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3. The construction of the mathematical dependence of the price of a production model aircraft guided missile of class "air-air" of small range from the likelihood of injury A.M. Alimpiуev, O.B. Leont´yev, A.S. Khyzhnyak 3-5
4. Analysis of the feasibility of mixed manning of the armed forces of Ukraine personnelin modern conditions S.V. Gorbenko, I.V. Yakimenko, O.M. Hryhorchuk 6-8
5. Justifications of approach to determination of biopower potential of interspecific tactical group S.V. Guzchenko, S.P. Yarosh 9-14
6. Method of forecasting of volumes of tasks which will be assigned on repair-and-regenerative bodies during operation (combat activities) О.V. Pavlovsky 15-18
7. The use of the small excitement method to calculation of the kinematical and aerodynamically characteristic movement of ballistic body V.V. Prokopenko 19-25
8. Method of formalization of functioning of system of the antiaircraft it is rocket covers of objects in the conditions of behavioral uncertainty V.V. Shulezhko, A.V.Kuleshov, E.I. Ryapolov 26-28
9. Method of calculation of necessities of financial charges on mobilization development O.G. Vodchic, O.M. Semenenko, R.V. Boyko, V.L. Ivanov, V.M. Samotos 29-34
10. Some aspects of the methodological basis of substantiation of combat makeup of the Ukrainian Armed Forces V.М. Mozarovsky 35-37
11. Methods of the provision to security of the state's information infrastructure O.M. Kosogov 38-41
12. Essence and types of informative weapon in modern informative conflicts V.D. Karlov, O.V. Lukashuk, S.M. Sholokhov 42-44
13. Procedure control of ARMI aviation crew and units during aviation support in fighting ground forces І.О. Zіnchеnkо, B.R. Gаmаlіy, І.P. Mаshаrа 45-47
14. Activity analysis by coordination of the management of the state aircraft with the management of the civil aviation to ensure security measures in the airspace of Ukraine M.O. Maksymov, D.V. Melnykov, A.V. Dubnyuk 48-51
15. Results research of aerodynamic descriptions of rectangular wings taking into account influencing of screen S.M. Poroshin, О.V. Solovyov, P.N. Solyanik 52-55
16. Microelectronic systems as innovative control tool of complex technical systems and their application prospects S.S. Tovkach, Ye.O. Shkvar 56-62
17. Digital device measuring flow rate in the working of small wind tunnel subsonic speeds E.O. Ukrainets, V.A. Bespaliy, I.V. Romanenko, K.V. Bashinsky 63-66
18. Method of ground of decision of commander of aviation squadron on battle application at decision of tasks of destructive providing of actions of shock aviation М.Yu. Ustimenko, O.B. Leont'ev, A.D. Berdochnik 67-70
19. The ability to detect and measuring azimuth air targets in surveillance radar using broadband signals A.L. Kovtunov, S.P. Leshenko, V.V. Chaliy, І.V. Pomogaev 71-75
20. Modeling scattering characteristics of the large Landing Ship D.V. Molchanov, V.A. Vasilets, O.I. Sukharevsky 76-78
21. Use of coherent spectrum analysis methods to assess influence of distribution channel on signal parameters V.V. Pechenin, K.A. Shcherbina, M.A. Vonsovich, J.V. Syedina, V.F. Ziong 79-81
22. Features of algorithm of operation of twelve filter coherent drive as a part of the landing radar N.D. Rysakov, I.V. Titov, I.L. Kostenko, A.P. Kulik, S.N. Rot 82-87
23. Methods for determining certain parameters of space debris V.F. Frolov 88-90
24. Development of multi-directional associative memory based on the discrete neural networks adaptive resonance theory A.Y. Zakovorotniy 91-96
25. Decomposition technology systems analysis with the large number of states V.V. Karpenko, Yamen Hazim 97-99
26. Development control algorithm of reliability index of “probability of faultles switching on” of complex technical systems of multiple cyclic application that are operated on a technical state, using the confidence limits B.M. Lanetskiy, A.A. Artemenko, V.V. Lukjanchuk, O.O. Zverev 99-104
27. About the difficult expressions record as formulas V.A. Leschinsky, I.A. Leschinska 105-107
