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2. Contents 218-220
3. Analysis of functional structure of military management system for perfection of making a decision model V.S. Tkachenko, A.S. Kornyakov, E.B. Smirnov 2-6
4. Method of decouplig of aims of military conflict А.А. Adamenko 6-9
5. The basic directions and tendencies of development of military art M.О. Ermoshin, V.V Voronin, M.M. Romanuck 10-14
6. The modelling of combat of the mixed group antiaircraft rocket armies and army armies antiaircraft defence in the geoinformation system “Argument-2011” A.F. Makarov, A.N. Savelyev, S.P. Yarosh 15-21
7. Strategic aspects of providing of national safety of Ukraine R.V. Bojko, A.I. Kremeshniy, O.M. Semenenko, I.V. Cheked 22-26
8. Tendencies of organisational and staff structures development, forms and means of training of operational strategic element command units of leading world and NATO countries: experience for Ukraine G.V. Yefimov 27-34
9. To the question of application of methods of scientific and technical prognosis of development of armament and military technique on the basis of analysis of patent and scientific and technical information V.V. Koval’, Е.А. Korshec, S.A. Kotlyar, O.V. Kuznetsova 34-36
10. Substantiation of the necessity of creation competitive artillery system A.M. Krivosheev 36-42
11. Professionalism of Ukrainian Armed Forces. Part 1. Stages of professionalism and creation of professional corps sergeant S.I. Kropivchenko, Ye.N. Vaschenko, M.I. Litvinenko, L.A. Petrova 42-45
12. Current state of unmanned aerial complexes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Y.Р. Salnyk, I.V. Matala, V.A. Onyschenko 46-51
13. Determination of reasons of development of corrosive defeats of fish-plates of keels of airplanes of type of Mig-29 О.N. Dobridenko, R.V. Kachmar, A.I. Kremeshniy 52-54
14. Experimental research of aerodynamic descriptions of perspective aircraft of vertical flight and landing O.L. Lemko, Ye.Yu. Ilenko, N.V. Silca 54-58
15. Analysis of the flight situations development in aviation sociotechnical system T.F. Shmelova, Yu.V. Sikirda 59-65
16. Analysis of phases and bearings frequencies setting exactness on cylindrical phased array at functional defeat of side radioelectronic system with the use of spatio-temporal signals G.V. Yermakov, M.N. Yasechko, A.V. Irkha 66-70
17. Features of diagnostics of parameters of the ionosphere at use of pair radioimpulses V.D. Karlov, M.N. Zhuravsky, D.V. Karlov, О V. Demon 70-75
18. Experimental research of degradation of elements of receiving highway under act of powerful r.f.s Д.Б. Кучер, А.И. Харланов, Т.В Зонтова, В.П. Макогон 76-79
19. Features of the use of modern quantum technologies for providing of confidential connection V.N. Rudnitskiy, A.G. Korchenko, S.A. Gnatyuk 80-83
20. Research of influencing of flat teplostokov on temperature in central point of the heated area REA A.M. Sinotin, T.A. Kolesnikova 84-86
21. Forming of representativeness sampling for statistical researches V.P. Avramenko, V.P. Tkachenko, A.V. Priests 87-90
22. Research of methods of selection of information is with the use of unclear requests for the example of the internet-shop S.F. Chalyi, A.S. Gornostaev 90-93
23. Requirements of air force evaluation methodology need for training officers to replenish deficiency in linear units and elements of Interior Ministry Troops Ukraine V.P. Gorodnov, G.A. Radyonov 94-97
24. Method of base knowledges forming of actions of air opponent estimation S.B. Klimov 98-100
25. The method of stage-by-stage diminishing of power of base of permutable polyhedron for organization of the directed surplus in tasks of discrete optimization S.N. Nedilko 101-106
26. Approximate method of solving resource allocation problem based on solutions of minimal coverage in the system of parallel data processing T.S. Nikitina 107-110
27. Non-stationary time series prediction by the modified adaptive neo-fuzzy-predictor D.A. Plisko, V.V. Volkova, Ye.V. Bodyanskiy 111-114
