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3. Main trends and development prospects of military radio relay communication A. Kyshnir, K. Vasyta, S. Ozerov, A. Lytvyn, A. Severilov 7-11
4. Methodical positions of estimation of vitality of the zenithal rocket system from operating under its elements of facilities of defeat of opponent О. Zagorka, V. Koval’, I. Zagorka 13-16
5. Analysis of modern means of destruction of unbeiled flying apparatuses R. Korolev, N. Koroluk, O. Petrov, K. Sulev 17-21
6. Analysis effect of the current financing armed forces and other military forms on the conflict performance of its functions V. Gorodnov, Y. Repilo 22-27
7. Investigation property multicolinarity statistical models in the calculation indicators of the bangal opportunities interviews tactical groups under the terms limitations current financing of their material-technical supply V. Gorodnov, S. Yarosh 28-32
8. The improvement aspects of the radio-technical flights support system of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine V. Slavihin, О. Visotskiy, S. Makarov, V. Lebedev 33-37
9. Methodology of estimation of the degree of influence of changes in the financing of the plans of the training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on indicators efficiency of their implementation by method of correlative-registration analysis О. Semenenko, О. Vodchic, R. Smartly, R. Pekulyak, О. Kremeshnyy H. Zubrytska 38-45
10. Method of forming the signal code constructions for information transmission in hidden information telecommunication networks К. Vasyuta, І. Zakharchenko, I. Nikiforov 46-53
11. Rationale for necessity of improving the protection of operational videoinformation in wireless infocommunication systems V. Barannik, Yu. Ryabukha, V. Larin 54-58
12. Method of improving operational privacy and confidentiality of videoinformation based on binary structural coding V. Barannik, R. Tarnopolov, A. Khakhanova, D. Barannik 59-61
13. Cluster coding bit stream depending on the structure of the source data D. Havrylov, O. Boyko, D. Tarasenko 62-65
14. State and perspectives of development of the special purpose telecommunication systems V. Vasylyshyn, V. Lyutov, V. Lunyaka, S. Butenko, A. Suslov 66-70
15. Justification of the information delivery efficiency increasing direction in the intelligence information processing automated systems V. Barannik, А. Davikoza, А. Musienko, D. Tarasenko 71-76
16. The option of the air targets identification at building a system of exchange information about the aerial situation between an automation complex of anti-aerial troops and likely others sources M. Baturinskij, D. Komin, D. Svistunov 77-80
17. Influence of signal-to-noise ratio on statistical index of quality of unmanned aerial vehicle’s acoustic spectral signature N. Bougaiov, Y. Gordienko, A. Solonets, I. Solopij 81-85
18. Proposals for the building of aerial reconnaissance television system A. Glushko, A. Chechui, A. Magurin, A. Lukyanenko 86-89
19. Comparative analysis methods routing information and telecommuni-cation networks ACS air and air defense D. Holubnychyy, Y. Minaiev, A. Minaieva 90-92
20. Peculiarities of helicopter location in conditions of distribution of radio waves at the sea V. Karlov, A. Artemenko, O. Strucinsky, I. Pichugin 93-96
21. Features of using the flat plasma layer with small bending angle in antenna systems Yu. Kirichenko, V. Karlov, A. Kiyko 97-102
22. Procedure formalization data used in describing of air traffic control facilities N. Koroyuk, R. Korolev, O. Korshets 103-106
23. Choice of the digital frequency discriminator scheme for the systems AFT in surveillance radar of the «old» parks A. Malyshev, A. Ostafiichuk, U. Novikov 107-110
24. Dependence of states of the operator from the complex of external and internal factors at work in the ACS O. Chertok, M. Pavlenko, E. Tоlcасhenko, V.Yasineckiy 111-114
25. Method for forming pseudo-silent sequences with improved autocorrelation properties Yu. Stasev, D. Medvedev, D. Grabenko, D. Zhuykov 115-118
26. Analysis methods of evaluation and development automation workstations with ergonomic Y. Tolkachenko, M. Pavlenko, P. Berdnik, O. Chertok 119-121
27. A variant of improvement of the MX-DMX radiostation range in the wave range for the account of introducing signals of a single-band modulation and a quick frequency system of phase frequency auto construction O. Chekunova, S. Zhenzhera, B. Polishchuk 122-124
28. Cluster coding bit stream depending on the structure of the source data V. Fustii, D. Havrylov, V. Himenko, D. Dvukhglavov 125-128
29. Allocation of edges by a structured detector on an image obtained from a shipborne optical-electronic surveillance system V. Khudov 129-133
30. Experimental investigations of the electric field strength and plasma transmission the main results for radio technical devices and telecommunication facilities O. Shefer 134-143
31. In sphere defend metrological providing in terms of conducting of anti-terror operation V. Kononov, S. Kopushins'kiy, O. Koval’ 144-147
32. Synthesis method of the optimum structure of the procedure for the control of the technical status of complex systems and complexes S. Herasimov, O. Timochko, S. Khmelevskiy 148-152
33. Universal method of decision of tasks of automation is in informative calculation system of metrological providing Yu. Shevyakov 153-156
34. Location and role of training as an object of study the military pilot R. Nevzorov 157-164
35. Intensification of training of learners of training courses in qualification in the higher military educational institutions with the use of interactive approach M. Pavlenko, S. Shilo, D. Sumcov, S. Smelyakov 165-170
36. Network environment for preparation and reading lectures V. Bondariev, Y. Cherepanova 171-177
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