28. Information model interface software objects A.O. Mamedov 108-110
29. Study of the methods of satellite images orthorectification M.O. Pilicheva 111-114
30. Formalized description of the selection process information signs for forming models of air conditions Y.I. Polonski, I.O. Borozenec, S.G. Shilo, M.I. Litvinenko 115-117
31. Usage of multiresolution analysis for digital images processing I.А. Romanenko, O.A. Popkhadze 118-120
32. Method for control line communication system telecommunication cloud antivirus A.A. Smirnov, A.K. Didyk, A.N. Dreyev, S.A. Smirnov 121-127
33. Method of quantitative risk assessment software development A.A. Smirnov, A.V. Kovalenko, N.M. Yakimenko, O.P. Dorensky 128-133
34. Method of synthesis of rational structure of air defense grouping intelligence system with using genetic algorithm I.A. Taran 134-138
35. Quality assurance in the creation of software system with multilevel component architecture O.Ye. Fedorovich, A.V. Babich 139-142
36. Going near computerization of the stage of estimation and clarification of initial list of thematic directions is in national форсайт-проектах I.V. Shostak, P.A. Kozhemyako, I.V. Gruzdo 143-146
37. Monitoring of local parameters polyfrequency vibrating screen N.G. Emelianenko, M.N. Gorban’, R.Yu. Chubukin 147-150
38. Ways of providing of electromagnetic compatibility of electric energy consumers in the conditions of peace-time and at conduct of battle actions G.I. Lagutin, V.N. Lysenko 151-154
39. Parametric optimization configurations spindle units machine tool for bearing units V.М. Chupryna 155-161
40. Influence metrological assurance on product quality and efficient use of resources O.О. Amerhanova, Yu.P. Shamaev, Yu.I. Rafalskiy 162165
41. Measuring of expense of diphasic matters A.I. Andrushchenko, Yu.I. Kusneruk 166-168
42. Researches origin of electric noises in semiconductor sensors of transformation V.A. Borodavka, N.I. Lysun 168-171
43. Analysis of error of measuring of temperature by contact methods with the use of microprocessors O.M. Gurbanova, A.М. Naumenko, О.V. Revin 171-174
44. Problems of intellectual sensor multi-channel test system A.M. Naumenko, D.S. Zavgorodniy, V.J. Zapeka 175-177
45. Simulation of active control Yu.P. Shamaiev, V.O. Rak, I.I. Torianska 178-181
46. Negative impacts on the environment dynamic project management programs academic mobility L.B. Kubiavka, M.A. Belichenko 181-183
47. Model of risk on meat producer by enterprise L.M. Vitkin, S.N. Lapach, O.R. Rolko 184-185
48. Evaluation of companies development projects realizability D.E. Lisenko 186-192
49. Study the process of changing the frequency of emergencies natural nature throughout the year G.V. Ivanets 193-195
50. Practical application of network-centric methods for a management reacting on railway extraordinary situations М.D. Kacman, V.K. Mironenko, V.I. Macyuk 196-199
51. Features of vibration influence on the vestibular apparatus of the construction sector workers R.I. Pahomov, E.V. Dyachenko, O.E. Zyma 200-202
52. Optimization of fire and rescue vehicles on fire-rescue units of the city of Kharkov A.S. Rogozin, A.J. Kalinowsky, R.I. Kovalenko, S.S. Smolyaninov 202-205
53. Modeling process of information and communication criticality thesaurus type in monitoring emergencies R.I. Shevchenko 206-211
54. Risk assessment factor of border control in automobile border checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine V.P. Gorodnov, V.A. Kyrylenko, V.M. Petrov 212-215
55. Potential use of humanitarian foreign language to solve the problems of ideological work in the non-language universities I.M. Krylenko, O.A. Makogon, S.A. Novik 216-219
56. Commander`s business etiquette and conversation culture A.I. Kurtov, A.I. Potikhenskiy 220-225
57. Evaluation of influencing of system of preparation of servicemen in educational centers on battle ready of Military Powers of Ukraine condition М.F. Pichugin, D.V. Karlov, A.S. Volovodyuk, O.O. Klimishen 226-229
58. Chronicle and information 230-232
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