28. Planning the decision support systems with using of an adaptive analysis L.E. Serkova, S.L. Gamotska 115-119
29. Mathematical model of reflection programming at control dynamic objects O.I. Tymochko 120-122
30. Analysis of modern GRID scheduling architectures and characteristics K.V. Dema, M.A. Volk, M.A. Filimonchuk 123-128
31. Choice of reliable structure of a control unit of digital telecommunication systems on the basis of priority numbers with the account many-version the software М.O. Kolisnyk, I.V. Piskachova 129-131
32. Comparative evaluation of efficiency unicast and multicast communication methods U.I. Losev, S.I. SHmatkov, K.M. Rukkas, V.S. Scshebeniuk 132-135
33. Research of an opportunity of use of personal computers as a CNC control computer V.N. Rudnitsky, V.G. Detkin, N.V.Khrulov 136-140
34. Automatization of searching and analysis of it’s using in information systems and web services A.S. Smelyakova, D.P. Galas, T.S. Tkachova 140-142
35. Method for calculation social distance function for Web 2.0 development O.Yu. Tymofiieva 143-145
36. Analysis and ways of improvement of method of preparation of operative personnel for providing of electric stations safety P.F. Budanov, R.N. Mezentsev, A.V. Panin, A.N. Rykhlin 146-151
37. Investigation of the effectiveness of distribution networks multifaceted metal poles O.U. Egorova, D.O. Gusev 152-154
38. Increase of reliability of welded workings organs and frames of machines for earthworks М.G. Efimenko, I.V. Doschechkina, V.M. Krasnokutskiy, A.G. Endavickaya, А.S. Obolensky 155-156
39. Пути усовершенствования системы метрологического providing in Military Powers of Ukraine V.B. Kononov 157-159
40. The investigation of the thermal error of the tensoresistive sensor of the pulse pressure A.M. Krukov, A.A. Alexanderov, V.V. Afanasiev, O.E. Zabula 160-164
41. Using of informative analysis for the decision of system task of determination of possible period of time on forming and realization of decisions which prevent the origin of critical, extraordinary or catastrophic situations in the check points from the st O.V. Borovyk, O.M. Dmytrenko 165-170
42. Exposure of seismic signal from earthquake in district of Vrancha on polarization sign J.A. Gordienko 170-172
43. Directionfinding on the point source of photonic radiation inplane О.N. Grigorev, О.V. Sakun, Z.V. Bilyk 173-176
44. Use of water containing formations in atmosphere for suppression of the burnout on open district M.V. Kystov, V.D. Kalugin 176-179
45. Methods of estimation of degree of danger of conduct of crowd during conducting of measures of spectacles V.V. Litvinov, A.A. Slyusar 180-183
46. Analysis of patterns of rescuers during the emergency response with the release of hazardous chemicals V.M. Strelec, M.V. Vasilyev 184-187
47. Choice of recreation places according to economical and environmental factors with using of information technologies O.V. Dorokhov, M. Lakićević, I.J. Pogosov 188-191
48. Pozaauditornaya independent work of students as constituent of preparation of future medical sisters to decision of problem situations in professional activity T.O. Kudryavceva 192-194
49. Approach to construction a mathematical model of information-psychological influence on the interior troops personnel during service-combat missions I.I. Lipatov, K.U. Gunbin, Y.G. Bashkatov, L.V. Rozanova 195-200
50. Features of theoretical preparation of students of flying specializations from side equipment of concrete type of aircraft S.Yu. Marenich, M.M. Petrenko 200-203
51. A design of cognitive activity of objects of studies is in system of the controlled from distance studies of military setting I.A. Romanenko, A.P. Babenko, I.V. Ruban, V.V. Kalacheva 204-208
52. Development of an electronic textbook as one of the ways to improve learning in higher education V.V. Usik, A.N. Astapov 209-212
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