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3. Investigation of the effect of shock waves on the body sapper unauthorized explosion antipersonnel grenades G.М. Ivanets, E.I. Stetsyuk, N.P. Bukin 3-6
4. The ways to improve counteraction thermal imaging exploration S.Yu. Poliakov, S.S. Korol’ov, V.M. Lenkin, G.A. Zmievskoy 7-15
5. Principles of using the management by objectives by military authorities E.B. Smirnov, I.A. Taran, О.О. Astakhov 16-21
6. Speed-up methods of estimation of efficiency of technological decisions for rise of wear proof of aggregates of hydraulic systems of aviation technique V.V. Varvarov, O.A. Usachova, A.G. Kravtsov 22-24
7. Spatial methods increased noise immunity inquire airspace surveillance systems I.I. Obad, I.V. Svyd, I.A. Shtyh 25-27
8. Performance analysis of the method of angular resolution of the correlated signal sources with pseudorandom spatial processing V.I. Vasylyshyn, O.D. Bogdanov 28-30
9. Comparative analysis indicators of signal detection of radio means with the energy stealth radiation in two ways of processing A.V. Kobzev, M.V. Murzin 31-33
10. Temporal integrity constraints verification technique over ontology versions archive N.G. Keberle 34-38
11. Rationale datasets to evaluate the technical condition of integrated information system A.S. Kovalenko, A.A. Smirnov, A.V. Kovalenko 39-41
12. Detection and analysis of malware using multi-agent approach N.M. Korablyov, M.V. Kushnaryov, O.G. Lebedev 42-47
13. Research of capability of computer system of integer data processing, which function in residue number system V.A. Krasnobayev, A.S. Yanko, S.A. Koshman, S.V. Somov, Y.P. Bendes 48-52
14. Models and methods for adaptive data compression based on linear Fibonacci form V.А. Luzhetsky, L.А. Savitskaya 53-57
15. Structural analysis of the difficult hierarchical systems in the process of planning of fire defeat V.G. Malyuga, V.V. Gridina, A.M. Kozak 58-60
16. The task of synthesis strategies expander repair organs of groupings of troops (forces) A.A. Morozov 61-63
17. The applications of artificial intelligence for controlling the asynchronous engine with frequency converter О.I. Morozova 64-68
18. Programmatic mathematical providing of VCH- hyperthermia I.V. Oleynik, L.A. Pospelov, O.I. Solov'eva 69-79
19. Traffic adjustment in information and telecommunication networks of critical applying O.V. Vorobiow, A.P. Oskolkov, S.M. Balakireva 80-85
20. Ways improving the quality of maintenance and repair of buses at enterprises of motor transport of Ukraine A.P. Babich, I.M. Pichugin 86-90
21. Analysis of basic principles of operation biosensors K.V. Kovalenko, A.N. Naumenko 91-93
22. Temperature sensors for contactless way of removing the diagnostic information in the method of self-radiation S.P. Kalachov, V.V. Chuzavkov 94-97
23. Measuring of time of passing of synchronizer А.Е. Pogorelko 98-100
24. Assessment of validity of the test area for computerized testing system: types of validity, methods and techniques of evaluation of its index and uncertainty V.V. Shvedova 100-104
25. Development of model of ecological audit of enterprise on basis of the use of GIS V.I. Bogom'ya, O.A. Koval 105-109
26. Methodology of dangers identification and professional risks in the conditions of productive activity on meat producer by enterprise L.M. Vitkin, S.N. Lapach, O.R. Rolko 110-114
27. Classification of threats to nuclear facilities. Evaluation of motivation, intentions and capabilities of offenders to infiltrate the guarded object and diversions M.G. Golubock 115-119
28. The analysis of the civil protection activity under current conditions and some suggestions on its improvement V.F. Grechaninov, V.V. Begun 120-125
29. Informative model of authentication ecologically of extraordinary near-accidents M.D. Katsman, O.G. Rodkevich 126-131
30. Features of introduction of legislatively-normative documents of Ukraine and European union are in industry of guard of environment O.A. Korosteleva, U.P. Shamaev 132-135
31. Analysis of special technical means of detecting explosives for groups with elimination of the danger of explosion A.S. Staruch, V. V. Paschenko, R.A. Gonchar 136-139
32. Effective use of modern information technologies in fire training national guard of Ukraine D.S. Baulin, S.A. Gorelyshev, A.O. Mulenko 140-143
33. Ground of necessity of evaluation of possibilities of soldiery parts of the operative setting of the National household troops of Ukraine in the special operation on neutralization of the illegal armed farming’s V.P. Varakuta, G.A. Drobakha, I.S. Lugovskiy, V.Yu. Panchenko 144-149
34. Typology of threats and intruders security information systems of the state emergency service of Ukraine H.S. Grybeniuk, A.V. Tarasenko 150-153
35. Improved math model of sabotage and reconnaissance enemy’s forces detecting during the protection of key infrastructure V.A. Evseev 154-157
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