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2. Contents 287-290
3. Methodical bases of account of influence of external of difficult systems of armament and military technique environments on their reliability А.Р. Kovtunenko, O.P. Korostelev, O.V. Zubarev 2-4
4. A design of impulsive processes is in cognitive models of military operations on base of logic of antonyms А.А. Adamenko 5-9
5. Approach to definition of possibilities of parts and divisions of a special purpose of military formations of the country at performance of problems to destination V.Р. Gorodnov, V.А. Kirilenko, J.Е. Repilo 10-13
6. Define general step execute stage forming on the military of automation system and working out he project creation J.F. Kucherenko, А.V. Kobersky 14-17
7. To the question of improvement of battle-order of the mechanized platoon (separations) S.U. Polakov, V.M. Lenkin, G.A. Zmiivskiy 18-23
8. Results of analysis of features of control system by reconnaissance-searching and searching-shock actions of internal troops with the use of aviation T.A. Sutyushev, V.A. Shaytanov, S.P. Khan’ 24-27
9. Assessment of compensation opportunity navigation error motion of aircraft equipped optical homing system Y.M. Agafonov, Y.M. Осіпов, Y.A. Tkachenko 28-31
10. The manoeuvrability and mobility increase of modular engines of the aviation flights airfield-technical ensuring B.G. Vasil’ev, Y.V. Baistov, S.A. Bodko, V.V. Kirichenko 31-34
11. Change of quality of control of safety at processes of conception of production of flights V.D. Gulenko, T.E. Udarceva, A.Yu. Ponomareva, T.M. Timoshenko 35-40
12. Numerical simulation of flow around of the supercritical airfoil with modified upper (lower) surface I.А. Kaleniuk 41-46
13. Research of the mathematical formalization of functional stability for the air traffic control system S.M. Nedilko 47-50
14. Classification of types of nanowear on value of coefficient of dissipation of the external energy tricked into to trybosystem V.N. Stadnіchenko, O.N. Troshin, N.G. Stadnіchenko, A.V. Priymak, І.І. Prosyanik 51-61
15. Dynamic model for simulation of local objects scattering M.R. Araslanov 62-67
16. Evaluation of time parameters of program components for source tracking of active jamming with triangulation method Y.V. Glebov, R.V. Svitlyk 68-71
17. Selection of pulse handicapes on the basis of modified algorithm vector median filtrations A.A. Gryzo, I.M. Nevmerzhitsky, O.B. Obozovsky 72-76
18. The problem of assessment amount purpose as part of a group when locations in decameter radiowaves V.D. Karlov, Y.A. Sirik, A.V. Tugay 77-79
19. Explanation of requirements to optical-electronic devices of visual detection and tracking of air objects for the benefit of radioengineering troops of Air Forces Armed Forces of Ukraine V.I. Klimchenko, G.G. Kamaltynov, V.L. Misajlov, D.Yu. Svistunov 80-85
20. Second sort of errors of firing rockets on the unmodel aims of zenithal rocket complex of shorter-range А.V. Kolomitsev, V.E. Koodrjashov, D.G. Vasilev, I.Y. Zagoruiko, S.S. Voroshilov 86-90
21. Estimation of vector signal distinguishability in the noise O.S. Lisitsyna 91-95
22. Combined method for measuring the angle of places goals surveillance radars with phased array N.D. Risakov, I.V. Titov, V.G. Karev, V.A. Doroshchuk 96-99
23. Research of dependence of effective heat conductivity of the heated areas of vehicles radio electronic from his structural parameters A.M. Sinotin A.M., T.A. Kolesnikova 100-102
24. The algorithm of the space machining of signals which improved the noninterference of the all-round looking radar S.O. Sobolenko, A.D. Nosova, S.I. Boloban 103-106
25. The analysis of DFM signals opportunities on increase of radar-tracking systems functionality V.A. Tarshyn, A.V. Ochkurenko, A.L. Kuznetsov 107-111
26. The factors that determine the widening of the sar’s directional diagram and the estimation of their joint effect on the resolution B.M. Fedotov, O.O. Slusarchuk 111-115
27. Support of the complex ballistic purposes A.V. Chelpanov, S.I. Khmelevsky, O.A. Khmelevskaya, G.V. Rybalka 116-118
28. Radiation of multifrequency spatio-temporal signals sequences by cylindrical arrays with the set descriptions М.N. Yasechko, G.V. Yermakov 119-122
29. Formation of a virtual space work area utilitarian robot S.V. Byesyedina, U.N. Nebulica 123-128
30. Operating descriptions of elements of structure of the automated systems of multilevel transformation of information S.V. Jolub, A.U. Diachenco 129-131
31. Robust methods application of data analysis with structural descriptions processing A.V. Gorohovatskiy, V.O. Gorohovatskiy 132-135
32. Properties of pseudo-random sequences generated on the basis of multi-congruence transformation in Galois fields T.O. Grinenko, Yu.I. Gorbenko 136-139
33. Application of the displaced т-схемы on basis of stupenevykh of functions to decision of ballistic tasks I.A. Kukharskiy 140-143
34. Information technology is state estimation of complex spatially extended objects Ye.I. Kucherenko, I.S. Glushenkova 144-150
35. The method for complication of matrix norm successive diminishing for nonhomogeneous semantic net O.G. Oxijuk, I.Yu. Kravchenko 151-153
