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2. Contents 184-185
3. Development of mechanism of preparation and accumulation of reserve personnel of resources of mobilizations for aircrafts military powers of Ukraine O. Nikityuk 3-6
4. Some problems influences of reformation of Military Powers of Ukraine on national safety of Ukraine (legal-organizational questions) S. Polyakov 7-9
5. Problem of improvement Army Regulations, as the base of functioning and reforming Military Forse of Ukraine O. Polyakova 10-12
6. Complex approach to the design of battle actions of troops (forces) of air defense I. Kirichenko, B. Servatyuk 13-15
7. Requirements and factors which influence on efficiency of the control system of air defense during the decision of management tasks V. Talavirya, A. Lezik, V. Stadnichenko 15-18
8. Estimation of exactness for co-ordinates of aircraft by joint use of information received from the global satellite direction-finding systems and ground measuring facilities V. Dedenok, A. Bondarenko 19-21
9. Results of leadthrough of the interdepartmental ground (stands) tests of engine of AI-25TLSH development are GP «Ivchenko-progress» V. Denisyuk, A. Chikalin, A. Hustochka 21-24
10. The splitting blades for the regulation system of aviation engines compressors V. Dykhanovsky, О. Shapovalov 24-27
11. Airfoil shape influence on the aerodynamic characteristics of modified wing with rotor presence D. Zinchenko, V. Gotsak, O. Kompanyets 27-30
12. Basic ways of maintenance of safety of flights of modernized aircraft G. Kotelynikov, Yu. Kravchenko, A. Vovk 31-33
13. Modeling of the critical modes of flight on a helicopter trainer P. Motsar’, Yu. Mirgorod 34-39
14. Aviation trainers and some methodological aspects of their creation А. Motsar’, A. Pruymak 39-44
15. Design procedure of hydro dynamical characteristics in a task of estimation of seaworthiness amphibian at longitudinal movement on a water surface А. Rasstrygin 44-48
16. Mathematical simulation of recognition of airborne target by radar profiles at side aspects G. Bratchenko, А. Bondarenko 49-51
17. Researches of the category in system of electrodes a needle – a plane at the raised pressure of air (cathode directional a streamer) V. Golota, B. Kadolin, O. Bolotov, V. Ostroushko, S. Mankovskiy 52-57
18. Role and place of communications in the future battle actions providing A. Dubik 58-62
19. The analysis of restrictions on a not taken level into account cross-polarizing radiation at N-OFDM of signals demodulation A. Zinchenko 63-65
20. Upgrading selection in surveying RLS routes of aims foraccount of the use of alarm information V. Zuykin, D. Grib, A. Gryzo 66-71
21. Increase of speed of transfer of the information at use of ensembles of complex signals N. Linnik 71-74
22. Fast-acting method determination fractal dimension of aerospace images R. Paschenko, V. Novikov, O. Karpenko, А. Shapovalov 74-78
23. Analysis of approaches to estimation of the forecast areas of service by the base stations in systems of mobile radio contact K. Sporyshev, A. Tkachov, A. Postol’niy 79-82
24. Spatial image sharpening filters K. Smelyakov 83-85
25. Research efficiency the methods of correction characteristics digital antenna array in the integrated information system I. Titov 86-89
26. About influence of electromagnetic treatment of lubricating materials on their official descriptions O. Troshin, R. Juice 89-92
27. Мethod of collecting of diagnostic information at implementation of selfdiagnosing in the distributed informative systems O. Barabash, A. Chmut 93-97
28. Patterns of references of figures of pilotage on the basis of these facilities of objective control I. Ermolaev, V. Kuleshin 97-99
29. Use of digital facilities of video of registration at tests of parachute systems. technological line of treatment of video information R. Zbritskiy 100-101
30. Research of protocols and mechanisms of defence of information is in the computer systems and networks A. Kuznetsov, S. Yevseev, B. Tomashevsky, Yu. Zhmurko 102-111
31. Comparison of the characteristic of algorithm determination number signals, that operate simultaneously and differ arrival direction N. Nikitin 112-114
32. Technology of construction of operational semantics of stratificated semantic network for support of making administrative decisions Yu. Parzhin, N. Lyubchenko 115-118
33. Development of tests with use of means of computer facilities I. Romanenko, V. Stolbov, I. Ruban, V. Tretyak 119-125
34. Choice of polynomials with degP(X)= 5 for signature analyzers after the criterion of forming of sequence of maximal length A. Rysavaniy, V. Gogotov 126-128
35. Synthesis of structure of digital networks of the integrated service taking into account the existent fragments of network S. Savchenko 129-130
36. Adaptive faultlessness prognostication of exploitation objects O. Sеraya, Shadi Amer 131-133
37. Choice of set of performance characteristics of samples of armored technics, determining their fighting efficiency Yu. Busyak, E. Makogon, D. Kobigzskoy 134-137
38. Estimation of translation of hauling electric drive on asynchronous traction O. Tischenko, S. Shevchenko 137-141
39. Identification measuring tool’s transfer characteristics by Prony’s least-squares method I. Zakharov, M. Sergienko 142-145
40. Synthesis criteria and classification of measuring signals with the normalized spectrum Yu. Krykhtin 146-149
41. Digital modulometer with uniform scaning step of amplitude modulation signals V. Chinkov, V. Bronskyh 150-153
42. Actual questions of construction highly of the economic systems of armament of air defense on the basis of their standardization at high levels (equals of types of Military Forces, branches) V. Biletov 154-156
43. Evaluation of cluster analysis result stability of financial condition of banks Yu. Velichko, V. Dubnitsky, O. Sydorenko 157-159
44. Algebro-logical means for identification of supernumerary situations A. Yerokhin 159-161
45. Information system of estimation and account of academic successes of students of faculty at the module-rating departmental teaching K. Barashev, V. Kirvas 161-164
46. Use of trainers for the improvement of educational process in the systems of preparation of aviation specialists A. Kremeshniy, I. Kovtonyuk 165-167
47. Fascicular generators of pulse superbroadband electromagnetic radiation A. Egorov, B. Gavrilenko, M. Grushenko, V. Gzuk, V. Karas, Yu. Lonin, V. Chumakov 168-170
48. System of automatic accompaniment of aircraft to direction with narrow-band filtration A. Kolomijtsev, S. Kovalenko, V. Kitov, V. Kudryashov, R. Zhermelyova 170-172
49. Abstracts 173-180
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51. Index 186