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3. The historical review of the formation of the Scientific Center of the Air Force as the specific scientific organization. Views on priority directions of the scientific and technical activity of the Scientific Center in accordance with the strategic object G. Pievtsov, D. Gryb, О. Leontiev 8-14
4. Development of operative art, forms and methods of application of Air Force S. Lazebnik, V. Malyuga, O. Misyura 15-18
5. The main directions of automation of management processes in the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine B. Nizienko, V. Grachov 19-22
6. Trends of development of aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine O. Nikiforov 23-28
7. Provision of combat means of anti-aircraft missile weapons to Armed Forces of Ukraine: current state, problems encountered and ways to overcome them B. Laneckiy, V. Luk’yanchuk, I. Nikolaev 29-32
8. Analysis of scientific and technical maintains of development of armament and military equipment of radar troops D. Grib, G. Kamaltynov, V. Klimchenko, V. Tyutyunnik 33-37
9. Conceptual aspects of information and automation management in the Armed Forces of the state B. Demidov, D. Grib, O. Khmelevskaya 38-47
10. Research of high-speed navigation systems flying apparatus on ground orienteders S. Нerasimov, A. Grichanyuk, A. Zhuravlev 48-53
11. Application unmanned aircraft system for interest artillery shooting service V. Kazakov, Y. Woda 54-57
12. Features of navigation provision of flight bombers during the application of air strikes A. Kolodyazhny, D. Spickij, V. Frolov, V. Fedoryak 58-61
13. Method of calculation of aerodynamic characteristics of rotoroplan with tandem wings V. Lebed, S. Kalkamanov, S. Pchelnikov 62-65
14. Improving the model of activities of the commandal point battle service at the time of management of the radio aviation subdivisions in radioelectronic conditions of radioelectric power stations M. Omelchenko, V. Voloshyn, V. Surgay 66-69
15. Precision fighter output from turning into a predetermined position relative to the target O. Timochko, V. Chernov, V. Saulyak, I. Gordeev 70-74
16. Methodology of estimation by the navigator of aviation subdivision of the area and landing area parameters A. Sheigas, V. Pryimak, O. Suhinin, A. Shlykov 75-79
17. Creation, introduction, experience of the use and prospect of development of complex of operational&tactical calculations and imitation design "Viraz" S. Leschenko, S. Burkovskiy, M. Baturinskiy, L. Pol'shina, A. Adamenko, I. Kulinich, D. Svistunov 80-84
18. Determinations of directions and technical decisions of increase of battle efficiency of zenithal rocket armament on basis of modernisation of his regular calculable complexes for account of introduction in their composition of modern computer technologies O. Strutsynskyi, S. Bortnovs'kiy, O. Kalita, Yu. Golovchak 85-88
19. Analysis of technical possibilities and development of inter coupler inter se communication of data equipments the special setting in composition zenithal rocket armament, which is executed on different telecommunication standards and technologies S. Bortnovs'kiy, О. Gavrentyuk, R. Kravchik, A. Chorniy 89-92
20. Development technical suggestions on realization of apparatus of facilities of interface selector and multiplex of channels to exchange of digital calculable machines of the special setting and modern personal computers of at her introduction and applicati R. Kravchik, A. Dudush, E. Omel'chenko, S. Bortnovs'kiy 93-96
21. General approach to simulation of processes of transmission and processing of information in the system management of missile troops and artillery A. Меleshko, I. Pasko, D. Sushinsky 97-101
22. Methodology improvment of the electromagnetic field amplitude study related to the antenna system riskradio-solid station of land-development "Credo-M1" O. Sidorchuk, O. Tofanchuk, O Krittenko, Yu. Kalenchuk 102-109
23. The oretical bases modeling of process of radiation of fractal dipole antenna О. Fyk 110-116
24. Towards the effectiveness assessment approach of domain modeling methods application in software product family development M. Tkachuk, I. Martinkus, K. Nagornyi, R. Gamzayev 117-124
25. Architecture, methods and algorithms of wireless network sensors for intelligent transport systems optimization Nooh Taha Nasif 125-134
26. Innovative technology management by turn тwo-link modular machines of airfield for movies back single-axis trailers V. Kav’yk 135-139
27. Analysis of development and concept of the special cross-country vehicles’construction resume L. Krajnyk, M. Hrubel, M. Dubno 140-145
28. Methodological approach to determine the requirement to the accuracy involvement the high-quality artilian boeipripass to the target I. Pasko, O. Shchenyakin, A. Balkovoj 146-149
29. Complex method of evaluating the efficiency of application of automated control and diagnostic equipment for controlling the technical state of air rockets of class "air to surface" S. Herasimov, A. Baranik 150-154
30. The simulation model of the planning of specialized metrological groups of regional metrological units V. Kononov, A. Petlyak 155-158
31. Error estimation of rise and fall of pulses Y. Kushneruk, S. Nazarenko, A. Polianska 159-162
32. The optimization of measuring signals with a normalized spectrum Y. Rafalskiy, T. Matvienko, O. Babych 163-166
33. The model of formation of the rational composition of the mobile polygon measuring and computing complex A. Sobora 167-171
34. Developing the most effective set of risk management actions for complex products development projects Ali Chenarani, E.A. Druzhinin 172-177
35. Information support of evaluation processes and restoration of the technical condition of production equipment on the printing enterprise R. Kapitan 178-181
36. Methods for estimation of final military product efficiency consumption V. Makeev, A. Vakal, I. Legankov 182-186
37. Modern features of the implementation of the method of planning on the basis of the capabilities of the defense planning system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine S. Maslovskij, O. Semenenko, O. Vodchits’, R. Bojko, O. Korochkin, M. Naumenko, V. Kirvas 187-196
38. The order of formation of expenditures of the state budget for Armed Forces of Ukraine I. Chernyshova, L. Skurinevska, T. Cherevatyi, A. Mushtuk 197-200
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