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3. Кationale of the dependence of the results of the general boy from the level of quality content of management information V. Varakuta, M. Levytsky, D. Djachenko, S. Starodubcev, O. Zabula 8-16
4. Mathematical apparatus on the determination of opportunity of contract of the enemy by their troops S. Telyukov, H. Zlyvka, O. Salnyk 17-22
5. Analysis and features of the military-political risks, challenges and threats on the state border O. Trembovetsky, D. Hulevatyi 23-29
6. Ukraine and international material technical assistance of partner countries in the military and technical industry R. Momot, A. Tereschenko, A. Andriyenko 30-36
7. Main methodological aspects of military-economic basis of prospective development ranges armed Ukraine O. Semenenko, R. Boyko, O. Vodchyts, S. Maslovsky, O. Kremeshcnyy, A. Kornienko 37-46
8. Special aspects of military units (divisions) housing (cantonment) in the field T. Cherevatyi 47-52
9. Modern onboard radar sighting system using the technology of electronic scanning of the space K. Denisevich, E. Rybalko, P. Dimitrov, E. Mukusiy, M. Fufaev 53-59
10. Investigation of instrumental errors in determining navigation parameters by strap down inertial navigation system A. Zarubin, O. Novikov 60-66
11. Methodology of providing the functional stability of the flying and navigation complex of the flying apparatus on separate flight modes M. Kalashnyk-Rybalko 67-76
12. Solution of specific problems of electromagnetic compatibility and jame-protection of army air-defence radiotechnical means G. Akulinin, Т. Rzaiev, S. Boyko, V. Voinov 77-82
13. Features of exploitation of radio electronic technique in radio engineerings troops on the stage of rearmament V. Klimchenko, M. Araslanov, V. Tyutyunnik, A. Savatkova 83-90
14. Basic directions of creation of systems of power radio electronic fight for defeat of raznotipnykh radio electronic facilities R. Sydorenko, V. Hridin, A. Megelbey, A. Reznichenko 91-96
15. Method for identifying the state of the telecommunications network E. Bovda 97-106
16. Model of estimation of mobility informatively-telecommunication networks of the special setting S. Druzhynyn, О. Klimovich, N. Lukova-Chuiko 107-110
17. The method of constructing ranked lists of candidates to fill positions for making personnel decisions Yu. Kozlov, О. Novykovа 11-115
18. Research on the water surface surveillance systems of marine states V. Mazur, R. Aliiev 116-121
19. Development of the spatial model of geoinformational support of people with limited opportunities, which move on wheelchairs, in Kharkiv I. Tvoroshenko, V. Tabashnyk 122-128
20. The quantum-mechanical approach to the explanation of the anomalous low friction and wear in tribology О. Troshin, M. Stadnichenko, V. Prikhodko, R. Zamkovy 129-139
21. Model of forecasting of reliability indicator vessels I. Trofy`menko 140-145
22. The calculation of wound tubular manometric springs sensitivity of average thickness by the shells theory method O. Chubukin 146-152
23. Experimental investigation of the process of ventilation of reservoirs with oil properties at different ways of substance of air B. Khalmuradov, S. Garbuz, E. Darmofal 153-158
24. Development of the interactive electronic technical manual of the self-propelled launcher 9A310M1 V. Kobzev, V. Vasiliev, A. Doska, D. Fomenko , M. Dolyna 159-166
25. Formation of professional responsibility of future officers in professional preparation process L. Petrova, І. Petrov 167-171
26. Experience of using transdisciplinarity for solving practical tasks O. Pomortseva, F. Mausse, D. Kin 172-179
27. Modern methods of teaching english for military purposes I. Rebrii 180-184
28. Using small-scale turbulence for forming a solid fluid jet I. Sydorenko, A. Tolkachev 185-188
29. The influence of the level of awareness of the management bodies on the process of planning combat-military operations at the present stage of reforming the National guard of Ukraine O. Mynko, O. Shapoval, M. Adamchuk 189-194
30. Index 196