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2. Contents 289-291
3. Problem of criterion estimation choice of construction objects air defense of quality D.А. Grib, V.I. Tkachenko, E.B. Smirnov 2-5
4. Possible going near evaluation of efficiency of the of armament and military technique special treatment V.V. Koval, A.О. Gorbatyuk 6-8
5. Precision airdrop dynamics regression model of western countries’ parachute cargo systems A.Ju. Kuyanov 9-14
6. Determination of gravimetric payments of basic groups of properties is in the generalized index of quality of antiaircraft complex O.B. Leontev, D.V. Ramshov 15-19
7. An estimation of probabilistic indexes of protection possibilities of certain objects fighter aircraft is in programmatic complex of operations modeling«Virazh-RD» S.P. Leschenko, S.I. Burkovskiy, O.M. Zharik, O.I. Bobykina 19-24
8. Motivation of the possible ways of increase to exactitude and probability of the defeat objects R.G. Sydorenko 25-27
9. Mathematical model of definition of area of variants structures of system of antiaircraft rocket cover V.V. Shulezhko 28-32
10. Use of the method of the expert estimations for the contribution analysis means of intelligence, communication, automation of controls and navigation in efficiency of fighting application of armaments of service arms involved for Air Defense of Ukraine S.P. Yarosh 32-38
11. Professionalism of Ukrainian Armed Forces. Part 2. Application of the new system of completing and providing of social guarantees S.I. Kropivchenko, Ye.N. Vaschenko, M.I. Litvinenko, L.A. Petrova 39-42
12. Analysis of experience of leadthrough of reformation of Military Powers in anchorwomen in a military relation and nearby with Ukraine countries N.I. Belyaev, V.V. Varava 42-44
13. Problem questions of integration of defensive and budgetary planning in single system R.V. Boyko, O.M. Semenenko, I.V. Cheked 44-48
14. Investigation of influence of the deviation of the trailing edge of supercritical wing airfoil on its aerodynamic characteristics I.А. Kaleniuk 49-51
15. Improved method evaluation of the generalized indexes quality perspective shock aviation complexes and those which are modernized O.B. Kotov, A.B. Leont'ev, O.N. Kompaniec, A.G. Dmitriev 52-56
16. Definition of non-stationary aerodynamic derivatives according to dynamic experiment O.G. Shcherbonos 57-61
17. Polarized characteristics of antenna arrays of orthogonal oscillators with phase errors L.G. Kornienko 62-66
18. Algorithm of work of the measuring instrument of angular coordinates of the raised accuracy as a part of the radar-tracking landing complex N.D. Risakov, V.V. Kucenko, I.V. Titov, Y.N. Dobryshkin 67-71
19. Algorithms of support of directors of active hindrances and their analysis K.A. Tursunhodzhaev, O.Y. Lavrov 72-76
20. Increase of adequacy of unclear cognitive models А.А. Adamenko 77-80
21. Model of estimation position presentation informing with the fixed increase V.V. Barannik, D.S. Kalchenko 81-86
22. Informative model the string scaling constituents of fragment of image V.V. Barannik, A.Yu. Shkolnyk, N.A. Korolova 86-89
23. Greater efficiency in the information handling system management of drones on the basis of the modular system calculation V.I. Barsov, E.A. Sotnik, V.O. Zhadan, V.A. Krasnobaev 90-95
24. Method of forming of integral index of efficiency of projects of informatization O.D. Bolgarov, I.M. Babak, O.K. Pogudina, S.A. Koba 95-102
25. Effective methods of modern business processes V.V. Golyan, N.V. Golyan, S.S. Peleshenko, S.S. Smiyan 103-108
26. Evaluation model of strategy options development O.M. Zamirets, R.V. Artyuh, O.O. Beletskiy 107-109
27. Need of models for structuring risk assessment information security A.I. Zamula, V.I. Chernysh, K.I. Ivanov, A.I. Anishenko 110-113
28. Determination of requirements to the construction of the decision support systems I.M. Klyushnikov, A.A. Shalygin, R.M. Dzhus 114-116
29. Reliability of complex technical systems with multilevel capacity. Method of the calculation of the factors to reliability B.N. Lanetskij, V.V. Lukjanchuk 117-120
30. A liable case optimal strategy in projecting the four-mount construction under range uncertainties with incorrect pre-evaluations of two left and one right endpoints V. V. Romanuke 121-123
31. Economic-mathematical model project management in the start stage of development N.D. Sizova, N.G. Dolgova 124-130
32. Research of software updating time parametres effect on availability of the space two-channel information-control system S.A. Zasuha 131-135
33. Principles for building distributed web-systems I.V. Kobzev, K.E. Petrov 136-140
34. Method of bandwidth reallocation for decreasing of data transfer time in wireless network G.A. Kuchuk, A.S. Mohammad, A.A. Kovalenko 140-145