36. The computational complexity of coding and decoding of algebraic concatenated convolutional codes in the time and frequency domain S.I. Prihodko, A.S. Volkov 154-158
37. The research of an error of the numerical solution of the differential equation with delay argument O.I. Solovjova, S.I. Lapta, S.S. Lapta, N.S. Butenko 159-161
38. System-dynamic model of chainlets of deliveries Е.О. Stadnik 162-165
39. Application of the geometric theory to build the profile of the surface zukootrazhayuschey V.V. Usik, I.G. Myagkiy 166-169
40. Substantiation of metrics for the estimation of importance of elements of structure of the control system S.P. Yarosh 170-176
41. Development and research of conceptual model of sources of errors in segment of mobile communication network V.V. Bosko, I.A. Berezyuk, S.G. Semenov 177-179
42. Internet technologies conduction of electronic circulation documents in the organs of internal affairs I.V. Kobzev, K.E. Petrov 180-183
43. Support of integrity in databases with a heterogeneous structure T.P. Kolеsnik 184-187
44. The calculation of the probability of frame transmission network ATM when using the sliding window O.O. Puchkov, S.P. Kolachov, R.A. Romaschenko 188-190
45. Apart security politic of wireless networks O.V. Severinov, I.O Zhukov 190-192
46. Necessity of improvement of calculations of chain-drives on basis of experience of exploitation of agricultural technique Yu.V. Apenkin, M.L. Ryabchikov 193-195
47. Some questions of forming of details the method of plastic bend V.I. Belyakov, N.K. Reznichenko, A.Ya. Movshovich, V.V. Kosenko 196-198
48. Types of autonomous electric energy sources are in systems of elektrosnabzheniya of military objectives G.S. Lagutin, A.E. Ruchka 198-200
49. Mathematical model of the study for the management of synchronization with the network I.V. Panteleeva, D.A. Chastnykov 201-204
50. Optimization of indexes of quality of coordinated sizes of openings at tooling E.A. Paschenko, G.M. Trisch 205-207
51. Determination of initial rejection rate in view elementary of projectile villette (mina) with the barrel bore P.E Trofimenko, V.I.Makeev 208-211
52. About some calculable features of mathematical models of dynamic processes in volumes hydraulic machine A.K. Fursenko, M.V. Kaydash 211-213
53. Calculation of harmonic vibrations of the linear systems by the method of Lagranzh of the second family О.А. Yurchenko 214-216
54. Using of artificial neuron networks with interval arithmetic for construction of calibration dependencies of measuring tools S.V. Vodotyka 217-222
55. Increase of metrology noninteraction of the in-plant systems of measurings М.М. Mykyychuk, P.G. Stoljarchuk 222-228
56. Analysis of going near authentication of air ships – threats of application of terrorist attacks in the developed countries of the world Д.В. Безкровний, І.О. Ляшенко, І. М. Каркищенко, А. В. Козловський 226-228
57. Estimation of time of measurings information receipt from seismic supervisions network of MCSK J.A. Gordienko, A.I. Solonets, S.V. Petrov 229-232
58. Determination indexes of safety basic elements of ammoniac refrigeration machinery by criterion «influence of the subject» as one evaluation stages and management the risk origin of failures V.V. Kovregin, D.V. Taraduda, R.I. Shevchenko 233-236
59. The searching agent model for decision support system of search and rescue services V.A. Savchenko 237-240
60. Design of rational coverage of objects of railway by districts of departure of fire-rescue subdivisions V.О. Sobina 240-242
61. Influence of natural sources aeroionization on the formation of concentration fields of air ions in the air apartment I.A. Tolkunov, I.I. Popov 243-246
62. Analysis conditions of work law and order guarding force automobile technics R.I. Topchiy 247-250
63. Application of LARES method for clusterization of components of vector of global priorities, got whis the method of analysis of hierarchies I.S. Romanchenko, V.M. Artyukh, M.M. Potemkin 251-255
64. Factor examination of intercommunication of progress and personality capabilities of students of radio engineering type of preparation N.М. Generalova, O.G. Marchenko, M.S. Generalova 256-258
65. Application of modern computer teaching systems for teaching and increase of level of professional preparation of flying crews of helicopters of Mi-8МТВ V.P. Zinchenko, O.N. Fomenko 259-262
66. Informatics in the system of legal education V.G. Ivanov, M.G. Lyubarskiy, N.A. Koshevaya, M.V. Gvozdenko, N.I. Maznichenko 263-267
67. The main approaches of implementation of special course for managing defence in a wider security context L.R. Cleary, M.V. Hrebeniuk, O.I. Poshedin, A.O. Feklistov 267-271
68. Definition of the indicators system for choice of the complex of authoring tools for distance learning courses development V.V. Riabtsev, M.G. Tyschenko 272-276
69. Experience of creation of norms of social guarantees of servicemen of red army is in 20-40 of the last century S.S. Korol'ov 277-280
70. Chronicle and information 280-281
71. Authors 282-285
72. Index 286