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2. Contents 216-218
3. Conceptual approaches to quality assessment cover air defenses V.I. Tkachenko, Ye.B. Smirnov, A.V. Tristan, K.V. Zakutin 3-6
4. Features and principles of network-centric system construction control grouping of troops (forces) A.N. Zagorka, V.V. Koval, V.V. Tyurin, V.H. Malyuga, I.A. Zagorka 7-11
5. Weapons and military equipment influence on the combat capability of military units V.M. Mozharovskiy, P.I. Nor 12-16
6. Relationship of key indicators and operation scheduled maintenance of armament and military equipment economic indicators P.S. Zakusilo 17-20
7. Classification of tactical groups S.P. Yarosh, S.V. Guzchenko 21-25
8. Evolution of the influence of means of damage, conditions, forms and methods of combat operations in the automation control of troops and weapons O.D. Paschetnyk, L.I. Polischuk, S.I. Mavrin 26-29
9. Effect of check of engineering condition armament and military engineering on their alertness O.V. Skopincev, H.V. Rybalka, S.M. Shvydkov 30-33
10. Summary methodical device performance evaluation system of mobilization deployment Armed Forces of Ukraine V.D. Talalay 34-37
11. Criteria and indexes of evaluation of efficiency of psychological preparation of personnel of Aircrafts V.S. Afanasenko, V.I. Pasichnik, A.L. Zlotnikov 38-43
12. Method of forming of the grounded lists of measures and tasks is in programs and plans of development of Armed Forces of Ukraine O.M. Semenenko, O.G. Vodchic, R.V. Boyko, V.P. Didichenko, O.I. Kremeshniy, O.A. Korochkin 44-50
13. Analysis of methods of decline of vulnerability of telecommunication systems V.D. Karlov, O.V. Lukashuk, S.M. Sholokhov 51-53
14. Information space as object management in the state information policy O.M. Kosogov 54-56
15. System counter measures information operations O.V. Levchenko 57-60
16. Modelling of group flights of unmanned aerial vehicles using graph theory D.І. Bondarev, D.P. Kucherov, T.F. Shmelova 61-66
17. The research of features of air intake in the rocket-based combined engine M.А. Katrenko, А.Т. Kudrevatykh 67-70
18. General principles of support guaranteed safety of future flights V.P. Kharchenko, O.M. Alekseev 71-75
19. Determination of rational flight trajectory fighter to intercept aerial target in solving the problem homing by the method «maneuver» V.G. Chernov 76-78
20. JAVA embodiment of conjugated discrete cryptography I.A. Gromyko, K.O. Shvager 79-85
21. Analysis of discrete map choice of nonlinear dynamic system for construction of chaotic data transmission system І.V. Zakcharchenko 86-91
22. About the variable difficult expressions description as formulas V.A. Leschinsky, I.A. Leschinska 92-95
23. Formalization design process test set I.A. Lysenko, A.A. Smirnov 96-100
24. Method of forming characteristics of information model for conflict subsystems decision support advanced systems of special purpose M.A. Pavlenko G.S. Stepanov, M.V. Kasyanenko, V.N. Rudenko 101-103
25. Analysis of threats and measres of security in cloud computing (PaaS) Y.L. Ponochovnyy, I.O. Chernytska, I.V. Zamkovets 104-107
26. Application of decorative fine-grained concretes for small architectural forms О.В. Dedeneva, O.I. Demina, A.V. Rachkovskiy, N.A. Romanchuk, Є.I. Klimova 108-111
27. Resonance device for control of partial discharge B.T. Kononov, A.A. Musharov, A.A. Nechaus 112-115
28. Requirements to spark plug which is used for forced ignition of fuel-air mixture in diesel engines during cold start O.V. Serpukhov, D.V. Bizonych, I.V. Tsebryuk, K.V. Korytchenko, V.A. Temnikov 116-119
29. Method of planning of work of universal departure metrological groups in the conditions of insufficient amount of financial and temporal resources Yu.I. Shevyakov 120-123
30. Organization of support of making a decision at development of modifications of airplanes of a transport category with the use of ontological approach Yu.V. Babenko, L.V. Mandrikova, M.V. Potapova 124-127
31. Knowledge management system model project/program/ portfolio introduction of information technologies in the automotive services of the Armed Forces of Ukraine R.V. Berezensky 128-132
32. Quality assurance method to design a multi-level software system using the component-based and use-case approaches O.Ye. Fedorovych, A.V. Babich 133-137
33. Protection of control and information processing systems from aggressive environments and high temperatures Z.V. Barsova, N.G. Iliucha 138-141
34. Analysis of technogenic, natural and social danger the administrative-territorial units of Ukraine on the basis of monitoring data G.V. Ivanets 142-145
35. Analysis of the occurrence and elimination of emergency situations on the territory of Kirovograd region R.S. Malezhik 146-148
36. Qualitative analysis of chemical environment factors of health care institutions O.V. Pyvovar-Tomalya 149-152
37. Research by compensating the negative impact of information and communication criticality thesaurus type of monitoring systems for emergencies R.І. Shevchenko 153-160
38. Improve the reliability of power facilities functioning based on improvements software and hardware complex automated subsystem of emergency and preventative protection P.F. Budanov, К.Yu. Brovko, P.V. Vasuchenko 161-167
39. Justification of a single accountable tactical unit to calculate the effectives of isolation echelon of the National guard combat grouping for localization of armed conflict within the state S.A. Hodlevskyi 168-171
40. Influence assessment model and method of the material support elements onto loss index of Ukraine National Guard subunits ability to perform their service and combat missions in special period V.P. Gorodnov, V.V. Vlasyuk, V.V. Ovcharenko 172-181
41. Problematic issues of tactical actions of military units when blocking sections of the routes of the local population in situations of armed conflict S.M. Melnik, C.Y. Polyakov, A.G. Zmievskіy, S.S. Korolev 182-187
42. Method of formation of external counteraction to acts of invasion of nuclear power plants units of the National guard Ukraine V.I. Trobuk, M.G. Golubok 187-189
43. Application of the physical medicine methods and rehabilitation at the treatment of the injuries based on experience of the wars of the beginning of the twentieth century I.A. Cherepnev, H.V. Fesenko, I.M. Krylenko 190-196
44. Method of formation of groups of military command with consideration of their compatibility, personal roles and Venn diagram V.S. Polikashin, S.Yu. Pol’akov, O.V. Polikashin 197-200
45. Military education system of Ukraine as scope condition of military leaders personality forming О.Yu. Panfilov, L.О. Petrova 201-204
46. Improvement model the personality of the candidate for admission to military higher educational institution V.Ye. Kozlov, O.O. Novikova, V.T. Olenchenko 205-207
47. Research of students functional state in the process training Yu.S. Lys 208-211
48. Authors 212-215
49. Index 215