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  4. 7(114)'2013
  5. Multi-mode systems in problems of underwater communications

Multi-mode systems in problems of underwater communications

V.S. Didkovsky, О.V. Korzhyk
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Description: In a paper is proposed some approach to the formulating, founding and solving the problem of forming sound fields in shallow water in the case of multimodality and multicoupleness of main physical fields in piezoelectric transducers of underwater communication subscribers. The problem formulation involves the method of partial areas for determination of workspace structure, the normal waves description in a sound waveguide channel with combined boundary conditions by means of SturmLiouville problem solution, using criterions of near and far sound fields and conditions of shallow sea. The boundary conditions on the transducer surface were replaced with the interface conditions in accordance with principles of “through task”.

Keywords: underwater sound communication, shallow sea, multi-mode systems, “through task”, spherical shell, cylindrical shell, boundary conditions, interface conditions

 Dydkovskyi, V.S. and Korzhyk, A.V. (2013), “Mnohomodovыe systemы v zadachakh zvukopodvodnoi sviazy” [Multi-mode systems in problems of underwater communications], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(114), pp. 6-13.