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  4. 6(113)'2013
  5. Semantic maps view of organizational knowledge

Semantic maps view of organizational knowledge

Z.V. Dudar, А.V. Banban, O.V. Kalynychenko, S.Yu. Shabanov-Kushnarenko
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Description: A modified knowledge map that reflects the relationship types of institutional knowledge and an adaptation of semantic networks for organizational knowledge. Knowledge maps provide a visual representation of the organization forms of knowledge, which are necessary to ensure such activities.

Keywords: substitution operation, elimination of variables, splittable predicate

 Dudar, Z.V., Banban, A.V., Kalynychenko, O.V. and Shabanov-Kushnarenko, S.Yu. (2013), “Semantycheskye kartы predstavlenyia orhanyzatsyonnыkh znanyi” [Semantic maps view of organizational knowledge], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(113), pp. 159-161.

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