Phi-functions for oriented composed 3D-objects

 T. Romanova, B. Rublev, A. Bashuk, V. Sinyavin
Системи обробки інформації. — 2013. — № 1(108). С. 175-181.
UDK 514.753
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Annotation: The paper considers a class of phi-functions for three-dimensional (3D) oriented phi-objects formed by a finite union of basic objects. We introduce truncated cones and spherical caps to extend a class of 3D basic objects, including spheres, parallelepipeds, circular cones and cylinders, as well as their complements. We construct phifunctions for extended class of basic 3D-objects and show a unified approach to derive phi-functions for oriented сomposed phi-objects. The Stoyan phi-function technique is employed as a powerful tool for analytical description of containment and non-overlapping constraints within the field of Packing and Cutting.

Keywords: 3D-objects, non-overlapping, containment, phi-functions, Packing and Cutting
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Romanova, T., Rublev, B., Bashuk, A. and Sinyavin, V. (2013), Phi-functions for oriented composed 3D-objects, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(108), pp. 175-181.