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3. Matrix state passable of autonomous inverter the gas turbine engine start system military transport aircraft V. Bashinsky, A. Denisov, E. Bursala, О. Shapovalov 6-11
4. The development of methods for studying the effect of adjusting the parameters of the fuel equipment in the performance of the fuel pump of high pressure YAZTA-238 vehicles aviation ground support of aircraft A. Polyakov, N. Mironyuk, A. Kurenko 12-16
5. Analysis of system iindexes quality of planning space radio-location supervision M. Pichugin, D. Karlov, O. Klimishen, I. Pichugin, A. Volovoduk 17-20
6. The statistical characteristics of axial-symmetric antennas O. Baturin, G. Levagin, O. Kolomiycev, E. Ryabokon 21-23
7. Analysis of ways to enhance stealth broadband systems military radio A. Kuvshinov, A. Shishatskiy, V. Lutov, O. Zhuk 24-28
8. Estimation of probability of accompaniment of air courts in areas of the rationed rejections by radiolighthouse systems of landing N. Rysakov, I. Kostenko, I. Titov, V. Karev, S. Rot 29-34
9. Development trends of methods of error-correcting coding information in telecommunications M. Shtompel 35-37
10. One method periodic evaluation component any form of random processes in arbitrary length implementation measured parameters G. Ivanets 38-41
11. Analysis of factors of identification procedures of the functioning of the State border office of Ukraine in the conditions of the special period Yu. Ivashkov, V. Zalozh 42-47
12. The reflexive method of management of information support of troops (forces) N. Kubyavka, Yu. Tesya, L. Kubyavka 48-53
13. Ways of construction of quasi-top algorithms of support of trajectories of air objects with the account of their possible non-resolution Yu. Danilov, D. Obidin, A. Timochko, P. Berdnik 54-57
14. Development of the functional model of the process of creating a knowledge base on the recognition of objects and enemy actions based on neural networks and fuzzy logic S. Olizarenko 58-62
15. Modeling of metal wear process is not fixed abrasive О. Vishnevskii, А. Davydov 63-67
16. Resonans vibrations of specialized semi-trailers with the upgraded system and their coupling with the towing vehicle A. Zvonko, М. Sokil, R. Nanivskuu, А. Dzuba 68-73
17. Concept of new generation self propelled artillery systems L. Krainik, M. Hrubel 74-80
18. Research of possibility of the use of electromechanics strengtheners of steering drive on military vehicle S. Mazin, A. Mazin, V. Frankov, A. Parkhomchuk 81-84
19. Proposals to improve the design of military vehicle transfer case S. Mazin, I. Strashnyi, I. Tsebryuk 85-87
20. Theoretical research of working process in the gearshift N. Mikhalevich, N. Silchenko 88-91
21. Second basic problem of the theory of elasticity in a space with multiple parallel circular cylindrical poles V. Miroshnikov 92-96
22. The process of adjusting stabilization of headlamps of the vehicle V. Sylchenko 97-100
23. Analysis of dynamic errors of contact thermometers O. Bilokon, А. Polianska, A. Naumenko 101-104
24. Analysis of methods of device of thin-film tensioreformer M. Kalіnіna, A. Naumenko, I. Olshevsky 105-107
25. Formation of requirements to measuring diagnostic parameters of the communication equipment for maintenance and current repair L. Sakovych, P. Arkushenko, A. Khodych 108-111
26. Informatively-measuring support of perspective anti-aircraft missile testing ground B. Chumak, M. Burkhudaryan, R. Lyaschenko 112-114
27. The measuring channel of heart rate S. Shengur, O. Dergunov, R. Kucherak, O. Kvasha 115-117
28. Expert estimations. The method of "Delfі" as the technology of managerial decision-making A. Kurtov, A. Polìkashin, A. Potìhenskij, V. Aleksandrov 118-122
29. Effect of commerce and retail enterprises on the pollution of urban areas with waste packaging and proposals for its reduction D. Gryzo, V. Gryzo, D. Kolesnik 123-127
30. Application of the wastes of aircrafts metal surfaces AGDS process in the processes of aviation facilities galvanic wastewaters treatment О. Matvyeyeva, E. Bovsunovskyy, O. Ryabchevskyy 128-132
31. Attribution of the soldier-warrior depicted on the engraving of Albrecht Dürer «Knight, Death and Devil» Yu. Kvitkovsky 133-142
32. Features of decontamination of food stuffs at contamination radio-active matters at failures on radiation-dangerous objects А. Pisarev, A. Lazutskiy, S. Tuzikov 143-146
33. Improving the efficiency of filtration units of the armored vehicles T-64 А. Galak, A. Karakurkchi, Yu. Koshkarov 147-150
34. Impact assessment methods of timeliness and completeness of material support onto ability to perform necessary service volume by Ukrainian National guard units (subunits) in a special period V. Vlasyuk 151-160
35. Psychodiagnostic complex of determining the level of psychological preparedness of national guards of National Guards of Ukraine to risk S. Horielyshev, N. Yurieva 161-165
36. Theoretical and methodological aspects of the significance of awareness of personal during performance of state security tasks O. Mynko, S. Bielai, E. Bashkatov 166
37. Improvement of the simulation technique of the intelligence and reconnaissance missions performance by the tactical brigade units of the National guard of Ukraine in the counter-terrorism operation O. Neboha, O. Miroshnikov, D. Kovtoniuk, V. Afanasiev 171-174
38. The method assessing impact financial security for ability the military unit of the National Guard of Ukraine to perform maximum volume service in peacetime S. Pavlenko 175-184
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