of basic parameters for deep modification changes in aircraft transport category О. Los 81-85
14. Development of general requirements for multi-position phasometric trajectory measurement system V. Lyashenko, Yu. Dobrishkin, V. Zozulya, K. Kulahin 86-93
15. Process system model of technical support of combat use of weapon samples O. Suhin, B. Demianchuk, A. Kosenko 94-101
16. Approach to achieving aircraft aviation on ground (maritime) targets, taking into guidelines information O. Timochko, O. Aroslankin, A. Samokish 102-107
17. Methodical aspects of research of processes of functioning and management of structural dynamics of the perspective radar systems O. Turіnskyi, B. Demidov, D. Grib, V. Tiutiunnyk, O. Khmelevska 108-119
18. Methods for identifying destructive information-psychological impacts on understanding personal composition and population of Ukraine V. Barannik, S. Sidchenko, T. Belikova, Yu. Oliynuk 120-127
19. Transformation of information threats in military threats to the state O. Levchenko, A. Zavada 128-133
20. Index 134