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  4. 6(113)'2013
  5. Information support of fuzzy expert systems

Information support of fuzzy expert systems

L.G. Raskin, O.V. Sira, T.I. Katkova, V.O. Golovko
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Description: In the problem of estimating the state of objects in the face of uncertainty traditionally used fuzzy expert system. A fundamental element of the technology and problem use of such expert systems is the procedure of forming functions of fuzzy values of monitored parameters ranges of values that identify the possible states of an object. The technique of constructing the required formal membership functions based on the results of expert evaluation range limits the possible values of monitored parameters of objects.

Keywords: fuzzyr expert system, functions of belonging, technology of construction of functions of belonging, expert information

 Raskyn, L.H., Seraia, O.V., Katkova, T.Y. and Holovko, V.A. (2013), “Ynformatsyonnoe obespechenye nechetkykh эkspertnыkh system” [Information support of fuzzy expert systems], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(113), pp. 31-34.