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  4. 6(113)'2013
  5. Mathematical model of technical telecommunication network structure

Mathematical model of technical telecommunication network structure

G.А. Kuchuk, V.V. Kosenko, A.P. Davikoza
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Description: In the article, going is examined near development of mathematical model of technical informatively telecommunication network which in composition with the model of informative structure takes into account the features of network informative environment structure. А model is one of constituents of project of network structure, in which between logical and physical knots accordance is set. It allows to take into account dependence of descriptions of network structure on the parameters of the applied tasks which decide in a network environment. The extended mathematical model which allows to define the parameters of streams given in a network for the set technical structure in accordance with informative structure is also got.

Keywords: informatively telecommunication network, mathematical model, technical structure, informative structure

 Kuchuk, H.A., Kosenko, V.V. and Davikoza, O.P. (2013), “Matematychna model tekhnichnoi struktury informatsiino-telekomunikatsiinoi merezhi” [Mathematical model of technical telecommunication network structure], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(113), pp. 234-237.

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