Center for Education International Students (CEIS)

The Center trains specialists in engineering and technics including international students and attendees. The Center at the Department of Fundamental Disciplines provides the following courses for international students studying at the preliminary division: Russian as a foreign language, mathematics, physics, information technology, chemistry, area studies, and drawing. During training at the first-and second-year international students at the Center are provided with the following courses: Russian as a foreign language, history of Ukraine, mathematical analysis, fundamentals of linear algebra and analytical geometry, physics, fundamental of computer literacy, programming, engineer and computer graphics.

The CEIS of Kharkiv national University of Air Force is aimed at creating system information and methodical surrounding that provides a high level academics organization. Herewith, training of international civil citizens is emphasized with using modern teaching methods, high quality of education services, shaping the united international student community in the CEIS of Kharkiv national University of Air Force.

Directions of activity:

  1. Monitoring of education service market at different world regions, development and implementation of practical steps directed by attracting international students to studying at the University, in particular: participation in international education exhibitions, presentations, seminars and workshops, creation and support of the website in the Internet-community.
  2. Search for international and national (both state and non-state) organizations, structures and firms that provide training abroad for citizens of their country or other ones;
  3. Drawing-up agreements, contracts with the above mentioned organizations and firms as to recruitment of international students for studying at the CEIS of Kharkiv national University of Air Force.
  4. Enrollment organization in the CEIS of Kharkiv national University of Air Force of international students of all the modes of study out of the most well-prepared and gifted youth of foreign countries;
  5. Development of the enrollment plan of foreign citizens to study at the preliminary division and composite enrollment plan of international students;
  6. Passport registration of international students, providing them with temporary residence permit in Ukraine through the State Migration Service of Ukraine;
  7. Organization of pre-University training (preliminary division) of international students;
  8. Control of the academic process of students, analysis of academic and character building process, aimed at improving implementation of modern education programs;
  9. Methodical maintenance of academics;
  10. Introducing international students with the legal rules of living, staying in Ukraine while studying;
  11. Holding events on social adaptation of international students studying at the University, promotion of student clubs and associations activities;
  12. Maintenance of relations with international alumni of the CEIS of Kharkiv national University of Air Force, cooperation with them.

Director of the Center for Training International Students

Victoria Aleksandrova

+ 38057 773 03 94