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VASIUTA KOSTIANTYN STANISLAVOVYCH – editor-in-chief of scientific journal "Scientific Works of KNAFU" – Honored master of sciences and engineering of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, deputy chief of university of education of Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National Air Force University.

Essential areas of scientific research are connected to the field of hidden information and communication (stenographic) systems creation, namely hidden multichannel telecommunication systems; LPI and MIMO – Radar systems; creation of substitute signals and interferences of any type; detection of signals of any form; hidden intellectual network-centric systems MANET. Significant contribution was made into the operation secrecy improvement of information and measuring systems on the base of nonlinear dynamics methods, creation of complex chaotic and noise signals and substitute data; measuring systems theory by means of application of non-parametric statistics and non-classical methods of signals processing was improved.

Mr. Vasiuta is the author of more than 250 publications, in particular, 16 manuals and teaching guides, 1 monograph.

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1978-3717

Scopus Author ID: 35423229800

Web of Science: T-4022-2018