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2. Contents 148-149
3. Method of formalization of carbro of decision of task of directionfinding blow of facilities of air attack on operative direction Yu. Stasev, S. Klimov, M. Pavlenko 3-8
4. Modelling of scripts of management by situations in sphere of maintenance of military safety of the state V. Shemaev 9-14
5. Perspective systems of landing of aircraft V. Afanasiev, I. Kashaev, A. Sitkov 15-18
6. Analysis and tasks of vibration-based diagnostics aviation power-plants A. Litvyak, V. Loginov 19-22
7. Parameters of estimation of influence of accuracy of flight on a route on results of detection by crews of objects in area of performance of a task A. Chernyatyev, O. Babenko, I. Kostenko 22-25
8. Elf-reactance methods of comparison of the got radio-locations distance portraits of air aims with standards V. Doroshcyk, V. Yashcenok, A. Poberezhniy, M. Bulaenko 26-29
9. Analysis of models and methods of calculation of zones of radio coverage of mobile communication networks at their use for adm of management by everyday activity of troops (forces) G. Zmievskoy, V. Krasnokutskiy, M. Kolodeev 30-32
10. Use of radar-tracking methods of measurement of range in technological processes N. Kandirin, A. Kostyanets, V. Loshakov 32-35
11. The experimental valuing of the influence of the M. external electromagnrtic field on characteristics of the gauges-terminator on the basis of the thin film of the high-temperature superconductor D. Kucher, A. Kharlanov, Stepanova 36-39
12. Account of equivalent coefficient of a thermal conduction of a structural element of micro wire receivers of passing radiation – two-layer cylinders O. Marнkivsky 40-44
13. Appraisal of efficiency method of accumulation series of short exposure faintly contrasting TV shots A. Strelkov, V. Barsov, T. Strelkova, Ye. Kaz 44-47
14. Localization of object of search dark-and-light current navigational with aerophares sensors A. Timochko, A. Podorozhnyak, Yu. Vasiljev 47-50
15. Antijammingness of the systems of radio-location identification with an address answer V. Тkachenko, B. Bakumenko 50-53
16. Protocol of exchange by the structured information in the telemedicine systems K. Bohan, S. Gurgiy 53-56
17. Method of TCP throughput losses compensation during moving of mobile host from one coverage area to another in wireless networks Yu. Zavizistup, A. Kovalenko, A. Mohammad 56-60
18. Analysis of bottom links integrated security system of objects N. Kovalenko 60
19. Method of construction cryptographic proof булевых functions on a basis gradient descent A. Kuznetsov, Yu. Izbenko, I. Moskovchenko 63-66
20. Output of comparative analysis of stream models of routing in TCNS A. Lemeshko, O. Drobot, D. Simonenko 66-69
21. Models finding modifications of message based on diversity principle with using symmetric crypto transformation I. Ljisenko, T. Isichenko 70-72
22. Conception of adm of quality of grant of services in digital TCNS A. Mozhaev 72-74
23. Edge segmentation of low contrast images I. Ruban, K. Smelyakov, O. Shitova 75-78
24. Intersystem hindrances in a cellular K. Sporishev, A. Tkachov 78-81
25. information technology of support of determination of components functional structures of the of great vitalities sides sensor-based systems V. Harchenko, N. Borodavka 82-86
26. The analysis of ways of creation energy effective lighting installations A. Egorov, O. Kondratyuk 87-90
27. Investigation of the plasticity parameter of the surfase layer of special alloyed cast-iron parts A. Leonenko, B. Savchenkov 90-93
28. Questions of use of asynchronous generators on pass hydroelectric stations A. Mezerya, D. Irikov 93-95
29. The offers on use of superconductors in electrotechnical devices V. Shevchenko, S. Shevchenko, R. Shudjan 96-101
30. Technological running devices on the basis of system «wheel – rail» N. Rakovskaya 101-103
31. Methodical approaches in relation to determination of possibilities of subdivisions of the special setting during man-hunting diversionary-reconnaissances groups Yu. Allerov, V. Burkov, V. Obryadin, V. Ovcharenko 104-106
32. Progress trends of system of metrology adm of Military Powers of Poland I. Bakylin, S. Gerasimov 107-110
33. Authenticity of measurings and descriptions of their exactness I. Zaharov 110-113
34. Search of knowledge in databases for an estimation of the financial risks N. Dergacheva 114-116
35. Modelling of projects of development of the enterprise with use of the mathematical device of hybrid automatic devices V. Maliy, T. Klimova, E. Yashina 117-120
36. Comparative Analysis of Oscillators as a type of technical indicators. Report 1 D. Sitnikov, P. Sitnikova, A. Usan 121-126
37. Virtual private network: decisions V. Chubukin, S. Yurov 126-129
38. Bout one of aspects of application of ý-birth-certificates in the controlled from distance education M. Voevodina 129-132
39. improvement of primary flying preparation in KhAFU A. Timoshenko, V. Shmakov, V. Ivanyuk, A. Erilkin 133-135
40. Chronicle and information 136
41. Abstracts 137-143
42. Authors 144-147
43. Index 147