35. Technology of construction device of implementing the method of expediting access to confidential information resources V.N. Rudnitsky, I.V. Mironets, V.G. Babenko 145-150
36. Trebovanyy Rationale for Adoption Support System solutions for the management telekommunykatsyonnoy Network legal regulation TV Tsarenko 151-154
37. Formation of the set of initial decision evolutionary synthesis algorithm topological structure telecommunication network E.V. Shubin, An.M. Nosik, A.M. Tkacov 154-156
38. Different types interferences reduction at honeycomb sandwich thermal test D.A. Bedenko 157-159
39. A choice of parameters of preventive testing of transformers insulation P.F. Budanov, A.O. Sytin,Y.А. Yasinsky 160-163
40. Determining the strength of woven composites S.N. Grebenyuk, O.P. Melashenko 163-167
41. Construction of optimizations programs of motion of mobile composition of underground passage taking into account неоднородностей air environment S.А. Gryaznova 168-172
42. Index of efficiency relay defence system power supply of object B.T. Kononov , K.C. Derkach 173-175
43. Provision of performance in the far reservation of the current protection the power supply systems B.T. Kononov 176-178
44. Automation of electric energy consumption of accounting B.Т. Kononov, А.N. Pekalev 179-181
45. Pneumatic rod catcher L.M. Krutiy, N.V. Khvorost, D.Yu. Zubenko 182-185
46. Analysis of facilities of functional defeat of electrical engineering facilities of complexes of armament and military technique А.А. Musharov 186-189
47. Diagnostic parameters of combustion engines V.G. Rykun, A.S. Savost'yanov 189-193
48. Providing of high-quality indexes of electric energy at starting modes in systems of power supply A.A. Ruchka, S.S. Seliverstov 193-194
49. Generation of equations of dynamic of solid body arbitrary motion using the Euler formula E.G. Homyakov 194-198
50. Selection of combustion engines for build and travelling machines taking into account influencing of the unset modes of loading V.A. Shevchenko, M.V. Krasnokutskiy 198-201
51. Setting of measurings of parameters of hardwares armament and military technique of troops (sil) V.А. Borodavka 202-204
52. Mathematical model of functional readiness of system of metrology maintenance of facilities of measuring technique S.S. Voytenko 205-207
53. Differential transformation of signals to fiber-optical converters of pressure of reflective type N.C. Daragan, O.I. Moschenko 208-210
54. Research closed system of universal automatic dosing К.О. Zhuravel, O.N. Xutrenko 210-212
55. Modeling and simulation of analog amplitude and pulse-amplitude modulation and demodulation measurement transducers P. Tzvetkov 213-218
56. Methods estimation exactness models for tasks research, estimation control reliability sensors S.S. Chernyaeva, A.М. Naymenko 219-221
57. Generalized mathematical model of electromeasuring devices at entrance periodic signals of difficult form V. N. Chinkov, V.V.Mosharenkov 221-223
58. Analysis diagnosticating of the technical state of transport vehicles R.V. Chelombytko 223-225
59. Peculiarities and problems of joint use of components of ukraine’s security sector while liquidating technological and natural emergencies G.V. Yefimov, M.Yu. Yakovlev 226-230
60. Procedure of production potentialities of laboratories of measuring technics at extreme the situation O.V. Mirgorod 230-232
61. Training of flying personnels the day before and during World war I (in 1910 – 1917) V.V. Zaborovskiy 233-237
62. Information technologies in the management of the education process of the department K.S. Barashev, V.A. Kirvas, V.P. Kozyrenko 238-242
63. A criterion of estimation of level of formed is to future professional activity of officers of engineering troops on the different levels of preparation Ye.I. Bryzhaty 243-246
64. Ways to improve police employees professional readiness I.V. Vlasenko, M.O. Chmil, O.А. Yareshenko 246-250
65. The analysis of looks of native and foreign specialists for preparation of divers-deminers on the modern stage G.N. Gaponenko 250-253
66. Estimation of efficiency of educational activity of cadets of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Y.V. Matsegora 254-261
67. Psychological criteria of success of training in academy of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Y.V. Matsegora, I.V. Vorobyova, I.І. Prikhodko, S.А. Gorelyshev , A.А. Poberezhnyi 262-268
68. Analysis of modern methods for evaluating the quality of education O.I. Morozova 269-274
69. Multilevel system of hints in intelligent computer tutoring programs A.G. Chukhray, S.I. Pedan 275-279
70. Practical creations, assertion and normatively-legal providing of guarantees of social defence of servicemen of the states-members of NATO St.S. Korol’ov 280-283
71. Authors 284-287
72. Index 288