Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University

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1. Title 1-4
2. Contents 5-7
3. Protection of objects of critical infrastructure in conditions of hybrid technology of warfare V. Sydorenko, S. Azarov, Y. Vlasenko, V. Tyshchenko 8-14
4. Recommendations for the development of the capabilities of the State border guard service of Ukraine to operate in conditions of Allied force operation O. Trembovetskyi, A. Bratko, D. Hulevatyi 15-22
5. Estimation of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: current status and prospects of development A. Polonsky, M. Andrusyak, V. Mashtalir, H. Tikhonov, I. Tikhonov 23-29
6. Methodic to evaluation of the efficiency of combat application divisions of unmanned aviation complexes O. Efremov, V. Horbenko, О. Korshets 30-36
7. Analysis of the possible radio and television systems on-board equipment of unmanned aerial vehicle Yа. Kozhushko, O. Hrichanuk, M. Samorok, O. Balabuha 37-42
8. The improvement of the unmanned aerial vehicles control in the conduct of modern wars Y. Кucherenko, V. Kirvas, D. Fomenko, S. Denysova 43-49
9. Implementation of the procedure for forecasting damage to armaments and military equipment from the influence of the fragmentation of the means of destruction in the perspective automated system of management of material and technical provision D. Zapara, M. Brovko, V. Startsev, R. Kushpeta, M. Dudko 50-56
10. Approach to evaluating the quality of functioning the command centres S. Zviglyanich, N. Izumskiy, N. Linnik 57-61
11. Analysis of the communication of the tactical level of military management S. Salnyk, K. Yefanova, S. Brigadir 62-70
12. Ensuring the reliability of gas-turbine engine parts, the establishment of manufacturing of which during import substitution V. Masyagin, M. Sushak A. Ladyk 71-79
13. Determination of the expected influence of enemy on power supply systems of the airfields during warfare and recommendation on their restoration S. Novichonok, O. Usachova, A. Kurenko, A. Romanyuk, I. Terentyeva 80-88
14. Determination and justification of the parameters of certainability at the stage of designing a sample of combat technique M. Sliusarenko, O. Semenenko, R. Boyko, O. Korkin 89-93
15. Dynamics of sprung of wheeled lightly armored machines and firing effectiveness of mounted small arms M. Sokil, R. Nanivskyi, N. Huzyk, O. Yemelyanov 94-100
16. Estimation of quality of technical and metrological characteristics analytical probabilistic information-measuring systems by results simulation V. Khizhnyak, A. Lytovchenko, A. Dmytriyev 101-107
17. Improving training shooting from RPG-7V of military National guards of Ukraine I. Atamanenko, O. Kostenko, M. Matrosov 108-112
18. Analysis of the influence of the level of education to selected indicators of social development of the society H. Zubrytska 113-118
19. Features of application of distance learning in military education K. Sadovyi, D. Atamanskiy, O. Kuznietsov, A. Kovalchuk, M. Yasechko, O. Dzihora 119-127
20. Actual tactical and operational tasks as the basis for the formation of competencies and content modules of educational disciplines of the operational-tactical block T. Sutyushev 128-134
21. Technologies for improving filtering systems for the neutralization of hazardous chemical substances А. Galak, N. Sakhnenko, A. Kosarev, A. Bryankin, А. Linyvtsev 135-144
22. Index 145-146