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2. Contents 169-170
4. Topical issues of military theory in assessment of combat capabilities of joint force groupings V.M. Petrov 6-8
5. Going near choice of priority variant of structure of system of skilled providing of military powers of Ukraine from list of alternative variants О.М. Semenenko, O.G. Vodchic', R.V. Boyko, A.D. Berdochnik 9-15
6. Analysis of ways decrease information on the visibility of military aircraft O.B. Kotov, O.A. Korochkin, R.M. Chigrin 16-20
7. Experimental study of the production of aircraft plastic pipes using modern laser technology S.V. Kopylov 21-23
8. Influence of descriptions of flexibility on the level of battle possibilities of transport-battle helicopters B.М. Kruk 24-27
9. Proposals for construction and algorithm of work cartographer of local objects in planting locator N.D. Rysakov, I.V. Titov, V.V. Kucenko, S.N. Rot, V.А. Doroshuk 28-34
10. Rotative machine for determining the aerodynamic characteristics of aerodynamic air-cushion vehicles E.A. Ukrainets 35-38
11. Design of the one-ring microwave synthesizer with direct digital synthesis and system of PLL N.P. Kandyrin 39-44
12. Structural model of the radiotechnical troops engineer-radio electronic providing system S.E. Popov, S.V. Kukobko, G.V. Mylnikov 45-47
13. The methodology of the group search for defects development diagnostic support in the repair of communications equipment in the field L.N. Sakovich, V.P. Romanenko 48-51
14. The use of graphene in microelectronics for the heat sink S.V. Somov, Y.N. Korzh, O.J. Manoilo 52-54
15. Modern electronic means of dealing with unmanned aircraft in the zone of the ATO M.N. Iasechko, А.V. Ochkurenko, A.A. Kovalchuk, D.V. Maksyuta 54-57
16. Mathematical model of information resources border transport network Yu.I. Losev, S.I. Shmatkov, K.M. Rukkas, Olotu. Oluwatosin David, Yu.M. Malyshko 58-63
17. Metrics for decisions on handoff in heterogeneous wireless networks of mobile communication devices I.B. Turkin, D.S. Ignatieff 64-69
18. About knowledge formalization based algebra of finite predicates S.Yu. Shabanov-Kushnarenko, O.V. Kalynychenko, A.I. Kovalenko, A.A. Shmatko 70-73
19. The specifications of maintenance and repair of automotive engineering of military unit during combat actions in the antiterrorist operation S.I. Borovykh, I.V. Terentyeva 74-76
20. Research of the influence of the power load asymmetry on the angle between zero-sequence current and voltage G.I. Lagutin, V.N. Lysenko, V.D. Zabolotniy 77-79
21. Analysis of critical failures consequences at damaging of mobility means pneumatic system I.V. Rogozin, D.M. Klets, V.A. Yuhno 80-84
22. Measuring of humidity in area of hygrometry of high of pressures A.A. Efimenko, A.N. Naumenko 85-87
23. The fiber optical sensors' are analysed as the lines of transmitting О.А. Luk'yanenko, A.М. Naumenko 88-90
24. A mathematical model to assess the degree of protection of the vital centers of the nuclear power stations depending on the degree of capability of protection M.G. Golubock 91-94
25. Improving the efficiency of automatic fire warning on the base optimization finding inflamations by the use detectors group B.B. Pospelov, R.M. Polstiankin 95-99
26. Determining regularities of activity of rescuers working in breathing apparatus at a height V.M. Strelec 100-104
27. Efficiency of monitoring system of natural and man-made disasters in conditions of social danger R.I. Shevchenko 105-111
28. The development of water express classification system, that based on a database of gas-discharge emission images N.V. Glukhova, L.A. Pesockaya, N.G. Kuchuk 112-118
29. Research of possibility of growing of plants on the dumps of coal mines of Donbas and estimation of accumulation On them of heavy metals О.О. Shevcova, N.L. Khimenko 119-121
30. The aspects of estimation of the operational situation condition in the maintenance of a public order and ensuring of a public order by the national security bodies of the National Guard of Ukraine V.M. Batsamut, O.M. Holovan 122-127
31. Method of the allocation of limited forces and facilities among the key infrastructure during their protection in a special period V.A. Evseev 128-131
32. Conceptual positions of the logistic support theory of groupings of the National Guard of Ukraine O.M. Shmakov, I.F. Rolin, I.E. Morozov 131-136
33. Ways and methods of rehabilitation of persons with a «military syndrome» and posttraumatic stress disorder О.О. Buryak, M.I. Ginevskiy, G.L. Katerusha 137-141
34. Evolution of military management and his principles on the second stage (from the first fourth XVIII to the end ХІХ) V.S. Polikashin, S.Yu. Pol’akov, O.V. Polikashin 142-148
35. Some views on improving the efficiency and quality of academic activities at the fee based Reserve Officer Training Department of Kharkiv Kozhedub Air Force University V.V. Baryshnikov, O.K. Neimyrok 149-151
36. Influence of preparatory exercises on capture servicemen of receptions and rules of firing V.V. Yemanov, P.V. Pistrjak, V.V. Sokolovskiy, V.V. Obrjadin 152-155
37. Work in exercise assistant manager target setting during tactical exercises for the live firing V.M. Klishyn, O.V. Korniyenko, O.O. Gun’ko, S.V. Borodin 156-160
38. Analysis of the planning process in the education system of the members of NATO I.А. Romanenko, T.О. Ivakhnenko, О.А. Khmelevska 160-164
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